Fabulous May Flower Projects

Today I’m sharing some beautiful DIY flower projects and spring and summer flower ideas along with some of my blogging friends.

I love flowers! I’m SO excited that May has arrived as it represents the start of the gardening season to me… I can’t wait to get started on freshening up our flower pots for summer, as well as tackling the landscaping in our new yard. In fact, this new week, we have an excavator coming to repair some driveway and yard issues, and I am super stoked about giving the front yard and garden new life after we’ve dealt with all those issues. At our previous house, we created a lovely front garden and I have to admit that I’m missing my lilac bushes this time of year.

But until I can get out there adding new flowers to our landscape, I’m dreaming of all things floral indoor and out! And today I’ve joined up with some of my sweet blogging friends to share some brilliant flower project ideas that are perfect for this time of year.

One of my favourite ways to add a floral touch in our home is through some (free) printable art! Like these sweet watercolour floral printables from this past spring…

Although we made even more changes to our front yard at our old home when we added the fence and landscaping, I think you’d still enjoy our previous front garden tour if you haven’t seen it. Who doesn’t like a garden in full bloom? It’s definitely one of the things I miss most about our old house.

If you haven’t grown any flowers of your own yet to bring indoors, then you can just grab some from the grocery store and create a simple and beautiful floral arrangement. My friend Ashley shows to whip up a grocery store flower arrangement over at Modern Glam.

Or, if you want to dress your table with something that will last a bit longer, then learn to make flowers! Janine at Happy Happy Nester shared a beautifully detailed tutorial for making your own flowers out of crepe paper, of all things! Head over to see how she made this adorable crepe paper flowers in a few simple steps.

And how beautiful are these paper flowers? I can hardly tell that they aren’t real flowers! My friend Leslie shared a great idea for how to make paper flowers over at My 100 Year Old Home.

Or, if you don’t want to craft, then you could just fake it! Sometimes you can’t even tell if plants and flowers are real and faux, as Sarah shows us at Dreaming of Homemaking. Spring florals, faux or real. They all look beautiful on her deck space!

I’ve been known to mix it up by adding a few faux flowers here and there… and I shared my favourite sources for faux greenery and flowers in this post…

Sometimes it’s okay to mix a few stunning faux florals in outdoors, as I did here…

I love adding pretty plants to pots even more then landscaping the rest of the yard. I think it’s mostly because I don’t have to weed them! Kristi at The Pickled Rose shared some great ideas for gardening and outdoor entertaining, including beautiful container garden ideas that I think you’ll love.

A back deck of a house filled with pots of flowers.
Gardening and Outdoor Entertaining at The Pickled Rose

When it comes time to plant my summer pots, I know I’ll be longing for a potters bench, as I always do when I’m leaning over and breaking my back stuffing all my plants full of bountiful-summer-beauty. Brendt at She Gave it a Go shared her reasons why having a potting bench is super functional and awesome!

I can’t wait to get outside and pot up some summer pots… I might even try another summer herb garden, like I did here…

A small herb garden on the deck in blue pots.

Easy DIY Kitchen Herb Garden in Deck Pots

Have a great weekend, friends! I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine and gardening:)

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