Cozy Tabletop Christmas Tree DIY

How to create cozy textured DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees to add to your holiday decor this season.

After tripping over all of the totes in the hallway for the past several days, our Christmas decor is finally coming together! There are still a few little new DIY ideas that I’m wanting to try, but the bulk of my holiday decorating is done. We still plan to tackle our family room tree together with all of us present, but that will wait until the weekend. I also plan to put up a small tree in our bedroom this weekend as I’m thinking the extra sparkle of Christmas lights will be most welcome in nearly every room this 2021 Christmas!

Today I’m sharing a cute little DIY project that I originally thought I would use in our dining room, but I’m still playing around with where they may end up. The soft cozy texture of them would work well in our living room, primary bedroom, or even family room. I love holiday decor pieces that feel festive but not over the top. These definitely have a feeling of warmth and simplicity to them. Plus they’ll be a great little statement piece long after Christmas, as the warm coziness of them lends perfectly to winter decor.

DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees poster.

Today I’ve joined some of my talented blogging friends who are sharing their DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Ideas with you! Make sure to check out their inspiring ideas! I’ve linked to all of them at the bottom of this post.

Christmas Tabletop Trees poster.

Making these cozy wool wrapped Tabletop Christmas Trees was super easy and fast and required only a few simple supplies. You could definitely add to them and embellish them with some additional decorations, but I liked the chunky, cozy look of the wool so I kept it simple.

I actually made a video of this whole process, or you can read my step by step tutorial with detailed instructions below…

I used pre-made foam tree forms that I had on hand, as well as my glue gun and some pretty ombre thick, chunky, soft wool from the craft store.

A hot glue gun and wool.

I started with dotting hot glue around the bottom of the tree form, and then rolled the wool around it, keeping it tight to the bottom so that none of the tree form would show under the wool.

Using the glue gun to glue around the styrofoam tree form.

Holding the wool onto the tree form.

Wrapping the wool around the tree form.

I held the wool in place until the hot glue gun had set and then angled the wool up slightly to create the next layer. I didn’t use glue for the rest of the layers of wool until near the top…

Working on the second row of the wool wrapping.

Make sure to keep pressing the wool downwards in order to keep the layers very tight so that the form doesn’t show through between the layers.

Once at the top, I cut the wool and then added some glue to the last couple of inches of the tree form before wrapping the last few layers of wool around it. This is to make sure that the top few layers of wool stay firmly in place.

The wool wrapped around the form to the top.

Lastly, add some glue to the top/tip of the form and tuck the wool into the top creating a nice neat top.

Using hot glue gun to the top.


The wool trees on the table.

I love how much warmth and texture these tabletop Christmas trees add!

The wool trees as a centerpiece on the table.

Up close shot of the trees on the table.

The wrapped trees on the table.

Want to remember this? Pin it for later!

DIY Chunky Wool Wrapped Tabletop Christmas Trees graphic.

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