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Spring Cleaning: Garage Organization 101 {with a Monkey Bars Storage GIVEAWAY}

We had a bit of an issue on our hands. We called it the garage. We weren’t quite sure how to handle it. Then Monkey Bars Storage stepped in and sent us a Large Sports Storage Rack. It got the ball rolling. The transformation is truly unbelievable. Okay, well maybe it isn’t as pretty as some people’s garages. But I’m telling you- it made a huge difference. I can park in there again!! Wowza. That’s really sayin’ something.

Here is what we started with….

{warning: if you are sensitive to horror films you may wish to shield your eyes and quickly scroll down to the zen-like after pictures).

Garage Before 5 at The Happy Housie

Garage Before 2 at The Happy Housie

If you haven’t run screaming yet, I’m impressed. I cringed in fear each day as I made my way through this cyclone in order to enter the house… I often carried a large club to ensure my safety in case something jumped out at me as I made my way through it.

We started with a major purge/dump trip/donation trip. Once we had hauled away a dumpster full ….things were cleared out a little we changed up the placement of the garage so it would make more sense and be more functional. We moved the work bench (aka: that completely smothered area that you see in the far corner of the garage in the picture above) to be closer to the door to the house so that we could dedicate the corner closest to the garage doors to sports equipment storage. There’s a lot of road hockey going on around here these days so easy access to their gear is critical.

After rearranging our ‘zones’ we went ahead and spread out our new Monkey Bars Storage Large Sports Storage Rack and read through the super simple and straightforward  instructions….

Garage Organizing with Monkey Bar Storage at The Happy Housie

We made sure to put the brackets that hold the bar directly into studs to ensure that it can support the weight of all our equipment. The amount of weight that the large Sports Rack can support is insane. I now feel confident that we can easily dry out a small whale by hanging it upside on one of the hooks. Not that I will try it… you don’t have to report me to PITA.

Garage Organizing with Monkey Bar Storage at The Happy Housie 2

All you need to do is screw the side brackets into the studs, hang your ‘hooks’ and holders on the bar, and then place the bar into the ends of the brackets (they lock right in). Crazy simple to install.

Organizing the Garage with Monkey Bar Storage systems at The Happy Housie

Yay!! The fun part. Now is when you get to hang up all the sports equipment and make it look all organized and pretty.

Organizing the garage with Monkey Bar at The Happy Housie

Swoon. How great is that? What a handy dandy system, am I right? I’m pretty stoked about it. Check out the difference….

Garage Organizing with Monkey Bar before and after at The Happy Housie

We are all pretty stoked about it, actually…

Organizing the Garage with a Monkey Bar Sports Rack at The Happy Housie

Want to tackle your garage? Sports equipment?

Pin it to remember it!

Garage Organization with Monkey Bars Storage Large Sports Rack Pin at The Happy Housie

You can check out Monkey Bars Storage online… they have tons of awesome solutions for all kinds of storage needs. I dream of resurfacing our garage floor one day with their beautiful flooring products. They also have tons of dealers all over the place and I got mine through the amazing dealer in Vancouver, BC. Shipped right to my door- I didn’t even have to fight the crowds at the store. I love that.

Now the kind-awesome-fab people at Monkey Bars Storage want to give you a chance to get a head start on your spring organizing with a great giveaway!! They are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Garden Rack (perfect for spring!). Yay!
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Have you tackled any big organization projects yet? Got spring cleaning and organizing on your to-do list?

Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



Disclosure:  Monkey Bars Storage provided me with a Large Sports Rack in exchange for my 100% honest opinion about their products. I honestly love it- and finally feel safe to make my way through the garage again.

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  1. which bar did you use… the shed rack bar or the single bar rack? I’m trying to recreate this look and not sure which option to go with…

  2. Looks great Krista and I am impressed with L’s high jump! You inspired us and we took almost 8 bags of unused ‘stuff’ out of our home today 🙂 Major Spring Clean!

    1. Yes, with spring there comes a certain desire to clean up and organize… but it is also garage sale season, so if I’m not careful I could end up with a full garage again:)

  3. Love it. If mine was ever that clean I would have a coronary. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

    1. Lol! I hear ya… we are still working on several long ongoing projects inside too but I had to get that garage straightened up. I couldn’t even move in it!! Glad to be back onto ‘prettier’ projects again:)

    1. Haha – I hear ya. That’s where ours was at. But I don’t have quite the same old furniture collection in there as you do, I imagine. Though I have several smaller pieces that are jammed underneath our boat on the other side of the garage. Notice I chose not to show any pictures of that side (lol).

    1. LOL! So glad it isn’t only me… I gotta be careful that it doesn’t slip back into oblivion:)

    1. Hi Jo-Anna!! The bike rack looks amazing. At this point we only have kid bikes…but maybe one day we will need that! I like the garden rack as well:)

    1. It is so great! I love it- and I guess things always get a little plugged up for the winter when your summer gear has to hide. Half of our garage is filled with our boat right now… can’t wait to get that out of there!

    1. I was pretty impressed with them April- and there are some other styles as well. I’m just thrilled to have a clear pathway again!!

    1. Lol- I hear ya Jenna. We still have a long way to go. Notice I didn’t flash the camera over to the other side of the garage??

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