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Best Affordable Sources for {realistic!} Faux Plants & Flowers

Here is the best most affordable sources for realistic faux plants and flowers.

Today’s post is a bit of a PSA, friends!

I’m regularly asked by friends and readers where my realistic looking faux flowers or plants are from, so I decided it was time to spill my plant secrets.

And I know there are some pretty expensive options out there in the faux plant & flower market; so today I’m sharing my favourite super affordable sources if you want to go faux…

Best affordable sources for realistic faux plants and flowers graphic.

I know that with some people faux greenery is a big faux pas.

But for the green-thumb challenged of us; faux greenery can be an absolute life saver. Or, at least, a decor saver. They last all season and require NO maintenance.

And these days, good quality faux greenery and faux flowers are often very realistic looking. So realistic, in fact, that some of them are hard to tell apart from the real thing unless you look really. REALLY. closely. Like, with some of the little faux plants that I’ve picked up from…


Ikea is probably my very favourite source for faux plants because it’s just so darn affordable; and there are so many different little plant filler options. From $5 and up, the artificial plants and flowers at Ikea are worth a shop! If you don’t live near an Ikea, you can buy these online (I find that shipping for smaller items is quite reasonable).

One of my favourites is this little faux green sage plant; it has such a soft and pretty grey/green colour and adds a natural, neutral touch to a bookcase, tabletop, or any blank little spot in your home that’s crying for some homey green.

Up close picture of a green plant.

A faux plant in a white pot on a mantel.

Another of my favourite from Ikea is this pretty faux geranium (available in a few colour choices).

I can’t believe how realistic it is; people who come over are always fooled. And I haven’t had to water it or pinch off any dead flowers all season!

Light large green leaves and delicate pink faux flowers.

A light blue bucket planter with the light pink flowers.

I also love this charming and sweet little pink daisy…

Bright pink daisy flowers and green leaves.

The pink daisies on the table beside a piece of pie.

And I recently picked up some Ginko stems as well as a faux fiddle leaf fig from Ikea (pictures coming soon!). I am really impressed with the quality of both the stems and the fig, and the price of the fig was especially unbelievably great!


My favourite source for faux greenery stems as well as small succulents for crafting with is Michaels. I don’t live near a Jo-Anns or Hobby Lobby (or any other kind of craft store), so Michael’s is my go-to store. They have a huge selection and many that are very good quality and realistic looking.

To make the stems and plants more affordable, I always watch for sales and use my coupons! You can often get up to 50% off your purchase if you wait until the sales are hot!

The succulents I use in my crafts have always been from Michael’s…

Succulents in a grey pot outside.

I also regularly pick up lovely seasonal floral stems there…

A large glass vase filled with green stems with leaves.

One large palm leaf in a light green glass vase.

Glass vases with pink flowers behind the kitchen sink.

Light blue glass vases with light pink flower stems on the dining room table.

Dollar Stores 

My third spot for shopping for faux greenery and plants is at your local dollar stores.

I have one local dollar store (Dollarama) that carries some higher quality branches and sweet blooms. Mainly I use the stems from the dollar store for crafting with; making wreaths especially.

But I also found these amazingly realistic tulips at my local Dollarama a few years back and I bring them out every spring. I’ll tell ya, they certainly last a lot longer then the real thing!

White tulips in a glass jar on the mantel.

I often use stems and flowers from the dollar store for my DIY wreaths…

Red leaves on a wreath.

Five Minute Dollar Store DIY Fall Wreath

Bright yellow flowers on a grapevine wreath.

Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath

A wreath with faux greenery and white flowers.

Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Easter Wreath

Other Sources

I have also found some lovely seasonal greenery with quite reasonable pricing at both Pier One Imports and HomeSense (HomeGoods if you are in the US). Target, before they abandoned me up here in Canada, was another great source – especially during their end of season sales! And craft stores like Jo-Anns and Hobby Lobby would probably work just as well as Michael’s does! World Market and Pottery Barn both have beautiful things, but they rarely falls within what I consider “affordable”. At all retail decor sources, it’s probably best to keep your eye open for sales if your faux greens to be really affordable!

I also purchased a medium sized faux fiddle leaf fig plant (the 4′ size), through Amazon, and I am overall happy with the quality of it. You may have seen it before in our dining room.  It really perked up the room!   The one I recently purchased at Ikea was even more affordable and sits a little taller (closer to 5′).

Large potted faux plants in the corner of the room.

I’ve gathered a few affordable faux plant & flower options for you below if you are looking to add some neutral warmth to your home … 

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  2. As someone who can’t even keep a cactus alive, I’ve come to realize that for us, faux is the way to go. Definitely agree that Ikea has the best faux greenery in small sizes. I haven’t yet seen larger faux plants there, so I may need to make another trip soon!

    I’ve been pretty happy buying faux greenery through Amazon. Often it needs a day or two to air out, and you need to carefully pay attention to sizes. But overall I’ve gotten great stuff through them.

  3. I am also green thumb challenged and love the succulents but I killed everything. I went to Hobby Lobby and was amazed by the varieties they have. I filled to large pots and put them on my deck. My friends and family all have commented how well I did growing so many. Then I gave them the news that they were fake. This is my second year and they still look great. No more crying when they die.

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