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Floral Explosion Summer Dollar Store Wreath DIY

Today I’m sharing how I created this bright and colourful floral explosion summer wreath with dollar store florals and greenery.

Normally the faux flowers in the dollar store are not the best to look at… I wouldn’t use them in vases around our house because they usually don’t have the same “real” feeling to them as the ones you can get for a little more money at Michaels or other craft stores. But when it came to creating an overstuffed floral explosion summer wreath, dollar stores blooms were the perfect thing.  Not only are they affordable, but when using so many of them stuffed together to create this colourful caucophony of a wreath, I didn’t need to worry about them looking fake.  In fact, I have made overstuffed wreaths before (see this fall wreath) with blooms from the craft store, and I think this one looks just as good and cost half the price!

I think the key to making this wreath work so well is to use a lot of blooms and to start it off with a base of greenery.  In fact, I used a greenery garland to start the whole project and then layered the blossoms on top.

To make this I used a grapevine wreath form that I picked up at Michaels with my coupon a couple of months back.

I also used, as I mentioned, a garland of greenery, two hydrangea blooms, two white and pink flower pics (they each had about 10 flowers on them), 2 pink blossom pics (also with about ten flowers each), and then three floral pics with the small dark blue/purple blossoms.  Lastly, I used one pic with greenery to finish it off and tuck in between the blooms at the end.

First I cut apart the blossoms (or just pulled them off if I could)….

Next I attached the garland using a few dabs of hot glue and holding it in place until set…

To glue the flowers on, I applied a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom end of each blossom.  I started with the two largest blossoms – the blue hydrangeas.

Once I’d placed the hydrangeas, I began gluing on the other pink and white/pink blossoms, putting a couple together before alternating to the other colour…

I then layered in the darker purple smaller blossoms, spreading them apart and tucking them between the pink and whiteblossoms.

Finally, once the whole wreath was very full with blooms, I glued in these little bits of greenery…

They poke out from between different blossoms all around the wreath in various spots, some out the side and others poking forward or into the center of the wreath…


What a fun, colourful, and cheerful summer explosion of a wreath, am I right?!


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  1. This looks great, and I love how easy it looks to make! I have a grapevine wreath, or two, in my craft closet just waiting for a makeover. Thanks for the inspiration!

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