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DIY an Organized Closet {big or small!} with the Ikea PAX Wardrobe System

Today I am sharing a collection of ideas for using the Ikea PAX wardrobe system to create a highly functional and efficient clothing storage and closet organization system in your home.

Closets. Who would have known that they are such a big deal? We tend to think of our closet space as simply a given aspect of our lives and as somewhat unimportant to the functionality (or non-functionality) of our lives as a whole. But that’s so not true!!

I hold dear to the belief that an organized closet can really make your life better. Not in a huge over-the-top winning the lottery kind of way. But in a simple day-to-day better calmer life kind of way. Because the truth of the matter is that peace and happiness is found in the details of our lives. And, as I shared in my ebook, creating the systems that organize our lives really do enrich it by gaining us simplicity.

So if your closet is truly not working for you, then the time is ripe to consider thinking about some ways to change that. First off, a good purge is in order. You can read here my best tips for purging and organizing your clothing. And after you know what you’re really dealing with and actually need to store, then it’s time to research the best system to keep you on track and organized in your life. And truly, I love me some PAX. The Ikea closet system, known as the Ikea PAX wardrobe system, is possibly my favourite way to turn clothing storage and closest organization into a FUN part of your life.

Okay, if this is where you’re laughing out loud, go ahead. LOL, friends, LOL. But seriously. If you have had an Ikea PAX closet system, then you know what I’m talking about. The level of storage and efficiency is beyond your dreams. The features they’ve thought of to include in the overall Ikea closet system are amazing. I shared a recent post about how to best plan your PAX wardrobe purchase that is definitely worth a read if you are considering switching over you master bedroom closet, or even any other bedroom or household closets to the PAX system. And guys, I’m not making any money by recommending this to you. I have no alterior motives other then recommending a system that we’ve really enjoyed having in our life in our family and home.

So, if you’ve been following along on my Spring 2019 One Room Challenge journey, then you know that we had to remove a closet to make room for a shower in our ensuite. And truthfully, we weren’t about to make do with one small 5 foot basic closet. There’s just no way we could make that work. So we opened up our wall and borrowed a couple of feet from the linen closet to make room for a double 39″ Ikea PAX Closet system. Maybe you saw the “hole” in my last post….

I also shared the beginning of our PAX once installed….we chose hinge doors PAX frames to create these units and gave it a built in a feel. I’ll be sharing a DIY/process post soon on how we trimmed it out to give it a built in feel.

an Ikea PAX wardrobe unit recently installed into an opening in a bedroom makeover

The first time that we installed a PAX wardrobes without doors for ourselves was in our previous master bedroom walk-in closet (oh, I miss that closet!). You can read all about the install of that Ikea closet system here…

a walk-in closet that uses the Ikea PAX wardrobe system for highly functional and well organized clothing storage

Via The Happy Housie

We also used a PAX closet system in both of our son’s reach-in closets to add extra efficiency to their closet organization and clothing storage. I shared the details on how to do that in this post…

The rest of the ideas I have for you today are from other bloggers and DIYers who have used the Ikea PAX system in their homes. Please make sure to click the link above each image to learn and see more, and if you want to PIN their images go to their original post.

With a similar design to our previous master walk-in closet, I love this crisp and clean walk-in closet design featuring Ikea PAX units Via Chris Loves Julia

a walk-in closet that uses the Ikea PAX wardrobe system to create a functional and organized place for clothing storage

In a long walk-in closet, the PAX closet systems are super practical. Adding a mirror to the end of the wall, like in this walk-in closet Via Practically Spoiled, makes great use of that back wall space.

a walk-in closet that uses the Ikea PAX system for organized clothing storage

It’s also nice that the PAX system comes in different colour and wood tones, so you can customize it with your own decor. This black Ikea closet system looks super sleek and dressy, Via Driven By Decor.

a walk-in closet that uses the Ikea PAX wardrobe closet system in black

Or, use it in tight spaces, too! I love this example of using a PAX closet in a corner setting, Via Love Create Celebrate.

a highly organized small closet that uses the Ikea PAX wardrobe system to make the most of a small closet space

