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Colorful Christmas Decor in our Foyer & Home Office

Christmas decor that is colorful and cheery, from bright and crisp classic red, black and white to light and airy pastel blue and pink.

Hello friends! It has been a BIG week around here. I’ve shared our Christmas living room, dining room and primary bedroom, kitchen, and now today I’m sharing our colorful foyer and home office.

Over the past year, between managing the new build and teaching nearly full-time, moving and then moving again, taking courses in design, and still trying to spend as much time as possible with my family, I’ve been lucky if I have posted 5 times a month, let alone 5 times per week! But this week I did it! I posted 5 straight days, with  4 of the 5 being various parts of our Christmas tour!

I hope you had a chance to see some of the other posts I share but, if not, they are all listed at the bottom of today’s post as part of this week’s Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Home Tour series.

Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Home Tours poster.

If you have hopped over from Just a Girl and Her Blog, who shared her beautiful pink Christmas decor with us, then welcome! I’m so glad you are here! Abby was one of my first blogging friends (whom I’ve now met in real life several times), and I just love her sweet style!

I adore the Christmas season so much, and I truly think that it’s about the best ‘decor’ season there is. I mean… there are so many pretty things! So much coziness, so much loveliness, so much beauty, and so much warmth… I definitely am craving warm, cozy, lovely, sparkly, beauty this time of year when the nights are SO long and the days here are often still dark with rain and fog. Some of our Christmas spaces this year are very neutral, some are elegant and vintage/modern, while others are cheery, bright and colorful. Today’s spaces definitely fall into the latter category…

First up on today’s tour is our classic, colourful Christmas entry or foyer! 

Classic Colorful Christmas Entry Decor graphic.

We love our big, wide foyer in our new build. It feels so open to the rest of the house, and you can see right through the front door straight out to the back…

Hallway in the house looking towards the living room.

The entryway decorated for Christmas.

Another FAVOURITE part of our  new foyer is our staircase. I have never had a staircase to decorate with garlands, so it was so exciting this year to give that a go. Our primary bedroom is on the main floor in this house, but upstairs we have both our boys bedrooms as well as a third “bonus” room (that could be a bedroom if needed). We use it as a family room/TV room and general boy hangout space.

The stairway banister with sprigs of greenery and pine cones.

The key piece in our foyer is a 5′ black and cane cabinet that I found at HomeSense back before our house was even finished. This season I decided to top it with our giant village houses, as I always love to find a special place to display them each year. I picked them up years and years ago at a small shop in a nearby city, and they are always a special part of our Christmas decor, even if they don’t exactly “match” the rest of our space. You can see them featured on our fireplace in this Christmas tour here.

A side console table with Christmas houses on it and a wreath above it.

So to keep with the style of the houses, I went with a colourful red, white and black ski-lodge type look. I really didn’t buy anything new for this whole space, aside from the large set of skis hanging on the wall. I couldn’t resist them when I saw them at our local Canadian Tire as they work so perfectly with everything else we have displayed in our entry. Oh, and that little pencil tree is new. I wanted to have a tree with lights shining out through our little side windows in the entry so that people can enjoy the lights when they drive by.

Decorated Christmas tree.

I’ve done trees with a similar look in the past – you can see it in this post and this post. Aren’t those ski ornaments the cutest? I put the same ones but in white on our main ‘natural rustic Scandi style’ tree this year in our living room. 

Up close look at the decorations on the Christmas tree.

Those adorable cloche ornaments are this year’s DIY ornament!

Check them out in this post – they are made with dollar store finds!

A glass cloche with a Santa inside hanging on the tree.

A cloche with a snowman in it.

A wooden sign that says Joy on the tree.

The mirror above the foyer cabinet is a favourite of mine as well – you may have seen it in our forest bedroom in this house.

