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A Dipped ‘n’ Striped DIY Chalk (and Craft Paint) Painted Chair

If you are a regular reader you might remember when I first posted about our updated entry hall with board and batten a couple of weeks back? Since then I have slowly been working away at tweaking it a little with some of the things I mentioned in that post. I was thrilled that so many of you took the time to weigh in about what I should do with pretty but thrashed little chair we had in the entry hall. So many great ideas, it was hard to decide! And I finally ended up going with something completely different…

dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair final at thehappyhousie


Remember what the chair looked like before?

before of chair dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie



Fabulous lines but a little rough around the edges. I gave it a quick wipe and then whipped up a batch of my favorite DIY Chalk Paint, using some leftover trim paint (Benjy’s cloud white if you are wondering). Want the recipe? You can see it here or here or here or here or even here. You might say I have a slight chalk paint addiction these days. I must try the real stuff soon just to see the difference.

I gave the chair three good coats of my DIY white chalk paint, allowing dry time between each coat). Once dry, I lightly sanded my chair with a fine grit sand paper and then moved onto the next step…. taping off the legs and the seat for some stripes!

dipped legs taped dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousiechair stripes taped for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie

Once the taping was done I used CRAFT PAINT (yes, plain ol’ craft paint) to paint the stripes and the dipped legs…. I chose it because it is cheap, I had it on hand, it comes in many colors or you can mix your own, and I already had it (did I say that?). The plan was to sand it all down and distress it after anyhow, and then protect it with a couple of coats of wax. I wasn’t concerned about durability… this is not be a high traffic piece of furniture here people…

So here is after two coats of craft paint on the ‘dipped’ looking legs….

dipped painted legs for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie

And in process while painting the first part of the stripes…

painting taped stripes for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie


Two coats of crafty craft paint and the tape removed…

stripes step one finished for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie


Perhaps I should have stopped there. And I could have. But would that be enough for me? Apparently not. I taped off another stripe to abut the turqouise… between the blue/green lines in order to add a little yellow…

stripes step two for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie


Then I decided that it needed a matching yellow stripe on the outside of the blue line so that the blue would be sandwiched in yellow.

stripes step three for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie


All stripes finished… I was going for a sort of fresh coastal preppy look (I think… or did I just make that up?)  Next I used my fine grit sandpaper again to go over and distress the whole chair.

dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair after distressing at thehappyhousie


Hmmm… I said to myself…. looking a little bright. Time for some white washing with a rag. Basically I went over the seat and dipped legs with a slightly damp rag that I dipped in the paint. Here we go…


whitewashing the stripes for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousiewhitewashing the stripes with rag for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie


Ahh…. much more subdued. Now time to finish it all off with a little wax… rub on, dry time, buff off…

waxing finished chair for dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair at thehappyhousie

The finished chair…

dipped n striped diy chalk paint chair after at thehappyhousie


with the “dipped” legs…

dipped n striped diy chalk paint chair legs at thehappyhousie


and the striped distressed seat….

dipped n striped diy chalk paint chair after side at thehappyhousie





It is so hard to get a good photo of something white against a white backdrop…so I took it outside!

dipped n striped diy chalk painted chair after at thehappyhousiedipped n striped diy chalk painted chair after too bright at thehappyhousie

PS – Thanks to my friend Brittney for letting me hijack this fab little chair out of her house… we made a ‘trade’ but I think I got the better end of the deal:)

Have you done anything unusual with a piece of furniture lately? Have you ever used craft paint for furniture? I’d love to hear about it!!

Thanks for reading. And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



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  1. Hello…I just stumbled onto your blog while checking out a post on Tator Tots and Jello’s page. These chairs rock! I can’t think of how many times I have passed up plain old wooden chairs at flea markets or even donated some of my own. The possibilities could be endless! Great job!

    1. Thanks Amy! The possibilities are endless! Wish we had good flea markets around here… the pickin’ is a little slimmer so you go with whatever you can find that has some potential! So glad you found the blog and came by:)

    1. Hi Elise! So thrilled to hear that… I am pretty pleased with how it turned out… of course my son did drop something on it today and chipped the whole chair a little, so I am definitely glad I went with that distressed finish so that the real distressing (that is bound to happen) blends in with the distressing I created on purpose!!

