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Fresh & Modern Main Bathroom Renovation on a Big-Box Store Budget

Today I’m sharing all the details on our major main bathroom renovation in which we created a modern and stylish new bathroom  with a double vanity and separate tub and shower on a big-box store budget.

This one is a long time coming, friends! I shared the beginning of this bathroom renovation project with you WAAAAAAY back in January.  In fact, it was two days before New Year’s that we decided to start ripping out the pantry closet in our kitchen, that backed onto this main bathroom, and opened up the walls reaching from the kitchen/eating area straight through to our bedroom.  Maybe you remember me sharing the Inspiration/Plans post along with our beginning construction details?

I’m so excited that it’s all done and that I’m finally able to share this reveal with you today…

Before &nAfter budget friendly main bathroom renovation graphic.

To begin with, there was a large amount of construction that went into making this renovation project come together.  We originally had a pantry closet in our kitchen/eating area that we decided to close off and then adopt the additional two feet into our main bathroom.  At the same time, we removed a coat closet at the top of the stairs to add an extra couple of feet to the main bathroom as well.  Here is a picture of the pantry closet, and the hall closet backed on it to the right hand end of the wall, opening up onto the hallway that you can glimpse through the door on the far right…

Two men working on shelving.

And all opened up it looked like this…

The walls being taken down to the studs.

And then like this, once the drywall was removed all the way through to our ensuite…

Looking through the walls that are being torn down.

You can see where we gained the extra square footage from this photo angle…

Tools in the bathroom.

Exposing the pipes in the bathroom.

We had a handy friend help us out with all the framing and then hired professionals for plumbing, electrical, and drywall in the bathroom.  It’s actually pretty crazy how much space we gained and how much more functional both this main bathroom and our en-suite both are (see that reveal here).

Because we had to spend some money on the less visible and exciting parts of this project, we wanted to keep our finishes on budget but still achieve a high-end stylish and modern feel.  We managed to do this by scouring big-box stores and online sources.  I was thrilled to partner with Wayfair.ca on some key aspects of this project and especially LOVE the Delta Trinsic faucets that we used on our double vanity sinks as well as our free-standing bathtub (so much so, that I am going to use the same style in our kitchen renovation).  The lighting is another great feature that was super reasonable but looks higher end, as do the mirrors.

You can find the source for these at Wayfair: 

Delta Trinsic Vanity Faucet
Leung Sphere Cage Globe 5 Light Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixture
Michelson Two Light Vanity Light
Greyleigh Needville Round Accent Mirror

Now it’s time for my favourite part of any reveal; the BEFORE and AFTER pictures!

We started with a fairly tight main bathroom that had a standard size tub/shower combo.  Although it was very clean and functional, it felt quite cramped and dark. As I mentioned, we completely reworked the space by adding two feet for the entire length of the room and moving the plumbing.


The bathroom all fully renovated with a sage green paint on the walls.

Wooden cabinet with the sink and white counter in the bathroom.

By adding this square footage we were able to add a stand-alone bathtub under the window, as well as a double vanity and a separate large shower in the place where the tub/shower combo originally stood behind the door.  The entry door itself was moved over slightly and we installed a larger width door opening.

And now…

Bright white renovated bathroom with tiled floor.

A white soaker bathtub in the bathroom.

There is a round mirror on the wall above the sink.

Up close picture of the round mirror and a picture beside it.

Two round mirrors in the bathroom.

There is a small shelf with bathroom items on it above the tub.

Two vases one with a large palm leaf and the other with a small plant.

There is a wooden stool beside the tub.

Gradient grey and white patterned towels.

There is a plant on the wall beside the tub.


A before picture of the dark bathroom.

And now…what a difference!

Light and bright renovated shower in the bathroom.

We all love this new separate shower!

We used a large 6×24″ matte white tile on the walls with an accent of penny tile running up the back wall and inside the shower shelf.  We used the same white penny tile on the floor of the shower.

Glass shower doors in the stall.

A wooden bench is inside the shower.

Because we removed the closet from the hallway, we were able to accommodate a double vanity for the boys to use.


Before shot of the outdated sink.

And now…

A white vanity with updated faucets.

These round mirrors and the vanity lights are some of my favourite things in the bathroom!  I love how fresh and clean they look against the white backdrop.

There is a deep brown pattern picture above the toilet.

