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4F Craftin’: A Picture Frame Twine Wreath

I will show you how I made this picture frame twine wreath.

Is that a wreath? Is that a picture frame? No…. it’s SUPERMAN!  No, it’s a Picture-Frame-Twine-Wreath!

Back door after with the twine wreath.

Once upon a day, the laundry room door chalk paint project was completed, and I had an interesting internal conversation that went something like this:

Krista1: “I love this door! What a great place to write myself little reminders”.

Krista2: “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a little frame on the door to write inside of?”

Krista1:”But I am going to hang a wreath on the inside of the door. A yarn wreath.”

Krista2: “I’ve got it! Craft up a SQUARE yarn wreath made from a picture-frame!”


So to answer any previous inquiries, that is exactly what is hanging on the inside of our DIY Chalk Paint laundry room door. It is a wreath. AND. It is a frame. It is a wreath made out of a picture frame. Crazy, I know.

This project is definitely a 4F Craft. It was very Fast, it was Frugal (I even owned all the supplies already), it Functions as a place to write messages inside and, of course, (I think) it is Fab.

Here is what you need to get started:

4F Craftin Picture Frame Wreath Materials used

– picture frame in the size of your choice (I chose 8X10 because I had it but you could go larger)

– yarn or twine (I started with yarn and switched midway to twine

– tape or glue gun to initially secure the yarn/twine to the frame

– little embellishments of your choice (I used laundry themed ones that I had on hand)

– ribbon to hang it with

Craftin’ Steps:

DIY picture frame twine wreath basic steps.

  1.  Take the glass and backing out of your picture frame. If your frame has little metal thingys (technical word) to hold the glass/backing in then you may wish to remove them. Or not. Your choice, mine didn’t have any.
  2. Attach the yarn/twine (I started with yarn and then later switched to twine when I wasn’t happy with the look)… anyhow attach your yarn to the frame using tape or glue gun.
  3. Start wrapping the yarn around and around keeping it nice and next to the last piece so that your picture frame doesn’t show through.
  4. Wrap some more, and more, and more. You will likely get a sore arm. But a small frame doesn’t take that long.

Those Tricky Corners! Drat!

DIY picture frame twine wreath corner closeup.

The trickiest spot is around the corners. You will need to have thicker corners on the frame where the yarn/twine overlaps on the interior corner in order to spread out on the exterior corner. I used a little glue gun glue on the outside corners to help hold the twine in place properly.

A Good ol’ Switcheroo: You can see that by this point I had switched to twine. My yarn wasn’t giving me a chunky-monkey enough feel. Needed to be a little thicker and heavier so I made the switch part way to some basic jute twine I had on hand.


Next: Secure Some Ribbon and Add Embellishments!

DIY picture frame twine wreath adding detail

  1.   Choose a ribbon. Make sure it is long enough to hang appropriately on the door. Secure it together at the back using a glue gun.
  2. Ensure that your ribbon is centered on the wreath-frame before securing the ribbon together TIGHTLY with the glue gun.
  3. Add embellishments of your choice. I used laundry themed clothespins and buttons because it is going to hang in our laundry room, but I think it could look fabulous with a huge variety of other decorative things… flowers, bunting etc.

Now Hang and Enjoy!

The wreath hanging on the door.


And a few close-ups:

The twine wreath on the turquoise door.

I have frame-wreath love. I have always used pool noodles to make my yarn/twine wreaths before… but think I may be onto something new. I am going to hit up some second hand stores for old frames that are bigger and chunkier. If it works out, I’ll share their results.

And you, share yours!  If you make a frame wreath, post a link or picture in the comments below. I would LOVE to see your creation!

Please feel free to say hello if you drop by – I love comments and will reply to each one:)   And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!








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