  2. super fun makeover!!! I love the way it turned out and the colors you used. Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays and for the link back :o) Can’t wait to see what you bring next week. Emily @ Nap-Time Creations
    oh, and I just posted looking for some help with my blog… maybe you can offer some advice?

  3. I love this chair. I have been struggling with what to do with my chairs in my dining room (see my post “My Dining Room Needs Help!”). I ended up staining my table Espresso but want the chairs to have some personality. Stripes might be what I need! I will pin it as a possibility.



    P.S. I found you on the Moonlight & Mason Jars link party

    1. Thank you Katja… I went a little heavier on the distressing than I usually do but I am really happy with it too. Thanks for your awesome comments!

  4. I found your paint recipe; we’re going to use plaster of paris, too. Plans are to do a beadboard wall (stained dark but never waxed or sealed) so it should be interesting. We might end up with a white washed wall, it’s 24′ long (but has opening to kitchen and den, thankfully) with a 14 foot peak. What is this death wish I have with jumping into big projects? My first cross stitch was an intricate hummingbird on a flower. Seriously, who does that? Me, I guess.

    1. Hi Janet! I guess you are planning to distress the wall and that is why you chose chalk paint? If you are going to do something… might as well go for the gusto, right? Good luck with your BIG project!!

  5. This looks great Krista! Craft paint can do anything, can’t it? That must be why I have 679 bottles of it in my basement! 🙂 Your entry hall is lovely. So colourful and welcoming!

    1. Thanks Bronwyn! I think you can use craft paint for anything – especially if your prime and than varathane when done… I have even used it to redo lamps and vases before! The entry is a work in progress…. almost there. Thanks so much for your kind comments!!

  6. you are talented and creative Krista! You amaze me with what you do around your house, the chair turned out so pretty; I knew from your previous posts you were thinking of painting it but this is great, love the stripes and colors. Yep! loving your “fresh coastal prepping look” ha!ha! 🙂 & you know I love the distress look, love how yours look! 🙂

  7. Love the chair makeover. I need to do 4 for my dining room and I have had no motivation. This gives me a little push towards getting myself in gear!!

    1. Hi Angie!
      Sometimes when you have several it is harder to get going… one isn’t so overwhelming. It was a pretty quick project:) Thanks for your visit and comments!

    1. Hi Patti! Thanks so much… the dip is kinda fun, isn’t it? I have really only seen it in gold so far… but why not in a color?? Have a great weekend:)

    1. Hi Jeanne! Thanks so much… I thought the dipped feet would be an interesting change:) Glad you liked it and thanks so much for your visit!

  8. Krista, your striped chair turned out awesome. I really like the choice you made. And your cutie pie lamp caught my eye too. Love your style. And inspiring me every time I stop by to visit.
    Have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Therese!! Thanks so much! Can you believe that I found that lamp at a garage sale for 1$ last weekend! And it came already crafted up in those colors…I love when a scheme falls into place like that!
      Thanks for your visit! Have a fabulous weekend:)

    1. Thanks! I got that lamp at a garage sale last weekend for 1$!! Can you believe it? And it coordinates perfectly with all the colors I already had going on… that is some decorating fate for ya:)

    1. Hi Elise!
      I was inspired by some pictures my friend texted me from a garage sale she was at… they had done stripes but left some of the wood showing through… I have also been loving the grain sack patterns I have been seeing lately… and the dipped legs on furniture (usually gold)… and I always am a fan of easy coast coastal/preppy so I guess it was kind of a strange combo of all of the above? Thanks for your comments!

  9. Krista, I love how this turned out! I think the stripes on the seat were the right choice and the dipped bottoms, very cute! I have not taken the plunge yet, painting furniture, but you are helping to inspire me! And I have plenty to paint! Thanks for the inspiration, Krista, and have. Great weekend! Pinning! 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy! You are always so kind… I bet that in “real” life you are the absolute sweetest person because you are sure so positive and kind online:) Thanks for your great comments! Can’t wait to see what you might tackle and paint!! Have a wonderful weekend as well,

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