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That time the new windows were too small & the countertop company went bankrupt…

Home renovations don’t always go smoothly and in this post you can read all about my frustrations!

So home renovations aren’t easy.

A kitchen renovation is no different.

It doesn’t always go smoothly.

Things always cost way more than you expected.

Mistakes can be made that can be stressful and expensive.

And then there are some things that are simply beyond your control.

A white kitchen with a blue stool beside the counter.

A drop sheet on the ground in the kitchen.

I’ve heard all these things a million times.

We have even lived through several mini renovations and one major one before and know some of this to be true from experience.

But you just never quite know or can anticipate what exactly it is that will go wrong this time.

A look into the dining from the kitchen.

The dining room with a hold in the wall to the outside deck.

A sliding door installed into the dining room hole in the wall.


You don’t know that this will be the time that you arrive home to see the new windows that your contractor has just finished framing in and installing and you realize that they are too small.

Too short. Not the size you thought you ordered.

And that they weren’t supposed to be openers. Just solid glass.

Then you learn it will be another three weeks until the new windows arrive.

Windows that are the wrong size and arrows pointing to the mistake.

But much worse is when you call to schedule your kitchen countertop installers for templating your new quartz countertops.

Countertops that you have already paid the deposit on. Half the total.

And after multiple phone calls attempting to reach this well established and highly recommended company you discover that they have gone belly up.


Into receivership.

And taken your deposit money along with them.

The kitchen island being installed.

But just like in show-biz; the reno must go on.

The walls are dry-walled and primed and painted and ready for the cabinet install.

And all the kitchen cabinets waiting in the garage for the one day soon that they will grace our newly prepared kitchen.

The cabinets in the garage in boxes.

I guess the hope is that in the end, all of this stress and added expense will be worth it.

That the kitchen will live up to all our hopes and vision.

And when I worry about these mistakes I need to remind myself that these are really just #firstworldproblems.

Things could always be worse.

Much worse.

And what you we do have is already an enormous blessing.

No one ever said life was without hiccups.

And a kitchen renovation is just the same.

Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.




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  1. Oh my goodness. How AWFUL Krista! So sorry this is happening. I hope in the long-run you will have a gorgeous kitchen that you LOVE and it will be {mostly} worth it in the end!! xoxo

  2. Wow – sorry to hear that happened! I guess over time, we all have those kinds of stories. It sounds like you are doing a great job of looking on the positive side. Looking forward to seeing your finished pics!

  3. I am so sorry this happened to you Krista! Keep your chin up, friend! I kinda know how you feel…we were adding a roof on our deck this summer and ran into a dishonest contractor. We almost lost our more-than-half down payment but luckily we didn’t! One day it’ll all be done and you’ll sit and enjoy it so much. Love your attitude that these are only first world problems! 🙂

  4. OMG, this is horrible! The end result is so beautiful, though. I want to see more of your cabinets! Is that a stained glass door on one of them??

  5. Oh, that’s TERRIBLE! Well, we learn from our mistakes (and hopefully those of others if we’re lucky). We’ve lived through some oops moments in our renovations, but nothing like this. Can’t imagine, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. Don’t let it get the best of you. Hugs, Shauna

  6. Oh NO! I can’t believe that. I hope your deposit wasn’t too huge – that is such a disappointment. Are you able to do anything to get that money back? And the windows? Gah. What a huge bummer. At least there’s something there to fill the space, but what a huge bummer.

    I can’t wait to see the progress of your space. It looks like it’s going to be beautiful, Krista!

  7. Seriously?!! Sorry Krista, at least you have a good attitude, because obviously things happened out of your control. I am hoping the rest goes smoothly for you! It will be amazing and maybe someday you can laugh about it! Hugs!

  8. Kitchen renos are the most stressful of any reno. Hang in there. It will be beautiful in the end. Just think all of these hiccups will make for a great reno story when it is all said and done.

  9. So are you eating out a lot or what? Even thought you’ve hit some hiccups, your final space will be amazing!! Hope you track down the company that ran off with your deposit!

  10. Oh Krista, the bankruptcy of the countertop company is the last thing I would have ever expected given the research you put into choosing them. I’m so sorry! But you’re right….it’s a first world problem. At least you know that you are assured of having running water in your kitchen when all is said and done. Hang in there, there’s no turning back now.

  11. Wow!!! You are far more understanding then I believe I could be. I hope that things get better ans soon. I can’t wait for the reveal!!

  12. wow krista that is an extremely tough break but like you said things could be worse although i am sure it doesn’t feel like it right now one foot in front of the other is all you can do xx

  13. Oh, Krista, sorry to hear things aren’t going as planned! We have been there several times with the wrong size materials. How infuriating about the countertops! In the end, your kitchen will be gorgeous and you will barely remember any of this. Hang in there!!

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