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DIY Nautical Rope Lamp Knockoff using a Sisal Rope Wrap

I created this DIY nautical rope lamp knockoff with sisal rope and here I am sharing with you the easy tutorial!

Today I am here to share a little functional project for my son’s bedroom revamp: a DIY Nautical Lamp Knockoff that I created with a paper tube and some sisal rope! So easy and fast and the perfect addition to his DIY chalk painted striped nightstand.

DIY Nautical lamp with sisal rope wrap and lanterns on the table.

I have seen some very high end lamps with this nautical look and they retail for a pretty penny! The one below retails here for $625! A little out of my budget for my son’s room. More like quadruple the entire budget for his bedroom! I created this knockoff with a $15 Walmart Lamp and half a $4 package of sisal rope. You could probably do it even more inexpensively if you used a thrifted lamp but we already owned this lamp so I used it.

A rope lamp inspiration from Plantation.

As I said, I started with a basic lamp that I picked up at Walmart a couple of years ago. I also used sisal rope (bought in the Walmart rope/hardware section), my hot glue gun and glue, as well as a thick cardboard tube. This particular tube was from a large roll of paper. You could use a large tube from a roll of wrapping paper instead.

A hot glue gun, scissors, rope, a measuring tape and the lamp on a table.

I started out by measuring the lamp base to determine the length that the cardboard tube should be.

Measuring the base of the lamp.

Next I measured and marked the exact length I needed on the tube itself.

Measuring the length.

I then cut the tube using a serrated kitchen knife. If you have read any of my DIY Chalk Paint projects then you likely know that I love to craft it up with my handy kitchen tools:)

A serrated knife on the table.

The tube I used was made of quite thick cardboard so it was a little hard to cut through but I managed…

Cutting the cardboard with the serrated knife.

Next I sliced down the side of the tube so that I could wrap it around the lamp base.

Slicing the side of the cardboard tube.

I used a little hot glue to secure it to the lamp base in one spot.

Using the hot glue gun to glue the cardboard to the base.

Now for the sisal rope wrap… just put some hot glue at the base of the cardboard tube and start pressing on the sisal rope. I didn’t add glue all the way around the tube, just on one side.

Wrapping the rope around the base of the lamp.

So I continued adding glue on one side and wrapping the sisal rope around and up, pressing the rope tightly together as I layered the rope up the cardboard tube.

Continuing to wrap the rope around the lamp base.

I didn’t find that you needed very much glue… I only glued the rope down every few wraps around.

You may notice that my cardboard tube and rope only go to the same height as the metal base. That way there won’t be an issue with heat from the light bulb being near the cardboard and rope. You can also see that where it ends there is an open area between the tube and the original metal rod – but this can’t be seen once the shade is placed on the lamp.

The base of the lamp fully wrapped in the sisal rope.

Done!  I love this nautical beauty!

The completed lamp on the table with lanterns in blue and red beside it. It looks perfect with his new little chalk painted nightstand and it’s DIY rope handle…

A red and white nightstand with the nautical lamp on it beside the bed.

I also like how the natural fibers in the lamp base and the burlap pillow give a rustic earthy touch and balance out the strong colours in the room. They also tie in with the  natural wood bed and some of the other natural wood in his room…. more of which you will see soon!

A yellow, red pillow with blue sheets and the lamp beside it.

DIY nautical lamp with sisal rope wrap  poster.


I’m loving the unique nautical touches in the summer. Have you added any marine touches to your décor lately? Anything beachy? Or are you using natural materials like sisal or burlap in your décor?

Thanks for reading! And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.


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    1. Thank you – it is now a major work in progress again because we just moved our two sons in to the same room. Back to the drawing board (well, sort of). But the lamp stays!

  1. This is such an awesome idea and it looks great in your son’s room. I love how you used the paper tube to wrap the rope, so clever! I would love it if you would link this project up at Make Along Monday. This month’s theme is Nautical DIY! http://wp.me/p2A7Xe-po

    1. Hi Abby! I love how the cardboard tube made the base much thicker and gives the whole lamp more presence… easy little fix! Thanks for your kind comments friend!

    1. Hi Trish! Lol- you are too kind. Trust me, there is plenty I can’t do… but we don’t have to get into that:) Thanks for your kind comments and for hosting your fabulous party every week!!

  2. Krista, just popping in again to thank you so much for joining us and sharing both of your awesome projects at Best of the Weekend! Pinning to our party board and sharing your lamp on FB today. Have a happy Sunday!

  3. every time I read one of your posts, you impress me Krista, I love how you created the lamp base, I would’ve never thought of that and of course you know how much I love the sisal rope to it, the lamp looks great against his nightstand! 🙂 & wow, I can’t believe the one from Plantation is over $600, too much for a lamp! 😉
    hope you are having a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi Ingrid! I know, isn’t $600 insane… that is like triple the budget for my son’s entire bedroom, let alone for the one lamp!!

      1. Hi!

        I’ve run into a snag. The base of our lamp is square!! So I ask, what would you do? Mount the round tube on the square base? Or make the stem square? I will have to repaint it too, as currently it’s a dull grey – I am thinking red. SOS!


      2. Hi Ella! Maybe you could make a square base with cardboard and packing or duct tape… it doesn’t matter if it is ugly underneath the rope!! What color is your lampshade? That may help you pick the base colour…

  4. Clever girl, I hope your son appreciates your hard work and great imagination!!! I love the shelf above the bed – displaying books is better than a picture, and you could change the books seasonally – you know, Easter, Christmas etc…

    1. Thanks Petra:) I hope he appreciates it too but it is sometimes hard to tell with a five year old!! I love the book display too because I think it reminds us both about the importance of reading every day!!

  5. Krista, the lamp is just adorable! I love the use of rope and it looks really great in the room. Very clever to use the cardboard tube! 🙂 Pinning! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! I am glad figured out about the tube – I prefer the thicker base with the rope then it would have looked around the thin base. Thanks for your visit and always kind comments!!

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