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Quick & Easy DIY Nautical Rope Outdoor Coasters

If nautical is your theme then you will love these easy to make rope coasters.

Deck season is here!

Which means that it is time for a comfy seat. Some sunshine.

And a nice cold drink or two.

Oh, I guess some coasters might be in order then? You don’t want to mark up your outdoor coffee table with water rings (more to come on that…)

How about easy DIY Nautical Rope Outdoor Coasters?

These would make a perfect little hostess gift, too!

DIY Nautical Rope Outdoor Coasters.

I picked up this cute blue and white nautical style rope at my local Dollarama. I wasn’t sure what exactly I would do with it, but knew it I would use it somewhere. On something.

And if I didn’t find a use for it, then my four year old would turn it into a lasso or a fake waterski rope.

Envelope pillows make amazing “waterskis” you know. You slide your little four-year old feet under the fold, hold onto a rope, and have your brother pull you down the hallway.

Loads of fun.

Anyhow, to make these, I used the nautical rope, my sewing scissors, and my brand new really-hot-burn-your-fingers-causing-blisters-hot glue gun.

Rope, scissors and a glue gun on the table.

I can’t really show you the actual gluing part, because I wasn’t kidding about the heat-factor. I added a little glue with the glue gun along the top of the rope, and then twisted it together in a spiral, holding it in place until the glue set.

Adding glue to the rope and twisting it into shape.

Continue with the same process – a little glue, twist it together, and hold…

Up close shot of the twisting of the rope.

Once you get towards the end, you can cut off the rope and then continue with the glue/twist/hold procedure until you reach the end. I added a little extra glue around the end piece to make sure it was nicely secured.

Using scissors to cut the rope.

Holding the rope coaster.

To give the coasters a little bit of a seal, I sprayed them with some Thompsons WaterSeal Fabric Spray. I figure it will help prevent staining if drinks get a little spilly-spilly.

Spraying the coaster with fabric seal to make it waterproof.

Done! And ready for some deck-action.

A cold drink sitting on the coaster.

Up close of the drink and the coaster.

The coasters on the table outside.

I love them! And the kids are pretty taken with them – we used them at a little BBQ we hosted last weekend and they worked perfectly. They wanted extra drinks just to be able to use more coasters.

Wouldn’t they make an adorable little hostess gift, too?

Think you might want to give it a go??

This is awesome! Pin it to remember it!

Super easy tutorial for how to make your own adorable outdoor coasters using nautical rope.


And this week is another edition of the DIY Challenge!

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And if you are a fellow blogger, then make sure to come back Sunday at 4pm PST or 7pm EST to share your outdoor projects! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!



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