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20 Fab Garage Organization Ideas and Makeovers

With my husband out of commission with his achilles tear, I knew that tackling a room makeover for the one room challenge this fall was out. I just can’t manage an entire room makeover on my own in addition to all the other extra tasks I’ve now been granted.

But maybe that’s a good thing?

It allows me to focus my energy on finishing off those un-dealt with areas from the 10 week organizing challenge. I feel that the whole house could use another quick one-over  {and I’m working on putting a plan in place that I’ll share really soon!}.

But there are a few bigger areas still left “un-touched” from the organizing challenge. Like the basement guest room closets. The shed. And…

The garage.

So I’ve been working on gathering some ideas and inspiration for what we can do to turn our garage back into an organized, functional space once again.

I might not get to the “pretty” just yet… one day I dream of a pretty garage (a girl’s gotta dream big, right?). But for now, just parking in there in the winter would be a treat!

I hope you also find some great ideas and inspiration in what I’ve gathered together in these 20 fab garage organization ideas and makeovers! {click on the link to go to each individual post if you want to learn more about that idea or image}

I love pegboard. Striped pegboard? Even better. But really, how awesome is this recycling center? I would love a more organized recycling area. The bag, hanging on the wall, for empty cans? Awesome idea! And those covered stackable bins are much better than what we have. Image via BHG


Similarly, I love how neatly these bins tuck under a storage area. I don’t think we are using our vertical space enough in our garage, and this really has me thinking about how to reorganize the area just outside our garage door. The issue is that our vacuum canister is taking up some prime real estate. I wonder if I could get it moved? Image Via bhg

Organized, matching, labelled bins? Oh my! I wish. Ours are a hodge podge; mostly in shades of (guess it?? blue!). But the idea of having them stacked on clean shelving and labelled is rather enticing! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Garage Organization via A Bowl Full of Lemons

I love this whole post for garage organization ideas because it shows how you can have an organized garage even when you have a lot of stuff (a good purge is always great to do, first, of course). Check out all the details Via Clean & Scentsible 

This whole garage makeover is brilliant because she shares the whole planning process! I’m definitely going to plan it out ahead so that we can use our own garage space more efficiently! Via KimSixFix

This before and after garage organization project is amazing! I can’t get over how clean and polished it looks after… I hope ours turns out half this well. Covered storage areas seem to help! Image Via iHeart Organizing

Tool storage can definitely be an issue in the garage, and I loved this great idea for using plumbing pipes to store various tools! Combined with some inexpensive wire shelving, and voila! Via Remodelaholic

Now this is one of those organized and pretty garage spaces of my dreams. Check out all the details of this awesome garage makeover Via Sypsie Designs

The floors area  real standout in this amazing garage makeover. The before and afters are awesome and there are several step by step organizational projects that she shared along the way. Details at BlueIStyle

Now doesn’t this look super cheery and functional? I love the wall storage for tools and gardening materials. This would work well in our shed, which is where we store the majority of our garden tools and supplies. I love the planked storage siding, but I think that pegboard would also work well. Via A Beautiful Mess

Workshop space organization

Honestly, this picture makes me happy. You know why? Because there is still a LOT of stuff. And it’s all organized. And easy to find. And access! It’s right out of my pegboard dreams (what? don’t you have pegboard dreams?) Via The Creativity Exchange

Oh! And this beautifully organized tool-space, too! More perfect pegboard put to SUCH good use! Via Remodelando La Casa

Ryobi tools on pegboard - spray paint cans and yellow bench

If you don’t have a workbench, here are some plans for building one that tucks away! This would be great if you need the extra width in the garage most of the time so you don’t want a permanent workbench in place. Via buildsomething.com

Or take some inspiration from the Pros! There are all kinds of awesome ideas on websites that provide storage and organization systems for garages; like this one from Garage Guru. I like how this space really utilizes the vertical storage near the ceiling while making the more used items easy to access (and put away!).

We are lucky enough to have a lot of cabinetry in our garage (mainly because we moved our old kitchen cabinets out there when we did our kitchen makeover), but if we didn’t then something like this would work brilliantly! The drawers for storage are a great idea instead of big bins where things get lost. Easier and more efficient for storing smaller items. Image Via DIY Network

The garage at DIY Network Ultimate Retreat 2017 offers a well-organized storage system for tools, garden supplies and lake essentials, with space for hobbies and projects.

This garage re-organization makeover featuring the Ikea Algot system is AMAZING! You have to see the befores! And she explains her process really well. Seriously acres of usable storage… Via Life with Lucy

Um, how brilliant is this use of a magnet for storing those tools you want to access all the time and easily?!? We have ours lost in drawers… I definitely need to find some of this stuff!! Via Honey Bear Lane

If you have a lot to store, like we do, then bins are a great option! I love these pretty matching storage bins,, and she shares the whole organizational process! Via Lil Luna

Tips and Tricks for creating an organized garage! It's so nice having order and knowing where everything is in the most neglected area of the house.

How nice would it be to come home to a garage door and entry just as pretty as your front door? I love the fun paint and numbering on this garage door; and the big wire shelving is super practical and accessible from the house for extra pantry items. Via Just a Girl Blog

Great example of a place to put items that come and go regularly (i.e. returns (to stores and other people), lost & found, donate. Also good to keep bottled water and overflow of items that you don't have storage for in the kitchen. #garage #storage #organization

More brilliant use of plumbing pipes for storage! This would be perfect in the shed or wherever you store your garden tools. Via Newly Woodwards

tool storage galvanized walls

Well, I think I’m going to start our garage organization project this long weekend! What about you?


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  1. Gosh there are some amazing garage photos here! Having an organised garage is like having an organised kitchen I think – makes you feel good! It’s also great to have a big chuck of all the stuff you don’t need anymore!

  2. Tthank you for such a wonderful round up of garage ideas. It makes me realise just how bad ours is and I can’t wait to get stuck into it. This may seem a dumb question but here in Adelaide South Australia I have never heard of S’mores – what are they ?

  3. Perfect timing. We have a garage and a barn that we inherited that is in dire need of a purge and reorganizing if we hope to park in the garage this winter and prep for our pony’s arrival in the spring. We have a busy winter ahead of us. Thanks for gathering all the inspiration!

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