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Ombre Beachy DIY Felt Ball Garland

I love my ombre beachy felt garland and I will show you how to make your own with this easy DIY tutorial!

I sort of have a thing for garlands; buntings; banners of all kinds.

And now that we have a mantel I finally have a great place to hang them!

I’ve been wanting to create a DIY felt ball garland for months now; and I think that our coastal beachy living room decor lends itself perfectly to this ombre garland in shades of blue and green. Plus, it was super easy to make.

So easy, in fact, that I’m thinking of making another one for our dining room!

Easy DIY felt ball garland.

Today I’ve joined up with a talented group of bloggers to share a summer DIY project. Thanks so much to Taryn, from Design, Dining, and Diapers for hosting this hop! If you are hopping over from Taryn’s, then welcome! Isn’t her Pineapple Tassel Pillow fantastic? At the bottom of the post I’ve linked to the next project on the hop; you can follow the hop all the way through to check out all of these amazing DIYs!!

Do It Yourself Summer Decor graphic.

If you are new here, then hello! My name is Krista and I live with my husband and two elementary school aged boys on a lovely lake just outside of a small town in the middle of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I also work as an elementary school teacher, but I love to spend my free time decorating, organizing, crafting, and DIYing. I’ve been sharing these kinds of projects and more on this blog for the past five-ish years. You can read more about me and the blog here.

Today’s simple DIY share is this ombre DIY felt ball garland that is currently adorning our gorgeous summer mantel. Can you tell I have a thing for the colour blue?

A white fireplace mantel with the garland hanging in front of it.

To make this:

For this DIY project I used felts balls in the 2cm size as well as a 9′ length of twine and a large yarn needle. I ordered my soft felt balls from an Etsy Shop called Sweet Everyday Musings and had her put together a custom colour combination collection for me. I ordered navy, teal, turquoise, mint, and seafoam.

It would also be lovely made with white bakers’ twine, but I like the way that the felt balls “stay put” on the texture of the twine.

Light blue, dark blue and white felt balls on the counter with a needle and thread.

I arranged the felt bells into colour groups and kept them separated with my veggies and dip tray. It’s always good to think of uses outside the box, right?

The felt balls separated into the various shades of colours by using a vegetable tray.

I fed the felt balls, one at a time, onto the needle and pushed them all the way to the far end of the twine. I tied a small knot at the end to keep the first ball from falling off the twine.

One of the felt balls being threaded onto the string with a needle.

Spacing them about 2″ apart as I went. I cut a small piece of card stock to help me keep the spacing even (it was easier then using my measuring tape every time).

A measuring tape showing the spacing of the balls.

Feeding the balls onto the string showing the spacing in between.

I just kept feeding the felt balls onto the twine, in the ombre design I’d chosen, until I had used up the entire 9′ length of twine. There are small knots tied at both ends. The friction of the twine and felt has held them in place perfectly, they only slide around if you manually do so.


A fireplace mantel with a clear glass vase on it and the garland shown strung across it.

The garland trailing down the side of the fireplace mantel.

The ombre felt garland on strung up on the mantel.

If you want more details about our charming summer mantel decor, then I shared the details on our beachy coastal summer mantel decor here

A picture on the mantel of the beach, a wooden light blue paddle and clear glass vase on the fireplace mantel.

And today I’m also sharing our full coastal summer living room tour! Pop by to take the tour…

A white beachy living room with white couches, wood details and wicker baskets.

If you are planning to try this for yourself,  I ordered my felt balls from Sweet Musings on Etsy.

A container lying on its side with blue, green, white felt balls spilling out.

And as I mentioned, some of my blogging friends are sharing their fresh take on summer DIYs today! Next up on this blog hop is Ashley at Cherished Bliss. Make sure to check out her DIY Kid’s Outdoor Table; I bet you’ll love it as much as I do!

An outdoor picnic table set for a meal with a checkered blanket on the bench seat.

DIY Kid’s Outdoor Table at Cherished Bliss

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  1. Lovely tutorial, thank you so much! I am obsessed with felt these days, I made mine in fall hues as a decoration for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Off topic, how lucky you are to live to the north of all of the nonsense going on down here in the States.

  2. I love the idea ~ thanks so much for sharing it! Now I’m off to order what all I need so I can get mine going!
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Krista! I loved your felt ball garland so much I decided to make one myself. I used your link to the etsy shop and ordered the balls, which have now arrived and are beautiful! I got to work trying to string them but had a problem getting the jute twine I have through the balls. Off I went to the craft store to buy a thinner twine. I got it home and still had a problem getting it through the balls. Back to the craft store to give bakers twine a try. Still won’t go through. The place where it folds over by the needle is just too thick to pull through. I tried using the smallest needle that I could still get the twine through but that didn’t help. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time. (Btw, I LOVE your home and everything you’ve done to it. I want a kitchen exactly like yours! And if it had a view of a lake like yours, even better!)

    1. Hi Nancy! I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties! I used a yarn needle, and it was definitely a bit of a push to get it through, but I was able to manage it. I wonder about using a thinner bakers style twine and more pointed needle? I wish I could be there to help you in person! Thanks for your sweet comments (sorry for the delayed response- we’ve just started holidays). Let me know how it goes!

  4. I really love this whole space! I love navy, but I just don’t know how to use it in my home, and this such a beautiful way to incorporate. And those felt balls are a perfect way to add a little summery feel!

  5. Darling! I love making garlands with felt balls — and I have a gazillion of the balls because they’re just too cute. I love the colors you’ve chose too, perfect for summer. -xo

    1. Hi Hannah! I got mine from an Etsy shop and I put the link to them in the post – further down. Hope that helps!

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