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Pea Gravel Fire Pit Patio Reveal

Oh, fall.

How I love thee.

Some days.

Not on those cloudy, raining-sideways kind of days. But on those crisp, clear, sunny days when you show your true colours.

Leaves fluttering down in a light breeze. The sun more subdued, somehow. And the day’s blue sky slowing fading into a peaceful twilight.

Can we please enjoy more of those this year?

Let’s just keep the bears away…

The perfect season to enjoy our outdoor fire pit just might be one of those gorgeous, calm, fall evenings.

The light is so pretty… the sun setting on the lake behind us sends a cast of perfect pink light over the water and the mountains.

And it’s definitely the perfect time of year for cozy snacks like S’Mores and hot chocolate.

But truth be told, the evenings can get a little more than crisp.

While the fire helps; keeping a stash of blankets nearby is definitely a fire pit priority. I found some amazing deals on accessories for our outdoor fire pit area at my local HomeSense store.

Thick, cozy, fur lined blankets;  velvety  and soft furry pillows; lanterns to help cast a glow around in the evening…

I love shopping accessories at HomeSense because I always find the cutest things for super reasonable prices. If you’re ever in HomeSense Nanaimo and see a crazed looking Mom dragging two boys in soccer cleats behind her; that’s me. But seriously, even they enjoy shopping there now; I think because it’s always different and there is so much to check out. I picked up that cozy, fur throw for under $30, and the lanterns were $12.99 and $9.99.


I also found some beautiful big trays at HomeSense; perfect picked up a big tray just for fire pit days and nights. This one is large enough to hold whatever we might be focusing on enjoying that evening. It was a great find at only $24.99.

The napkin holder, outdoor bowls, and kettle are also HomeSense finds. We’re set and ready for S’mores and hot chocolate (which my boys prefer to be “warm chocolate” rather than hot). And the bears aren’t picky; they like their s’mores cold.

I’m hoping we can enjoy many cozy, fall evenings out here this year. It’s been a long spring and summer of outdoor projects, and it’s so exciting to finally have one of our outdoor spaces “finished”!

We just hope our resident bear doesn’t stick around for long so we can finally use our updated outdoor spaces.

During the photographing of this post, I could hear him crunching around in the woods beside our house. When I left the fire pit area to take my boys to their soccer practice, I came back to find that we’d had a special guest come by to enjoy some of the S’mores ingredients as well.

Good thing my outdoor HomeSense bowls are plastic, as Mr. Bear had knocked them to the ground and gobbled up the remaining S’mores ingredients. And the next day he came back to poop on our lawn. Just to thank us for dessert, I suppose…

Find some inspiration? Want to remember this?

I hope you enjoy some beautiful, crisp, clear fall evenings outdoors this year… minus the bears!


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Disclosure: Thank you to HomeSense Canada for the opportunity to collaborate on this lovely post! All opinions are 100% my own.


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    1. Hi Christine! Sounds great:) I think my boys have us well stocked up on marshmallows, though! They make sure we don’t run out…

  1. That is a gorgeous fire pit area.. I know you will use it all year long.
    Does the fire bowl have a tank inside or is the gas piped in? If it is a tank..what size?

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Good questions! We have a full sized (like, bbq sized) tank that attaches to the bowl. I hid the cord under the pea gravel (a nice advantage of the gravel over cement for this purpose). It sits behind one of the adirondacks and I put some flower pots around it to disguise it this year. I think in the spring we will work on building some sort of propane tank cover to disguise it and I’ll share that tutorial, I promise!

  2. Where did you purchase your adirondack chairs? I love them! We are planning on redoing our fire pit area too and would love to have them around it.

    1. Hi Gayle,
      I got them all at Costco. I LOVE them. They are VERY heavy and sturdy and made of recycled plastic so they will never need painting. Yippee! I have four others in wood that require quite a bit more maintenance then that! I saw them at Costco online, as well (Costco Canada, haven’t checked Costco US). Hope that helps:)

      1. Hi Krista-

        I love the chairs too; what color are they? They look blue, but some look like grey too.


      2. Hi Sue! They are definitely grey – they look more blue in the sunlight. They work really nicely with our new house colour! I picked them up at Costco so they may sell the same ones through Costco online, also. Super heavy and sturdy and very comfortable!

    1. Thank you Christy! Seriously… I hope they aren’t around this weekend. Its supposed to be beautiful and I want to use the outdoors before we are rained-and-snowed out for the year! I wish you were closer by so you could come over for a glass of wine and fire pit evening:)

    1. Thanks Jo-Anna! It’s a cozy little nook – and hopefully we can use it this Thanksgiving weekend! Hopefully the rain (and bears) stay away! Would love to have you over to hang out here one day:)

    1. Hi Carrie,
      Thank you! I picked the Fire Bowl up at Canadian Tire – it was on a great clearance sale at our local store. I’m pretty thrilled with my find!

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