Why We Chose Dekton® Countertops for our Kitchen

     Today I’m sharing the reasons behind why we selected a new product: Dekton®, by Cosentino, as solid countertops in our kitchen renovation project.  

Thinking about making ALL the decisions that went into this kitchen renovation feels significantly easier on this end of the project than it did on the other end.  When faced with the plethora of choices we needed to make about cabinets, countertops, appliances tile, fixtures, lighting etc. etc., some of the decisions were quick and easy, and others took a great deal more consideration.

Dekton Countertops

Stone and solid surface countertops are such a big part of any kitchen renovation budget that it’s crucial to do your research and figure out exactly what type you want to use as well as ensure that you select a colour and style that you’ll love over the long haul.  I’m thrilled to have partnered with Cosentino on the material for our countertops as our new Dekton® Stonika Countertops definitely exceed all of our hopes and expectations for a new countertop.

Why We Chose Dekton Countertops graphic.

From the beginning of this whole kitchen renovation process, I knew that we wanted to use Ikea cabinets as we had never tried them before and all of the fun options looked really appealing.  I also knew that we wanted to have solid wood shaker style cabinet doors, which left me with just one option from Ikea (at the time). We selected Ikea Grimslov Gray as our cabinetry and from there the rest of the choices began to fall into place…

The samples of wood and counter tops.

Ikea Grimslov Cabinets / Dekton® Stonika Countertops in Olimpo by Cosentino / Off-white Floor Tile

From our previous kitchen renovation, I knew that I wanted to go with crisp white-toned countertops again.  Truthfully, I would have chosen white countertops even with white cabinets, but with the choice of grey cabinetry the focus on adding in lots of white became even stronger.  I also knew we wanted to use solid surface countertops, and that granite and marble were both out (marble is too soft and stains too easily and granite is too busy and not available in as many white/light options as I would have liked).

The white counters in the kitchen.

Turquoise bowls in the kitchen filled with fruit.

I was initially leaning towards Quartz and began to research Silestone®, which is a premium quartz product by Cosentino.  This led me to discovering a new ultra-compact surface countertop product called Dekton®, which is also used by Cosentino to make countertops, and suddenly a whole new world opened up before me.  I’d never heard of Dekton® before but was so impressed with everything that I was reading about it that I decided to explore it further.

A wooden dough filled with red apples.

White marbled counters.

The closest fabricator and installer for Dekton® to where we live (small town, Vancouver Island, BC), is Exotic Stone in Victoria which is about a 2.5 hour drive away.  Their website informed me that they do installation all across Vancouver Island, so I sent my sister-in-law in to pick up some samples when she was in Victoria on other business.  Between what I had read and what I saw in the countertop samples that she brought home for me, I was sold.

Wooden cake stand with a pie on it.

Up close shot of the pie on the stand.

Dekton® is available in several style lines, each with a variety of colour options.  We fairly quickly honed in on the Stonika XGloss collection as we love the beautiful, light reflective qualities of the glossy finish.  My absolute favourite colour was pretty easy to spot: it’s called Olimpo and it resembles marble with long streaks of beautiful grey veining throughout.  Despite the veining, it’s not busy in the least.  The base is slightly off-white so it’s got some warmth to it that is complimented perfectly by the sculptural greyish veins.

The white kitchen.

Honestly, I love Olimpo so much that I don’t know if I would use any other colour, but there are several other beautiful options.  The glossy marble style of it is both gorgeous and elegant but has a fresh, modern feel at the same time.  It’s perfect. Elegant, fresh, and modern; basically the overall concept that I wanted to create in kitchen at large!

A wooden bowl filled with apples on the kitchen island.

There is a bottle of wine and glasses near the sink.

Dekton® is an ultra-compact surface that can be used both indoors and out.  It’s made from a mixture of inorganic raw materials that are found in glass, porcelain, and quartz.  It is completely nonporous (as it has no resin), so it is much more stain resistant than any other solid or compact surface countertop.  It’s also so scratch resistant that you only need to use a cutting board to protect your knives (not the surface itself!).  Dekton® is completely heat resistant and you can even put hot pots and dishes directly on it.  Since it is highly UV resistant, it can be used on outdoor countertop surfaces, and thinner profiles are used to create wall panels for exterior facades.  This is a great little video that helped me settle on this product for our kitchen renovation…

I have to admit that installation day was a little scary.  I mean, these counters weigh A LOT.  And they are enormous. I love how this installation picture shows just how beautiful the veining is.

Two men wheeling in the countertop.

The team from Exotic Stone did an amazing job making sure that everything fit perfectly, even though our walls weren’t perfectly square (as they never are in old houses).  In order to fabricate and install Dekton® you need to have special certification, as it is more difficult to cut to the ultra-compact nature of the product.

The kitchen without the counters in.

Workmen installing the countertops.

Another amazing thing about Dekton® is that it comes in larger sizes (up to 5×10), so you can get full lengths and longer expanses without seams.  In fact, the ONLY seam that we have in the entire kitchen is this tiny little seam right where the faucet sits.

That is the ONLY seam!! (I still can’t get over that…)

Up close shot of the bronze faucet.

Which means even the corner is one solid piece…

There is a small potted plant in the corner of the kitchen.