There are two baskets underneath the bathroom vanity.

Up close picture of the two round mirrors.

Soap dispensers in the bathroom.

There is a succulent by the sink.

Drawers in the vanity in the bathroom.

Because I chose to use such a graphic floor tile, I wanted to keep the rest of the space quite light and white and bright with wood and black/grey accents.  The paint colour throughout it White Design by General Paint.

White Design WH01 by General Paint

I think the whole room now has a clean, crisp, and modern California beachy bohemian kind of vibe.

We love it!  What do you think?!

Source Guide:

Sink Faucets – Wayfair: Delta Trinsic Vanity Faucet
Ceiling Light – Wayfair: Leung Sphere Cage Globe 5 Light Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixture
Vanity Light – Wayfair: Michelson Two Light Vanity Light
Vanity Mirrors – Wayfair: Greyleigh Needville Round Accent Mirror

Tile –  Lowes: (Canada) or (US)
Vanity – Lowes:  (Canada) and (US)
Penny Tile – locally sourced (see link to online source below)
6×24 Matte White shower tile – locally sourced (see link to online source below)
Bathtub – OVE Decors through Home Depot (Canada) and (US)
Shiplap – Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap
Blind – ordered from blinds.ca
Wooden Palm Art – Michaels
Bathroom Accessories – Kalkgrund Series Ikea
Soap Dispensers, Tray, Trash Can, Stool, Art, some Towels – HomeSense Canada (see similar finds below)
Large Turkish Hand towels – Turkish Dowry on Etsy (see link below)
Bamboo Ladder – locally sourced (see link to online source below)

Did you see something you love?  
I’ve gathered some similar finds for you that are available online…

How to stay on budget during a major bathroom renovation

The most expensive part of this renovation was the construction aspect: materials, plumbing, drywall, and electrical.  In order to make up for these expenses, I spent a lot of time and energy sourcing affordable finishes that still had the stylish, higher-end feel that we were after.

In order to keep on budget, we found a vanity from Lowes and waited for it to go on sale for 25% off.  It was only around $700 for a double vanity with stone counter, which I think is a fantastic price.  The floor tile was also sourced at Lowes and was less than $2 a square foot!  The shower was the most expensive aspect of the whole project, as we needed to purchase a Schluter system base as well as the tile for the walls and a glass shower door.  I saved by using mostly a less expensive 6×24 wall tile, and peppering in the penny tile on the floor and as an accent strip up the wall.  We also saved by ordering a shower door through HomeDepot rather than having one custom made by a glass shop.  The bathtub was purchased from HomeDepot at a great price, and the faucets for the tub and shower were provided at a discount by our plumber (if you use professionals, make sure to ask them about the discounts they receive as they may be willing to pass that on to you).  I sourced lighting and mirrors that were both quite affordable as well as on sale.  Much of the art and decor accessories were found at HomeSense, which always has reasonable prices, so look at discount and overstock stores for good finds at even better prices.  The towel bars, hooks, and toilet paper holder were purchased from Ikea at a fraction of a cost that the name brand ones that match our bathroom faucets would have cost, and you would never notice the difference!

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Main Bathroom Reno poster.

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  1. This is a great post! Thank you so much for sharing the sources of your bathroom remodel. This is helping me with my own master bathroom remodel. I will be using patterned tile for the floor in an indigo color (Kenzzi from MSI). I will have a navy blue farmhouse vanity with carrara marble on top. I got lots of inspiration and ideas from this post!

  2. Wow!! Huge transformation! So light and airy and beautiful! I am loving the floor tiles that just add a punch to the room. Such a beautiful job! Love all the details.

  3. The results are amazing ~ what a wonderful transformation for you! It now looks so fresh and airy. You have achieved wonderful results ~ congratulations for sharing them with us

  4. This is a great modern bathroom renovation. I love the detailing on the tiles and the shiplap on the walls! It’s all so fresh and clean! My husband and I have been looking for modern tub and shower options, so we will have to keep this look in mind when we hire our contractor and installation crew.

  5. Absolutely outstanding! So bright and spacious! It was well worth the inconvenience and stress of the renovations.
    Your home is unrecognizable 🙂
    I ams so looking forward to your summer tour!

  6. Your new bathroom is absolutely stunning!! I love all the white as it makes it look so bright and inviting! Looks just like a spa!! Great job and enjoy it! 🙂

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