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Master Bedroom & Ensuite Reveal: ORC Week 6

Today I’m sharing the completed renovation and makeover of our Master Bedroom and Ensuite for week six of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge.

It’s here! Reveal day! Our master bedroom and ensuite makeover are complete (or, at least 98% complete), and I’ll tell you, I’m over the moon with how it all came out. I love a good before and after, don’t you?!

You might remember that when I started sharing this double room makeover as part of the Spring One Room Challenge, that we had already started on the construction aspect of this space. If you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s a bi-yearly event where bloggers and designers try to make over one room within a six week timeline. I love participating because it forces you to get a lot done in a short amount of time, instead of allowing projects to drag on for months. There is also no shortage of beautiful inspiration in the finished rooms, as you can see by heading to the ORC blog to check out the designer reveals and guest participants makers.

As I mentioned, we’ve been doing a large amount of construction over here, so we had begun this space early in the year when we tore apart and moved walls in order to reconfigure our main bathroom space. We essentially removed three closets: one in the kitchen/eating area, one in the hall, and one in our bedroom, and then moved walls to create a larger main bathroom as well as to create enough room to add a shower to our ensuite. well as to create enough space to add a shower into our ensuite. If you’re interested in seeing how this season’s One Room Challenge journey has progressed you can read more here:

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Today I’m going to share a look at the before and after pictures of both our master bedroom and ensuite, but I will be writing a separate post to more specifically address exactly what we did in each of these two spaces.

Do you remember this space “Before”?

Here is what it looked like just after we moved in last November…

And NOW!!!

Another before shot…

And the after!

SO MUCH lighter and brighter and super fresh and airy…

Here is the before of the one closet that we had left after removing the second one to take it into the bathroom space…

And the new double wide Ikea Pax…

Here is a view of the wall where we took out the closet (on the left) with the door into our ensuite….

And now….

Where the closet used to be is now our shower (see pictures below), and we instead have a double dresser on that wall…

Obviously, paint played a huge role in this makeover (as well as decor and accessories).  It’s amazing what a couple of fresh coats of paint can do!  For our bedroom we used the same colour as we did in our living room: White Design (WHO1) by General Paint

White Design WH01 by General Paint

Speaking of the ensuite, let’s take a look at the before and after pictures of that space.

Here is what it looked like just after we moved in…

And NOW!

Another angle of the before – that wall you see on the left was a full wall, but now it’s been opened up to create the opening to our shower…

That brings me to the whole 98% finished thing… the last job we have to do is install the glass shower door that we ordered that came in later then expected. Then we can actually start using this shower for reals!

We used the same white paint in most of the bathroom, but added Newbury Gray (418B) by General Paint on the paneling to give it a little pop of colour.  I love how it looks with the gold accents in the en-suite.  

Newbury Gray by General Paint

As I mentioned, I’ll be back to share individual posts on the progress involved in this makeover and on what all went into pulling it all together. But until then, I’ve gathered the same (or similar!) sources for the pieces in these two spaces, in case you saw something you love.

Our Master Bedroom Sources…

Our Ensuite Sources…

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  1. You definitely know your style! That is so important since it reflects your personality and enthusiasm. It’s totally different from my style yet I am inspired by your creativity. ( I really love the wooden framed mirror)

  2. I can’t believe that this is the same bedroom – everything is so bright and stylish! I love your style, you did amazing job.

  3. Krista, your master bedroom is absolutely beautiful. I love how bright and open it is now. You made such a huge difference with smart choices. Your style and talent amaze me!

  4. Great master and en suite … so well done … love everything! I would love to know your source for the bath rug (leave it to me to want something you did not link). Would you please let me know? I’m looking for a rug to “hang” as an art piece, and this works with my room ~ and appeals to me ~ a lot!
    Thanks, Krista!

    1. Hi Kathleen! I wish I could give you an online source but I found it at HomeSense – which is basically the same as HomeGoods if you are in the US! Thanks for your kind comments:)

  5. Wow these transformations are amazing. You guys are so talented. A beautiful vision turned to reality. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Nancy -it’s always fun to look back at the before and afters to remember how it looked before… you start to forget so quickly!

  6. Krista this does not even look like the same space – it is gorgeous! I love all the different layers and textures you’ve used in both the bathroom and in the bedroom too. They’re all dreamy. I know you guys put a lot of work into these spaces and it absolutely shows. Great job! CoCo

  7. Absolutely delicious! The makeover is far more than a simple change ~ this is a dream change ~ ordinarily, I’m not one for a lot of white but you’ve used white and soft rich tones to make a very appealing and cozy en suite. Yes, the vertical blue slat wall in the bathroom is especially lovely. A subtle but impressive addition. Overall this is a very welcoming, soothing and gentle Boho transformation and you earn LOTS of gold stars for imagination, creativity and comfortability! Cheers!!!!

    1. Aw, what a super kind comment! Thank you so much! We are really happy with how it all came out; it’s amazing when you look back at the before pics and remember where you started. I love colour, so I think all the white helps balance that and keep it fresh and calming – great for a bedroom:)

  8. Oh wow!! What a stunning transformation!! I think my favorite is the subtle pop of blue vertical shiplap in the bathroom. You really did an amazing job reconfiguring the closets too to accomodated that grogeous shower!! Well done! XOXO

    1. Thank you, Christy! So happy to have it feeling like “us” as we are living through renovating the rest of the house:) You know what I’m talking about!

    1. Thank you – I can’t wait to get the shower door installed (that last 2% lol), so we can use it!

  9. Beautiful! Love the bathroom and bedroom, so light and bright. I know you will love this for years to come. Blessings, M

    1. Thank you Mary – we are so happy with how it all came out – so calm and relaxed feeling in there… perfect for bedtime!

  10. Beautiful makeover, Krista! I’ve been looking forward to today’s reveal. You may have already mentioned it before, but what is the color you used in the bathroom? I love it!

    1. Aw, thank you Rita! I don’t think I put the name of the colour in my post – it’s a general paint colour, and I’ll have to look it up again. But it’s quite similar, in retrospect, to the Wedgewood Gray we used (Ben Moore) on our old kitchen peninsula.

    1. Hi Kari,

      That is really weird! I will definitely look into that, thank you for telling me. Krista

    2. Hi Kari, I realized that I had my pinterest plugin on for that post, which automatically lets readers pin an image if they click on it – I have turned it off now, so it will stop doing that! Thanks so much for the alert:)

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