Ikea PAX lends itself super well to a mud room setting, as well, Via Hoarder

a collection of three 19" Ikea PAX wardrobe units without doors that creates highly efficient mudroom storage

I was pretty blown away by how custom this walk-in closet is, utilizing hacked Ikea PAX wardrobes,Via Ikea Horders

a walk-in closet painted out in dark teal green featuring an Ikea PAX system that has been hacked to give a custom built-in closet feel

PAX Closet systems are so pretty and versatile that you can even use them in a dressing room setting, like this one Via Money Can Buy Lipstick

an Ikea PAX wardrobe system without doors used in an office-closet or "cl-office" space

And of course, who wouldn’t die for this amazing huge walk-in closet Via Stylish Revamp. We used the glass front doors in our previous walk-in closet, and I absolutley love the stylish feel they add.

a large walk-in closet full of Ikea PAX wardrobe units featuring glass front drawer fronts is highly organized for clothing storage

In our new house, we’ve added an Ikea PAX closet with doors, like this one Via The Sweetest Digs

an Ikea PAX wardrobe with doors provides hidden storage

A PAX wardrobe unit provides even more storage then you could ever need in a kid’s room, like in this one Via Infarrantly Creative

a reach-in style closet uses Ikea PAX wardrobe units to create an organized closet space and clothing storage for children

If you are tight on space, then I love using PAX wardrobe units on either side of the bed, like in this example Via Bright Green Door. It feels like a very practical use of space you wouldn’t have otherwise utilized, and gives off a European style vibe.

two Ikea PAX wardrobe units on either side of a bed give functional clothing storage in a small amount of space

Here is another great example of using the Ikea PAX system with hinge doors for the PAX frames. They’ve created a beautiful built-in look in this wall of closets, by adding the open shelving and trim work, Via Meg & The Martin Men

a full wall of Ikea PAX wardrobe units with doors that provide a ton of clothing storage and have been given a custom built-in look

This combination of drawers, hanging space, and shelving in an open Ikea PAX wardrobe provides an amazing amount of clothing storage and highly organized closet in a small amount of space, Via Classy Glam Living

a walk-in closet that uses the Ikea PAX wardrobe system for organized clothing storage

PAX wardrobe systems can be used for more then clothing storage! Head over to Just a Girl and Her Blog to see how Abby customized hers for her own needs.

an Ikea PAX wardrobe unit with doors used in the corner of the room - Ikea PAX corner unit with doors

Adding trim work around your Ikea PAX wardrobe system gives your organized closet a custom and built-in feel at a fraction of the cost, Via Good Life Wife

a walk-in closet that uses the Ikea PAX wardrobe system to give a built-in closet feel

And if you don’t have a walk-in closet but need beautiful storage, you can even use an Ikea PAX wardrobe system in your home office, like she did Via Styled Snapshots

an Ikea PAX wardrobe system without doors used against the wall in a closet office, or cl-office space

Sliding Doors on the Ikea Pax system provide additional options for interior organizers as they don’t require the same space for hinges and are able to be used in a narrow space where these is no room for doors to swing wide open; Via Stylish Trendy.

an image of an Ikea PAX wardrobe system with sliding doors the go across a full wall to provide a large amount of organized clothing storage

I love how pretty they are! This beautiful door style on an Ikea PAX wardrobe system has so much pretty character, Via Jenna Sue Design Co.

a small Ikea PAX wardrobe unit with doors provides excellent clothing storage in a bedroom

And what about adding closet storage space to your bathroom? It just might work best in some homes, like this Ikea PAX wardrobe system demonstrate at 4 Men 1 Lady.

an Ikea PAX wardrobe unit without doors used in a bathroom to provide clothing storage

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a collection of over twenty different organized closets that use the Ikea PAX wardrobe system for highly functional clothing storage

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  1. Great post! I have closet builtins in a super small master closet (my house was built in the 1950’s). I laughed when I saw them! But, you would be surprised at how much it actually holds. I love them! I really love those ones on either side of the bed! Great idea for small spaces. Pinned & sharing! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! We hope you will join us again next week!

    1. Thanks Kim! It’s amazing what you can fit in a small area when it’s organized efficiently!

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