Free Printable Famous Harry Potter Quote Series

Today I’m sharing a series of free printable famous Harry Potter quotes as part of a Halloween free printable hop.

We are big Potterheads around here.  Well, okay, the hubs is less so having not read the books and just watched some of the Harry Potter movies.  But I’ve read the whole series at least three times, the most recent time being this past year.  I’m also reading through the series with each of the boys right now as our night time read aloud time just before bed.  They are loving the stories, and as such the whole family has gotten into the magical world of Harry Potter with one of my youngest’s favourite quotes now being “shut up, Dursley, you dried up old prune”.

Alas (as Dumbledore likes to say), I did not turn that particular quote into a free printable for this series of famous Harry Potter quotes free printables that I am sharing today.  Instead, I chose some of the more inspiring statements to highlight. And while I’ve got a couple of them displayed on a Halloween themed mantel, I also think they’d work perfectly year round in a kid’s bedroom or playroom, library, or even in a classroom.  I think they turned out pretty cute, and it’s always fun to relive some of your favourite stories by keeping those memorable quotes near at hand.

Series Of 9 Free Printable Famous Harry Potter Quotes poster.

And today, I’m joining a talented group of bloggers for a fun Halloween printable hop hosted by the lovely Kristen from Ella Claire & Co.  Make sure to check out all the printables they are sharing at the bottom of today’s post!

Fun & Free Printables For Halloween poster.

I first decided I wanted to make a series of famous Harry Potter quotes to print out months ago, but realized the time would be perfect with the approach of Halloween.  My two boys always like to do a little bit of show stopping decorating for Halloween, so I’ll be using some of these quotes as inspiration for our Halloween mantel and decor this year.

The Harry Potter quotes printed and framed.

The nine quotes I created are…

The printable quotes.

I’ve uploaded all nine of these Famous Harry Potter Quote free printables as both 5×7 and 8×10 printable PDFs into my free printable library.  Just click on the “Famous Harry Potter Quotes” folder to find them!

You can download each of these printables yourself, and get access to ALL my free printables simply by subscribing below.

After confirming your subscription you will be sent a link to my google drive with access to all of my free printables.

Please allow up to an hour to receive your email and instructions, and check your junk mail folder before contacting me.  If you have any issues after the hour, then email me at krista@thehappyhousie.com and I’ll send you the instructions.


And, as I mentioned, I’m part of Kristen’s annual Halloween Printable Hop today and several of my blogging friends are also sharing their free Halloween printables with you!  So many cute ideas…

Happy Halloween Printable Banner by Ella Claire & Co.
Dangling Spider Pillow Printable by Zevy Joy
The Witch is In Halloween Stencil by My 100 Year Old Home
Halloween Spider / Tarantula Printables by So Much Better with Age

Vintage Inspired Halloween Journal Card by Live Laugh Rowe
Man in the Moon Banner by My Someday in May
Ghosts and Goblins by Nest of Posies
Famous Harry Potter Quote Series by The Happy Housie

Easy BOO Garland by Happy Happy Nester
Here’s A Treat Tag by My Sweet Savannah
Vintage Halloween Prints by Town and Country Living
Take a Treat by Cherished Bliss

Halloween Candy Bag Labels by Designthusiasm
Happy Halloween by Taryn Whiteaker
Halloween Candle Labels by Jenna Kate at Home
Hocus Pocus Candy Co. by Clean and Scentsible

Addams Family Printable by Lolly Jane

I’ve shared some other Halloween printables in past years that you may like, as well…

I hope you enjoy all of these!


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