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Thrifted Upcycled Homework Station with a Vintage School Desk and Faux Chalkboard Chair

I am so excited to share today’s thrifted upcycled project with you: a new homework station for our oldest son featuring a vintage school desk and faux chalkboard painted vintage school house style chair! Thrifted Upcycled Homework Station with vintage school desk and chair with faux chalkboard paint at thehappyhousie collage

I started out with the cool vintage desk I picked up at a garage sale for ten bucks; steal-o-da-century!


All I did was clean it, freshen up the top with some furniture wax, and then paint out the grubby damaged metal legs with some white oil paint… you can tell this paint has been well used around here.


I also found this old school house style chair at a thrift store for $7. Another awesome deal.


Original oak, but in rough shape so I decided to give it a little chalky-board look. Instead of making chalk paint I decided to give Mat Black spray paint a try – I read somewhere recently that you can write on mat black spray the way you do a chalkboard and that will wipe right off with a damp cloth. Well that sounded worth a try – so I gave it a go. Nothing quite like the ease of a spray on finish!



Then I just put these two pieces together to create a fun little homework station for our oldest son who just started grade one.

thrifted upcycled vintage school desk and chair painted faux chalkboard chair homework station at thehappyhousie

 Since we have moved the two boys into the same bedroom the homework station lives in our new family craft room. It is so fun for him to have his own special little space to do his daily homework (yes, he actually has homework every day already!) as well as for him to work on other little projects.

vintage upcycled school desk and chair painted faux chalkboard homework station at thehappyhousie

DIY homework station with faux chalkboard vintage school chair and upcycled vintage school desk at thehappyhousie

 The large globe was another garage sale purchase for $2 and the supply caddy beside it is from a thrift shop and cost another $2.

DIY Homework station with upcycled vintage school desk world map and globes at thehappyhousie

 The mini globe is from the Dollorama ($3) as is the world map on the wall (another $3) and the pencil cup is a tin can that I covered in an old atlas page and some twine. Okay so maybe I am a little map/globe crazy but it was pretty cool recently when my sister came for a visit after just having traveled through Cypress, Greece, and Italy and she was able to show the boys where in the world she actually was. The lamp is an old IKEA special that we have had around the house for many years now.

upcycled thrifted homework station with vintage school desk globes and map at thehappyhousie

My big boy loves his new homework/project space and spends a good amount of time there drawing and creating little projects (that often involve an excessive amount of tape – I think we should have shares in 3M).

thrifted upcycled vintage school desk and vintage school chair DIY faux chalkboard chair at thehappyhousie

I will be back soon to share with you a little project we whipped up to provide him with a way to display his schoolwork and artwork….

Now for the rest of my cohosts’ fabulous thrifted upcycled projects….

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Can you believe all these fabulous projects were originally thrifted for less than $20?? Wow!!

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And I can’t wait to see what thrifted objects you have been busy upcycling these days!! Don’t forget to come back Sunday at 4pm PST to link them up! Old or new, we want to see all your thrifted upcycled goods!! Or at least your favourites!

Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.



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    1. Thank you Tricia!! I love deals:) The chalkboard chair is looking better now that I picked up (one of your highly recommended) chalk pens. I love it!!

    1. I am on the globe collection circuit now myself… have managed to amass about five in the last few months. Most were only $2 at garage sales! Not accurate anymore mind you… but cool to accessorize with nonetheless. Thanks so much for your visit and comments!!

    1. Thanks Abby! I had a moment of pure elation when I saw that old desk… I knew it was perfect for my oldest son! And then the price was just the cherry:)

  1. Further proof you don’t need to spend big bucks for a big transformation. Well done, Krista! I’m sure your son feels so loved having a space designed and created especially for him; the chalkboard chair alone is SUPER cool. High five to you!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I just figured he needed his own zone in our craft room because, honestly, his use of tape is a big excessive and at least this way it is contained to one area:) Thanks for visiting girl! Have a great weekend:)

    1. It is a fun little space- I guess you are looking forward to the art/schoolwork display method?? I was hemming and hawing about sharing it on Monday this week or next – I will stick with this week now!!

  2. everything looks good Krista! 🙂 love the chair in black mat, I think it looks a lot like the one I got from the garage sale remember! 🙂 I did mine in grey but haven’t had time to post about it yet! yours is really nice in black! 🙂 & you got the globe for only $2 wow! I want one of those too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ingrid! The mat black is cool hey- gives such a different finish. Will be using it for some halloween decor projects soon too:) I have gotten three globes at Garage Sales so far and have only paid two bucks for each of them! I guess that is the standard going rate for globes around these parts (or at least old, outdated globes…)

    1. Thanks Tricia! It was super easy! And if you aren’t a decor-commitment-phobe like me then you could just write on it with a white paint pen and it would look like chalk but never rub off… until you paint over it:)

    1. I thought so- and so did the friend I was garage saleing with – I think she was a little jealous after – but she did get a fabulous bank of old school lockers… so you win some, you lose some I guess:)

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