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One Room Challenge Week Five: Lots of Progress & a New “Nightstand”

Today I’m sharing my week five progress for the Spring One Room Challenge, including how I hacked an Ikea – shelf to turn it into a small nightstand for a very tight spot.

Hello, friends!

Welcome to Week Five of the One Room Challenge!

Just one week left to go before the big reveal. If you’ve been following along for a while, then you know the One Room Challenge is a twice yearly blogger challenge where participants (both guest and feature designers) try to makeover a room or space in their homes in just six short weeks. You can see all kinds of fabulous projects over on the One Room Challenge blog here.

I’m super excited that it’s week five because that means that we are NEARLY there! Today I’m popping in to share how we solved a little problem that sprung up after we installed our paneling and Ikea PAX wardrobes earlier in this challenge.

Remember how the wall behind our bed looked before we started working on this space?

And then we installed the paneling and PAX

Well, once we installed our paneling we realized that we needed to have the bed centered underneath the box design of the paneling we did. BUT…that no longer left enough room for us to have our nightstands AND allow for our newly installed PAX wardrobe doors to swing fully open.

You can see in the picture below how the center of the headboard needs to line up with the middle box panel, or else the whole thing will look really odd…

Eek! We had ordered two nightstands from All Modern just after Christmas, but when I ordered them I hadn’t really accounted for the sizing change once we installed the PAX and needed to be able to swing open those doors. Oops…

So we moved the new nightstands into my oldest son’s bedroom and I came up with an Ikea Picture Rail hack to solve this issue in a super easy and thrifty way.

See below the space I am talking about. We were able to accommodate something up to 2 feet wide, but only a maximum of 6-7″ deep to allow the PAX door to swing right open…

I had thought about building a little shelf, which would also have been simple enough, but when I was at Ikea ordering our kitchen cabinets, I came across this simple little picture rail. AND…it just happened to be exactly the right size!

It’s the Ikea Mosslanda Picture Ledge and it is 21.75″ long by 4.75″ deep.

All we did is flip it upside down and screw it directly into the wall, lined up perfectly with our box moulding, which actually added an extra 1/2″ or so of depth to the shelf space on top. It looks exactly like we designed it that way!

Now of course such a tiny “nightstand” doesn’t leave much space for a lamp, but I have some more ideas in mind to solve that! I can’t wait to share that with you really soon.

And guess what!?! Next week is REVEAL week! Here are a couple of progress pics from our master ensuite…

Drywall finished, all painted and ready to go….

Now… panelling and our vanity and mirror! (Plus the tiling is all finished, but you can’t see that part).

We’ve got to hang some art, blinds, light fixtures, and then style and accessorize. Rather then buying new pillows, I dug through my collection and found the perfect ones to finish off the decor scheme of the bedroom, and I found my dream bench for a great price at HomeSense. Win win! I’m looking forward to revealing it all to you next week…

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