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Easy Thrifty DIY Mini Christmas Trees {with Yarn and Feathers}

The other day I shared my method for making tree cones for ten cents apiece in order to craft yourself up some DIY Mini Christmas Trees… and today I can’t wait to share what I did with all those cones. I created beautiful Easy Thrifty DIY Yarn and Feather Christmas Trees and lined them up on our dining table as our centerpiece for the Christmas season. The DIY is very easy and they turned out so beautifully- I keep catching myself stopping just to gaze at them (#geekalert). But they are very pretty and festive and the thriftiness of them totally makes my heart skip a beat. (I think the whole lot of ten trees decorated cost me about $15 for all materials and supplies).

Easy Thrifty DIY Yarn and Feather Mini Christmas Trees green red blue at thehappyhousie

To make these you will need:

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  • tree cones (like the ones I shared the other day, or Styrofoam ones from the craft store)
  • yarn (varied types – I stayed with all white), feathers, felt
  • embellishments such as beads and buttons
  • glue gun and hot glue sticks

 I started out with some of my DIY Christmas Tree Cones

DIY Christmas Tree Cones for ten cents apiece ready to decorate at thehappyhousie


And used a variety of materials to cover them….

 yarn and feathers supplies for diy christmas trees at thehappyhousie

They were very easy to make. For the yarn trees, I attached the yarn to the tip of the cone using hot glue and wrapped…wrapped, wrapped, and wrapped it around some more. IMG_0259

I added a line of glue every now and then to adhere the yarn but didn’t go crazy adding a ton of glue except near the bottom where I glued down the last couple of layers.


Lastly, I embellished the yarn trees with a variety of beads or buttons, using my hot glue gun to attach them.

beads for yarn trees

For the Feather Trees, I just simple glued the feathers on with a few dots of hot glue, working in sections and wrapping my way around each tree and then up, around and then up… it was also very easy though a little feathery-messy.


Easy Thrifty DIY Yarn and Feather Mini Christmas Trees red wraparound beads

Easy Thrifty DIY Yarn and Feather Mini Christmas Trees blue green red beads at thehappyhousie

I love how they look lined up on our dining room table- they will live here now for the whole Christmas season and are not just reserved for special holiday dinners.

DIY Mini Christmas Tree Table Centerpiece

DIY Mini Christmas Tree centerpiece on reclaimed wood board at thehappyhousie

Christmas Tree centerpiece at thehappyhousie

DIY Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece at thehappyhousie

Budget Breakdown:

  • Poster Board for Tree Cones $1
  • Yarn $5
  • Feathers $2
  • Beads $7

Total cost for 11 Mini Trees $15 (with a lot of supplies left over as well)

Pin it to remember itHow to make your own DIY Mini Christmas Trees with DIY Cones and Yarn and Feathers tutorial at The Happy Housie


So what do you think? Ready to make some of your own?? What materials are you going to use? All white or in colors?? I would love to hear about it!

Easy Thrifty DIY Yarn and Feather Mini Christmas Trees

Do you have any favourite things that you would love to bling out a mini Christmas tree with??

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  1. Loved your home Krista! Very very cute !! I want to link up projects I’ve done but I am emabarassed to say I dont know how to link up :0(

    1. Hi Sharon! Do you want to share some projects at Work it Wednesday? Last week’s party is still open – you can find it here. Just scroll down to the bottom of the party and you will see a little button after all the other images that says “Add Your Link” – click on that and you can add your post’s URL, name (the name of your post- not your name) and your email. Then click add link and it will take you to a page where you choose the image you want to display. All images are cropped to a square so if your image isn’t already square click “crop” to be able to crop it yourself. If it is a square you can just press ‘select’ for the image you want. Follow the directions on that page and you are done…you can come back to the party and add another link if you want. If you want to share something at the DIY Challenge: Handmade gifts, that party is still open here as well. Hope this made sense and helps!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I have a whole lotta colour coming out soon in the rest of our Christmas décor so I thought this would be a nice mix and be toned down by the white!! So thrilled you came to visit and comment friend!

  2. Krista, I love the tree with the feathers and the yarn is brilliant! I just brought home a cardboard cone to decorate, thanks for getting my creative juices flowing.

    1. Thank you Abby!! They were pretty fun and easy to make and I love their festive feel on our table. Now to tackle the rest of the house for Christmas decorating… we are totally in limbo right now!

  3. Krista they are so pretty. I’ve seen the feather one in a big fabric/craft shop here in different sizes but a bit costly. I really should give it a go. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Petra! I saw the feather ones on West Elm too and I think they were $20-$30 each!! Ouch! These guys were probably around a buck each, much more my style:) It is a pretty fun project though you do get feather bits all over your clothes! Have a great weekend:)

    1. Hi Kelly! I do love to use a LOT of colours in our house so I think doing some things in all white with a hit of colour helps tone it down- it could become a bit chaotic looking otherwise:)

      1. Please don’t think that I’m tryiing to tell you people what to do; I’m only sharing what a designer told me several years ago. He said in an arrangement of any kind, always use an odd number. Since then I always have. If someone knows more than I, my ego has no problem trying their suggestion. This also applies to a small flower arrangement. Again, do what feels right to you.
        Now, I have a question please, On a tape that Martha Stewart made about feather trees, she said to use chicken feathers. NO feather site list offers chicken feathers for sell. I have since asked someone who makes beautiful feather trees and she uses 3 sizes of goose feathers. Because hers are prettier than Martha’s, I’m using her suggestion. I’ve also used poster paper because I’m cheap.

      2. It worked just fine with feathers from the dollar store, but you can use whatever you like best. I totally agree about odd numbers- I nearly always arrange things in 3s or 5s and so on. Good luck with your project.

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