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How To Paint Your House Quickly & Easily

Today I’m sharing how we were able to quickly and easily tackle the big job of painting the exterior of our house with the help of the Wagner Pro130 Sprayer.  

We’ve tackled a lot of big jobs over the past several months.  There have been a few major renovations inside, including two bathrooms and a kitchen.  As if that weren’t enough, as we were finishing up the kitchen, we decided that we’d better get the outside of the house fixed up before the bad weather arrived.  Call us crazy?  Might as well…

House Painting

From the time we first purchased this house we had planned to paint the exterior of the house during the summer.  But when we began looking more closely at the project, we realized that it would be best to replace the wavy cedar siding along the front of the house as it was damaged in several places.  So, the project kind of ballooned into more than just simple painting.  We ended up hiring out the installation of the new cultured stone and the cedar siding around the garage (you can read all about that in this post).   But we were still left to tackle the painting of our entire exterior completely on our own.  That’s where my new favourite painting tool comes in.  This project was so much quicker and easy to accomplish with the help of our Wagner Control Pro 130 Airless Stand Paint Sprayer.

How to quickly and easily paint your house graphic.

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When my husband and I first started to discuss the project of painting the house, I knew right away that I wanted to partner with Wagner and use one of their sprayers to help us speed up this enormous project.  I was thrilled that they were excited to work with me on this collaboration, and sent us a new Wagner Control Pro 130 to use for this job.

Wagner Control Pro 130 Paint Sprayer

I can honestly say that the Control Pro 130 was much easier to use than I had expected having used other sprayers in the past.  It was way easier to control, to paint with, and to clean up after than I had imagined. We’ve had some not-so-great incidences of “overspray” in the past with other sprayers, so my husband was surprised and thrilled by how little overspray the Wagner Control Pro 130 produced compared to other ones we’ve used.  I would truly recommend it to anyone wanting and needing to tackle a big project like painting the outside of a house, painting or staining a fence or deck, or even painting large pieces of furniture.  I’m already planning to use it to paint our deck next spring, as well as to repaint some old wooden adirondack yard chairs.

Wagner control pro 30 paint spray machine.

Wagner Control Pro 130 

If you haven’t seen our before pictures, you can read about why our yard was in such a mess in this post.  Here is how the house started out…

The exterior of the house before painting with an off white, beige colour.

We started out by cleaning off our siding to prep it and letting it dry thoroughly.

Prepping the exterior of the house before painting it.

We watched the videos that Wagner has on their site before using the sprayer, and found them to be very helpful – you can check those out here.

There were several tips that they shared that we made sure to use while painting such as making sure to hold the sprayer straight and level, not angling it up or down.  We also made sure to spray in a smooth, sweeping motion and overlap as we went back and forth along the siding. In areas where overspray may occur, be sure to cover them before painting.  And you can cover up windows and doors using plastic or paper taped to the edges of the frames to make sure that you don’t get overspray on your house trim.

A man with the paint sprayer starting to paint the side of the house.

The grey/blue colour being sprayed onto the house.

The one side of the house almost painted.

To best show how well the Control Pro 130 worked for this job, I took a little video clip of it in action with my husband using it.

And… painting, done!

The painted side of the house all completed.

And here is how our beautiful house looks now that we’ve finished the painting it!  We love the updated feel of our “new to us” home!  (You can read more details in this post here).  The blue/grey colour is perfect!

The house frontal view from the street painted the blue/grey.

Thanks to Wagner for partnering with us on this project – we truly love the Control Wagner Pro 130 and can’t wait to use it again!



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  1. Great information!! Thanks for sharing this informative information. I really enjoy reading about how to paint a house quickly.

  2. Very informative blog. Information is detailed in a comprehensive way regarding how to paint your house quickly. Insightful. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog with us.

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      My husband just used the hose and a scrub brush that we have for washing the house – I think he also used the 30 second cleaner on areas of the house as well and we let it dry overnight before proceeding to paint. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Deb – it’s actually wood siding. It’s cedar – the wavy cedar style was really popular here in the late 60s and 70s. I think the Control Pro 130 would work equally as well on other siding types, you just have to make sure that you have the correct type of paint for aluminum or vinyl.

    1. Honestly, I was so thrilled with how well it worked! I really can’t wait to use it again for some outdoor projects next spring!

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