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Thrifted Rattan Chair Makeover; the big INDECISION and Dining Room Progress

Today I can’t wait to share with you this thrift store chair makeover that I recently (finally….) completed for our dining room.

I call her Mrs. Zebra.

Thrifted Rattan Chair makeover thumbnail at thehappyhousie

She didn’t look quite this fabulous before I got my hands on her.

I saw her living on the edge of demise a few months back and picked her up for a song.

Well, for a pretty reasonable $15.


She was in pretty good shape overall but needed a little freshening up….


I finished painting her waaaay back in August.

A few coats of Krylon dual paint plus primer and she was good to go.

krylon white spray paint

Then, I stalled. Stopped. Got stuck. Was paralyzed with indecision.

No-progressing. What did I want to do for her cushions???

 Aggh!!! Does indecision ever hit you like that? Should I do all white or off-white cushions? Or a white base cushion with an easily-changeable colorful toss cushion. Or a patterned cushion? And which of the zillion patterns and colors that I love should I choose?

Well, sometimes it is best just to get over it and sew.

thrifted rattan chair makeover Mrs. Zebra at thehappyhousie

So that is what I did.

I picked a fabric that I love and have been holding onto for a while and the decision was made. Done. Get over it. And get on with it.

I’m glad.

Dining room thrifted rattan chair makover mrs. zebra at thehappyhousie

It feels good to finish a project like that. Easy and quick. Two simple one piece envelope cushions. I yard of fabric. Done.

And I can always make new ones when if I change my mind.

Mrs. Zebra the thrifted rattan chair makeover at thehappyhousie


So there she sits. All finished. In her zebra-iffic glory. I love her.

And check out that giant A above her? I love that too – a recent purchase from Home Sense.

We have kind of a thing about A’s around here.

 Thifted Rattan Chair makeover in dining room corner at thehappyhousie


 So, let’s see… remember that dining room project that I wrote about way back on July 3rd? Yes, seriously, THAT one. It has been THAT long.

Well… the inspiration has changed a little. We are no longer putting a little desk in there because of the new home office/craft room/homework room. (I promise I will share more about that space soon too:)… so that is why we had the space for this little beauty of a chair. Because of course there can’t be a corner without furniture.

What we have done in the dining room: 

– Sewn cushions for the pew (these change out seasonally)
– Started painting the Windsor chairs white. Two are done. Two are living in the garage half finished. What is with that???? I know, I know… tell me about it. I can’t even park in there. This weekend I will (maybe) finish them…
– Made a faux mantel cabinet – I will definitely be telling you more about how we completed that project next week, and you have seen it decorated here and here and here already…
– Finished off the corner with my new thrifted rattan chair. Mrs. Zebra herself.

Still to do in the dining room:

– The great curtain debate rages on. I love them. My husband loves seeing the trim work. I am thinking that a fair compromise might be some Bamboo Roman Blinds – we absolutely don’t need privacy because that window faces the lake, but I just think it might make the dining room feel more ‘finished’.


What do you think? Would you add window treatments in the dining room?? What kind??

Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.



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  1. The chair looks great! Cute zebra print Krista!! I too am an indecisive person, that is why I am afraid to do a room makeover! Oh, and I love the A too!

    1. Thanks Mindi- our last name starts with an A so I tend to collect them. And the only letter they had at the store was an A (this was the only one)… so of course I had to get it. It has a tiny scratch that isn’t really noticeable so I even managed to talk them down by $5. lol. Thanks for your visit!!

  2. I really like the A above the chair. Did you buy that or is that a project I can find around here?

    The chair looks really great, too. I love thrift store finds that, after a little love, turn out amazing.

    1. Hi Stacia! I bought the big A – from Home Sense (Home Goods in the US). It was a must have and I got it for only $20 which I felt was a pretty reasonable price. Upcycling old thrift store junk is one of my favourite types of projects!!

    1. Thank you Linda! I am thrilled with how it turned out and glad I finally got moving and finished it off (after dragging it out for a few months!!). Thanks so much for your visit and comments:)

  3. I don’t have any curtains in my breakfast area where we usually eat, but we also don’t get any direct sunlight in the space so for me, curtain-less was perfect. Your windows would look good with or without them so it’s really up to you dear. Love that rattan chair by the way, so chic!

    1. We get a lot of sunshine but I LOVE that – we live in a much more sun-deprived part of the world so when we get it -we want to see it!! I just love the way that drapery seems to finish off a window (and a room)… so we will have to see. I’m still undecided! Have a great weekend Vel:)

  4. Pretty chair, and I love the fabric choice! I usually like curtains, but your room looks so bright and airy, I don’t know! Maybe very light flowly curtains or the blinds like you suggested. (PS-your husband sounds like mine with his dislike of curtains!)

    1. Thanks Kelly! The whole curtain decision is a tough one. I am thinking maybe roman blinds? It was the one thing my husband made me promise when we bought this house -no curtains! But that was two and half years ago? How long does (that kind) of promise need to last? Seriously!! Have a fabulous weekend:)

    1. Thanks Christy- the fabric probably is a bit of a wild choice for some (pun intended??). I feel like my grandpa with a bad joke like that. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I can’t wait to see what you do for curtains at your place… I have so many different ideas – another example of indecision:)

  5. she looks great Krista, love that you added the “zebra” cushions; very pretty and modern 🙂
    indecisions: I know very well what you are talking about! 🙂 I haven’t decided on a lot of things for my dining room either 😉

    1. Thanks Ingrid- it is a bit of a more ‘modern’ touch I think! It can be sooo hard to make those choices… I understand how you feel! Hope you are having a great week:)

  6. Your room is really looking great. It seems like the best rooms always happen with lots of patience. And I adore the big A – I am a major typography lover.

    1. I know Carrie… I have to even remind myself sometimes that home isn’t built in a day. But other times I just need to kick my own butt into gear and quit procrastinating!! (and overthinking:) lol.

  7. Your chair turned out beautiful Krista! I like the zebra print and I think if you are going to do a window treatment, do it in a big floral (with the bamboo shades) – it would go with the stripes and the zebra print too. I’d go with black, white and some other colour.. . like to go with the cushions on the pew. What do you think of that?

    1. Thank you Heather! I would love to do a big graphic floral… but I think I will definitely have to negotiate that one with my husband. We had a big floral print (so pretty!!) in our last house and it has kind of put him off drapes… we will have to see how this one turns out:) Great ideas though!! I love that!

  8. Krista, I love the chair and the zebra print fabric was a perfect choice in your dining room – I like the way it play off the table runner! Yes, I get stuck by indecision a lot, too! 🙂 Guess we just have to trust our gut and go for it! Thanks for sharing another of your wonderful projects and pinning! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Cindy! It can be hard when you gut takes you in a few different ways….lol! I am glad I went with the choice I did, though. The graphic pattern and black and white looks so crisp against the white chair I think. Thanks so much for your visit and comments – have a fabulous week Cindy!!

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