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Get Organized in a Small Space with a Cloffice {Office Closet}

Often getting organized and making your life more functional comes down to making the most of every inch of space available to you.

That, and purging. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is always crazy satisfying…

And once the purge is done, finding a space for all the important stuff is so much easier.

Once everything has it’s own spot, it is easy to stay organized. All you need to do is make sure you put things back in their “spot” after you use them.

And if that spot happens to be well thought out and easily accessible, like these “office in a closet” spaces (also known as Cloffices), then you are all the more likely to keep things organized.

Am I right?

Small Space Organizing with a Cloffice Office in a Closet at The Happy Housie

Last week I shared our “Command Central Station” – a Command Center in a Closet. This is our little “home office” space, and we have jammed a ton of function into a 3 foot wide closet. Because everything has it’s place, it has been easy to keep ourselves organized.

Command Central Station Creating a Command Center in a Closet at The Happy Housie-1

Command Central in a Closet at The Happy Housie

Here are fourteen more fabulous Cloffices to help inspire you to use every last inch of your space….


Office Closet at The Old Painted Cottage

03da2f23879fe40137bedfa53564ad8dLanding Station at BHG


Command Center Closet via Operation Organization


The Cloffice at Inspiring Hearts and Homes (The Blooming Hydrangea)


Closet Office at Saving for Six


Office Closet at I Heart Organizing


Clever Closet at BHG


Small Home Office in a Closet at The Inspired Room


Closet Office at Simplicity in the South


Office Closet at Small Space Style


Closet Office at Old Painted Cottage via Eclectically Vintage


Closet to Office at Elizabeth Joan Designs


Building a Cloffice at shoestring mag


Pretty Private Home Office at Real Simple

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Get Your Life Organized in a Small Space with a Closet Office at The Happy Housie

Looking for some more small space organizing inspiration? Follow my Pinterest Board about Office Closets to find even more ideas!

So, do you have a space you can use to get your family and life more organized?


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  1. I love these ideas!! I am thinking of turning my playroom closet into a workspace for me to use when the kids go to bed! Love it.. glad to connect during work it wed. I am going to pin this!

  2. My office/study area is the dining table, which now has become a dumping ground for everything and anything. So i am having a desk made that works for me with LOADS of storage. These little offices/ areas are what inspired me to get moving and sorted. Will try to send pics when all is done.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and for kicking my b**t into action.

  3. I love all these office spaces! Utilizing small cramped spaces, making space work efficiently, and still making the space look cute– that all sounds splendid to me! I’m definitely going to use some of these fantastic ideas for my new apartment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing my original Cloffice (did you know we coined that term at Shoestring Magazine!? I love that it’s still getting used so widely!) It’s been more than 5 years since I converted my closet into an office for our launch issue, and three homes later I’m feeling inspired again by all these creative variations you’ve shared. Thanks, Krista! ~Melissa

  5. I love all of these cl-offices! My hubsand just built me my very own craft closet to maximize the storage space in our home office and it is breathtaking! I can’t wait to get it all organized and share it with the world. Your command center is great! I really wish we had room for something like that in our home!

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