After having some very poor quality seams in the middle of our previous kitchen counters, the seamless feel of our new Dekton® countertops is such a joy.

Is it weird that I love them so much that it’s even fun to clean them?!

A look into the kitchen from the dining room.

Want to remember this? Just PIN it!

Why I love my Dekton Gloss Stonika Countertops.

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  1. Hi Krista, I am so appreciative of this post, elaborating on your Dekton experience. Are you still happy with them, and any downsides? We are heavily leaning toward either Olimpo or Sogne as we approach the task of countertop selection. After many years banging around carelessly-and happily- in a ramshackle kitchen we need a very durable,low maintenance countertop. Nothing seems to compete with Dekton for resilience and approximation to the beauty of real stone.

  2. My wife and I are in the middle of a new build and are interested in Dekton, can we ask how did it compare cost wise to granite or Quartz?

  3. This kitchen looks beautiful. I want to do our kitchen similar to this. Can you send me info on how you did the farmhouse sink with IKEA cabinets?
    Also, does Dekton require brackets at the island bar area?

  4. Dear Krista,
    thank you for you post that is really helpful. And your kitchen is perfect.
    I’m planning to do the same as you, which means Dekton countertop over an Ikea kitchen. The guy that sell Dekton countertop in my region (France), say that Ikea cabinets are too fragile and the risk is that the won’t bear the countertop weight.
    Did you use any specific legs for the cabinet?
    Thank you


    1. Hi Lorena,
      There are some good videos on Youtube about installing Ikea cabinets on a 2×4 wooden base instead of the plastic legs that they include in their cabinetry – and it makes the whole thing much stronger and more stable and able to take the weight of the counters. We also built a 2×6 wall behind the back of the island cabinets so that there was a lot of support for the weight of the counters. I still need to share more details about this process on the blog so you’d have a full post to refer to!

  5. I’m tough on my countertops so when we did our reno I was sold when the salesperson told me that “the only thing that scratches Dekton is Dekton itself.” We had a terrible time with the installation and delays because, frankly, I don’t think the installers really knew how to work with the material not did they use the right tools. There were numerous chips, ragged seams, etc. We were so dissatisfied that it had to redone. It looks great now and they are beautiful but it absolutely does scratch and there are numerous scratches on the surface that I can see when the light hits them. Cleaning them is also a chore since everything I have tried leaves streaks. Every. Thing. I’m still searching, after almost a year, for a cleaner that doesn’t leave a streaky residue.

    1. We have Dekton counters ans the Norwex glass cleaning cloth leaves them gleaming!! Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you for your honest review, this has definitely helped in making my kitchen Reno decisions! But I have to ask about those beautiful colanders! Those perfectly match my Green Pans and have to know whatever you can tell me about them!

  7. Hi Krista, We just installed Dekton Olimpo and we are very happy with it. How do you clean the surface so you don’t see any streaks? I’m a little nervous about using a cloth that is too rough or a cleaner that will damage the finish, even though it’s super durable. When i use a cloth and mild detergent I can see streaks/residue. thanks!

  8. Hi Krista, What a beautiful makeover. Have you had any marks to worry about on the Dekton so far or are they completely resistant? I’m considering them and in a light colour so I am concerned about having to baby them. I want counters that work for me, rather than me working for the counters.

    1. We absolutely LOVE them. They are not difficult at all. We had quart in our previous home, and perhaps it was the brand or quality of the quartz, but we definitely had to be more careful with them. They would mark more easily (though marks would generally come off without too much effort and a little magic eraser). The Dekton really does seem to be quite impervious to everything, and we have been living with them (and using them, of course!) for 8 months now. I think they’re amazing!

  9. Hi Krista! This material is SO gorgeous. Did you have them build up the edge? If so, to what thickness? It looks more substantial than the 2cm offering. Thank you!

    1. Hi Danielle,
      We didn’t build up the edge – the pictures you see are of the 2cm profile. It’s definitely thinner than you usually see the edge on stone or quartz that has been built up to 3cm, but it doesn’t feel too thin. I think it feels kind of sleek and modern having the thinner profile, but it’s definitely a preference thing!

  10. Is this product available in the US? and where would I find it? I live in Michigan.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Linda – the edges of ours are white, but I think that it varies depending on which of the various Dekton finishes you choose. It is solid and a thinner profile compared to stone like granite or marble, where they often add an edging piece in order to create the look of a thicker slab. Hope that helps!

    2. You can do a mitered edge to continue the pattern on the side of the countertops but the edges will be white because there pattern is only on the surface. If you’re like me and my husband that would drive you crazy.

    3. It comes with this disclaimer

      1) The pattern on the surface of the product does not continue through the entire product (as it would with natural stone and most quartz). Because of this, the edge of your countertop and the inside of your sink cutout will not have any of the patterns and will be a solid, base color without substantial variation and lacking pattern entirely.

      2) Seams are required on every inside corner of the countertop (at minimum) to safely fabricate and install the product. Seams will be more noticeable than other products and may feature a slight beveling of the top edge.

      3) While Dekton and other Ultra-Compact Surfaces are highly durable and highly resilient, they are not indestructible.

    1. I really do love this product – it is so low maintenance! Our old white quartz counters used to get marked up quite easily.

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