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Free Laundry Room Printable Art in 10 Colours!

Today’s the day!

The laundry room is just about finished! The purging and organizing is done and there are just a couple of last minute things that I couldn’t get to during my busy work week.

{If you just arrived here and aren’t sure what I’m talking about then you can find the details about my 10 week organizing challenge right here}

To be honest, the laundry / mud room turned into a bit bigger of a job then I originally planned.

Because somewhere in there… when it was all purged and re-organized, I looked around and realized that I really want to paint.

Yes. Paint.

The walls. The cabinets. The door.

Yes… I know!!! I promised no big projects so I could focus simply on organizing… But in my defence, painting part of a tiny room doesn’t seem like a big project. Does it?? And sometimes when you get a room organized and put back together it feels like you want to refresh everything about it!

And to go along with our laundry/mud room/hallway’s fresh new updates I created some adorable free laundry room printable art.

I’m using the Aqua colour in our laundry room, but I made this free laundry room printable art available in TEN different colour choices for y’all! Including, my other favourite, a multi-colour or rainbow version!

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I love the idea of hanging prints in your laundry room with some cute little wooden pant hangers…

Here’s a quick peak at the BEFORE of this project…

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some all the details about how I whipped this space into shape:)

For now, I hope you enjoy these free printables!

Because once an area is all clean and organized, there is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of pretty… am I right?!?



You can download the printables in different colours yourself by clicking here or the button below to subscribe.




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  1. These are so cute, thank you. And to hang it with a pants hanger, what a cute touch. I’m just starting to figure out how to offer a free printable on my site… (just did a free artsy calendar) I used dropbox to do it… Any tips? Liz

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