My goal for this space is to add paneling or wallpaper on this long wall behind the cabinet. I actually dream about board and batten, floor to ceiling, but I would consider shorter board and batten with some wallpaper above it as well. We have 9′ ceilings throughout our main floor (aside from the vaulted living room) so wallpaper could be nice and dramatic above some paneling. Of course, I wanted to get all of that done before the holidays but life seemed to get in the way, so it’s a project for rainy cold January days I think. For now, we are enjoying the cozy cheer of our colorful Christmas decor in the foyer…

A green wreath with berries on the wall.

Up close shot of the wreath with berries.

Mini flocked bottle brush Christmas trees.

Red and white Christmas church.

The ski theme kind of took off from the ‘ski lift’ sign that I owned, as well as the real vintage snowshoes that I picked up through Facebook marketplace a few years back. They’re another favourite to bring out (like my vintage wooden skis from Quebec that I shared in this post). 

A snowshoe and skiis on the wall.

A Christmas snow vignette.

If you were sitting on that little bench in our entry, this is what you would see across from you. The door to my office is to the left of the North Pole Brewing Co sign, and the little hallway to our powder room is to the right. (I shared a peak at our powder room the other day in my ‘elegant Christmas decor’ post).

Wooden picture of a deer with antlers.

Speaking of my home office, it is directly off the entry. I LOVE having this space, and instead of hiding all of my pretty decor items in totes, I decided to display them in my cabinetry and on my shelves.

Colorful Home Office Christmas Tour in Blue & Pink graphic.

My home office is the place I can go a bit more crazy (if that is possible) and I can use all kinds of pink (and of course blue) in my decorating. I ordered myself some pretty patterned floral drapes to use in this space and the pink and blue color scheme was super fun to work with when it came time to add a Christmas tree in here.

A white office desk.

Now I know it isn’t necessarily standard to put up a Christmas tree in your office but mine faces directly out onto the street. I wanted there to be a pretty, sparkly lit Christmas tree in our front window in the evenings when people drive by. Just my little bit of effort to add to the hygge of the world… or at least our town. We all need an extra dose of cozy-happy these days, I think.

Large colorful Christmas tree in the office.

I’m pretty in love with how this tree came out. Originally I decorated it with my summer flowers from my totes, but I decided to swap them out for classic colorful blue and pink sparkly ornaments instead, as well as beads or light blue pearls. Isn’t it just so pretty?! I think I could definitely have added this space to my “elegant Christmas decor ideas” post but it wasn’t ready yet. I do tend to decorate over a loooong period of time, mixing and changing as I go. It’s fun for me, and I really love spending time in my office with this lovely tree to look at when I’m feeling the need for some inspiration.

There is a pink chair in the corner of the room.

A white cabinet with glass has a string of decorations.

I added some of my sparkly blue and pink ornaments to my glass storage cabinet as well…

Pink, silver and white Christmas ornaments are on the shelf.

Buckets of baubles are on the shelf.

Blue and silver Christmas balls are on the shelves.

The wall opposite my desk houses my big Ikea storage unit that I purchased when we originally moved to our Forest house. It’s called – at Ikea, and I love this piece. I don’t normally display things on the top shelf, but when I was moving my regular decor out of our living space to add in “Christmas”, there were so many pretty pieces that I hated to store away in a tote so I styled them on my shelves instead.

Colorful pillows and ornaments are in the office.

The home office decorated for Christmas.

Once again, I’m definitely not a minimalist, but whatever makes you happy, right?!

Up close shot of the Christmas tree.

The decorated Christmas tree in the office.

I hope you enjoyed my colorful Christmas decorating ideas! I’ve never been one to shy away from color, and as you can see by this post, you can have classic, dark, or traditional colors in the room right next to light, pastel, soft or bright colors and it works perfectly. I believe in decorating to suit the room, and doing what you love. I hope you found some inspiration for your colorful Christmas decor this season!

That wraps up this year’s Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Home Tour Week! I hope you had a chance to take in all of the beautiful Ideas. If not, head back to the start with my Living Room decor tour, or see down below for all of the beautiful inspiration ready for you to enjoy!

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