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Design Your Space with Dezignable

You guys!

I am really and truly stoked about what I have to share with you today.

It’s a new service that I have recently learned about and thrilled to share with you all.

A service that gives people the opportunity to find a design they love; on a budget that works; and provides users with real and solid direction about where to go and what to do to create a space (or whole home) that they absolutely love.

And it’s called Dezignable.


When Marty, one of the amazing gals who started up Dezignable contacted me about their new venture and explained the concept, I was pumped. (By the way, you can read their inspiring startup story here – it’s worth the time!)

I truly believe that it fills a huge gap in the design world and allows everyday homeowner’s and affordable and accessible way to work with an interior design expert.

Because, let’s face it. Design can be hard. Really hard. And full of costly mistakes if you don’t have a clear idea of where you are going.

Create a Space You Absolutely LOVE with Dezignable

It all starts out the same.

You have a room that needs a little love. You want to spiff it up and give it a new look. Or perhaps you even want to completely redecorate or renovate it.

But you have absolutely no idea where to start. Or, maybe you have a little bit of an idea or a style you love or a Pinterest board you’ve been amassing. But you still don’t really know where you are going with it all.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

In between my teaching job and being a Mom and running my blog and renovating three houses and coaching soccer, I somehow squeezed in some time over the past several months to also help four different friends completely redesign a part or all of their home. So I totally get how much work it takes. How many ideas are considered; pins are amassed; decisions are made; and materials are sourced.

I also get  how completely overwhelming it can feel for so many people.

But now, Dezignable is here to help.

Dezignable is a website that offers a completely new way to approach designing your home. From small, one room makeovers to full fledged house remodels, there is a package and budget for every size and type of project.

Here is how it works

Dezignable How does it work

Via Dezignable

Plus, all design packages include three unique designs with 2 and 3-D rendering of your project!

Which is perfect if you have trouble visualizing how a space will actually look once you get all those parts and pieces put together.

Dezignable how it works what design packages include


You can see from the beauty of the few designs I’ve chosen to feature from the Dezignable site that there is a style and designer and budget to suit everyone’s needs…


Coastal Kid’s Room by Megan Leith-Menard


Living Room Design by Corinne Kaas


Contemporary Dining Room by beyondinteriorsco


(Living Room Design by PJ do Val)


Chic Coastal House by Corinne Kaas


Who wouldn’t be?

I mean, you get to choose between the beautiful designs created by three fabulous designers! It’s not just ONE designer’s ideas or “take” on your project. I think that having three different {and unique and talented} designers take a shot at it gives you much higher odds that you are going to end up with a design that you absolutely LOVE.

And the packages are super reasonably priced.

Especially when you consider how expensive design mistakes can be.

I mean, even selecting the “wrong” paint colour could cost you $50-100 in wasted paint (or more) in addition to the probably 6-8 hours that it might take you to paint two coats on the average room. Even if you are DIYing the paint job, you have to consider that your time is valuable. So one “wrong” paint colour could essentially cost you as much as a one room design package from Dezignable.

And how much time and energy is that curated source list going to save you?! Seriously!?!

Guess what?

Right now you have the chance to win your own FREE DESIGN by just heading over and registering on the Dezignable website.

You can also keep up with what’s new and follow Dezignable on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest.

If you do decide to go for it, I would love to hear all about your design and see the changes you make! I always love a good before and after!! {Who doesn’t?! They are right up there with peanut butter cup ice cream}.

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  1. Signed up! This is a great idea. Hope I win. I’m having a hard time designing my master bedroom because I have to incorporate traditional Mission style furniture into a eclectic/boho design. New furniture is not in the budget. I need help.

    1. Hi Marci! That can be tricky – because (I am guessing) that you don’t want to paint your traditional mission style furniture, am I right?

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