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Genius Ideas for Storing & Organizing Christmas Decor

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I have put together some ideas for organizing and storing Christmas decor that I think is brilliant!

While Christmas should live in our hearts all year; it can’t possibly live in our homes 24/7. Eventually comes the day when we have to take it all down. Pack it all up and store it away for another year. And it can feel like a monumental task.

All the Christmas ball ornaments, holiday garlands, lights, Christmas wreaths, garlands, trees, and other decor touches that make our home so cozy and welcoming during the holidays can become a nightmare to deal with when the holiday season is over. I began tackling our big takedown the other day, and while I’m keeping out some of the more neutral winter elements, the majority of the “Christmas decor” will be taken down and stored before New Year’s Eve. I like to make a fresh start to begin the new year, and that includes cleaning the house!

So as I mentally prepared myself to tackle this huge organizing job, I looked for some new ideas for storing and organizing our Christmas decor this year…

Genius Ideas For Storing & Organizing Christmas Decor poster.

I think that you should begin this process with a PURGE! You know what a big fan I am of purges. So why store away things you know that you won’t use ever again. You could donate items now, or store them in a labelled box that you put away with your decor and then plan to donate it come November next year.

Then sort, store, and organize the rest of your holiday decor. Here are some ideas to get your started on the path to a very clean and organized Christmas closet…

Storing Christmas Ornaments…

Divide your Christmas ornaments by colour of style and store them in large or extra large plastic zip bags. Then store them away for the year in a large tote.  Via Decor Adventures

Ornaments is zip lock bags.

Or, invest in storage bins that are already sorted for you. Some totes come with separate sections; or you could use some cardboard to create your own sections. Via The Organized Housewife

A plastic container with sections and the ornaments organized inside it.

A simple way to keep those more delicate ornaments safe is to wrap them in coffee filters before storing them away for the year. Via May Days

A box with individual compartments with ornaments in them.

Or, even separate those small delicate ornaments in egg cartons! Via Make Life Lovely

Blue and silver balls in an egg container.

It’s also relatively easy to get your hand on some divided ornament boxes. These are great if you have glass ornaments or vintage ornaments that are especially precious. This divided archival ornament box is available through Ultimate Christmas.

Stacked boxes with Christmas decorations in them.

And this divided canvas ornament storage bin is available through Via Amazon

A padded box with decorations inside.

Just don’t forget to label all of your storage bins and totes so you know exactly what is in them. This is especially important if you don’t want to haul everything out and search through all your bins when you begin next years Christmas decor-athon. I like this cute folder used for labeling  Via I heart Organizing

A folder holding holiday announcements.

Christmas Lights…

Most of us have extra cardboard waiting to be recycled after the holidays; who knew it would come in super handy for light storage! Simply wrap your Christmas lights around pieces of cardboard and store away in a tote for the year. Via One Perfect Day.

Wrapping Christmas lights around cardboard.

Or if you want a slightly sturdier wrapping system, use a cord and light wind up pack like this one Via Amazon.  They come in sets of 4.

Green lights wrapped up for storage.

You could also wrap Christmas lights on tension rods and store them in a shallow tote; Via BHG

Coloured lights in bundles individually wrapped.

Or pick up an extra tote for storing all those lights in! I love this handy and efficient Christmas tree light storage box Via Amazon

A Christmas tree storage light box.

Artificial Christmas Trees…

We have kept all of our tree boxes and each year they go back into their original box to be stored. Although they are quite large and cumbersome, it’s the perfect way to keep your tree clean and dust-free during the year. If you have thrown away your original box, then you can purchase Christmas Tree Storage bag Via amazon

A Christmas tree storage bag.

Wreaths & Garlands…

Wrap wreaths in a garbage bag or large plastic container to keep bugs and dust out, or purchase a wreath storage bags or plastic bin. The bags tend to be much more affordable, and I like how you can easily see which wreaths are inside the bag with this clear topped wreath storage bag…

Christmas wreath inside a round storage container.

Alternatively, if If you have a spot in a closet somewhere, or in a basement storage room, you can install a plastic rod to hang your wreaths on, such as in this example Via Ask Anna Moseley

A hanger in a closet with wreaths on it.

I like to store all of my garlands in a large tote, matched together by type (for example, we have several faux pine garlands and I store them together and we also have several red berry garlands that I store separately in a smaller tote.

Gift Wrap Storage…

Organize wrapping paper with a clear garment bag and hang it in a closet! Via The Chic Site

Before and after wrapping paper.

Or keep your gift wrap together in a plastic bin – it could go under the bed if you need access to it during the year; or store it with the rest of your Christmas decor as long as you have a dry space for storage. Via BHG

This canvas gift wrap storage bag keeps all of your supplies together and ready to use next year! Via Amazon

Storage box for wrapping paper.

I hope you found some ideas to help you make this your most organized year yet!
























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  1. Hi Mimi,
    I enjoyed your Christmas organizing ideas. 2021 is my year to up my organizational game, so I left my email. Thanks and let’s make 2021 a monumentally excellent year!

  2. So if I would like to print off the 10 week Challenge, how do I do that? Or will I need to wait until it comes as a email to me?

    1. Hi Mimi! You can do whatever works for you. If you signed up for the emails, you should get one per week that focuses on that specific area. I’m currently working on putting together an e-book version since I’ve had quite a few people ask about a printable version. Hope to have that out soon!

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