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Cozy Christmas Nights Home Tour

Our Christmas trees at night home tour full of cozy twinkling lights and warm and welcoming candlelight. 

Can you believe that it’s only five days until Christmas!?

Even after preparing and decorating during November and enjoying the twinkling Christmas trees at night for the past several weeks, it still feels like the season is going way too quickly. In the past several weeks time seems to have both raced by and gone slowly. And for some reason, I have loved the warmth and beauty of our Christmas trees at night and the twinkling lights throughout our home more this year than I can ever remember before.

Usually come Boxing Day, I’m ready to get things cleaned up and the house refreshed for the new year, but I’m thinking I’ll be hanging on to our lights and cozy decor a bit longer this season. Today I have joined some of my friends who are also sharing their Christmas Nights Tour with you. What could be better than these beautiful homes all lit up for the holidays? I hope you enjoy the tours as much as I know I will!

collage image with twelve different holiday homes lit up for Christmas

Thank you to my friend Rachel from Maison de Pax for hosting this Christmas Nights Tour series. I’m always amazed by the cozy feeling I get from touring through these beautiful homes lit up for Christmas, and I appreciate Rachel putting this series together PLUS giving us wonderful advice on how to take photos at night. Because, let me tell you, it’s not that easy.

I decided to start with my favourite space lit up for Christmas; our dining room with the twin trees and glowing candles is definitely the most hygge spot in our home this season…

A dining room at Christmas at night with two trees

Cozy Christmas dining room lit up with candlelight and two Christmas trees at night

Christmas tree at night in a dining room

A decorative display on a hutch in a dining room at Christmas

White large bowl candle lights up a Christmas display at night

a glowing Christmas tree at night in a dining room

a beautiful and elegant Christmas tree decorated in a dining room

a Christmas tree glowing and decorated with glass balls and burlap poinsettias

a glowing Christmas tree decorating and candlelight on a dining room table

a cozy candlelit dining room with two Christmas trees

I also shared a tour of our dining room all ready for Christmas in the post.

Next up, the cozy lights on our living room Christmas tree. All of our trees go on in the morning, and then again about 4pm each day as it gets dark so early! We love having the extra cozy glow this time of year, and I’m not sure how I’ll cope without all these cozy lights come January.

a light and white Christmas tree at night in a living room

I shared our scandi farmhouse style Christmas tree in this post. 

a Scandi style natural rustic Christmas tree at night

alpine style Christmas tree at night

natural rustic Scandi style Christmas tree at night

Our Christmas mantel also has a sweet little string of Scandi style houses that light up. I had a bunch of fairy lights, but they were all a blue-toned LED and I found I couldn’t tolerate them this year. Next year I’ll be looking for some warm and cozy fairy Christmas lights to add to our holiday decor. But for this year, all we need are some cozy candles to light up our space. We also usually have a painting projected on our frame TV but I just couldn’t manage to get the lighting right on that one…

a mantel decorated for Christmas lit up by candlelight

a light string of little Scandi style houses on a Christmas mantel

cozy wooden stockings with fur pom poms and Scandi style house lights

rustic metal bells on twine

glowing candles light up a coffee table at Christmas

We have five glowing Christmas trees lit up and decorated for the season this year; two in the dining room, one in the living room, one in the foyer, one if my office, and this one in our bedroom.

We didn’t have a bedroom tree last year while we were living in the cabin, and I’ve really loved the cozy Christmas tree at night in our room this season. I love having it glow while I read my kindle at night before I go to sleep. I shared our Christmas bedroom decor in this post. 

a glowing Christmas tree in a primary bedroom

Christmas tree lights in a primary bedroom

a glowing Christmas tree lights at night tour in a primary bedroom

a Christmas tree decorated with green glass balls and glass pine cone ornaments

teal and white ornaments on a Christmas tree

The final Christmas tree that is glowing in our home each night is the one I decorated in my office. It was such a fun tree to add to our space, because I got to go a little crazy and add lots of pink to my usual blues and greens. I also really wanted a tree glowing out through our front window for those who drive by to enjoy during these long December nights.

pink and blue ornaments on a flocked Christmas tree in a home office

a glowing flocked Christmas tree in front of a window in a home office

Christmas tree at night with blue and pink ornaments

Christmas tree at night with pink ornaments

Christmas tree at night with blue and pink ornaments

Next up on today’s tour is the most beautiful, all is calm and bright home tour! Pop over to take in all the goodness at Julie Blanner’s beautiful home.

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beautiful Christmas home lit up at night

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