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Decorating: Welcome Spring On Our FAUX Fireplace Mantel

I love decorating for spring even though I don’t have a fireplace mantel I still was able to be creative with the space I have!

Are you ready for spring? I certainly know that I am! The last several days I have been seeing all kinds of springy spring stuff on pinterest and the blogosphere even if there have been few signs of spring outdoors as of yet. I must say that with Spring Break beginning here tomorrow I am ready to get me some spring if you know what I mean (read: I would like some warmer sunnier weather and the beauty of new growth in the world).

Spring Decor

Unfortunately the main place I seem to see seasonal décor is on peoples’ fireplace mantels. This doesn’t work for me. We only have a modern day fireplace (also known as a television). Yes, I wish it were a REAL fireplace with a big gorgeous mantel to decorate but that is not currently in our budget (and ranks much lower on the list then a kitchen with a working dishwasher and without peeling cabinets. Therefore, it is unlikely I will have a fireplace mantel to decorate seasonally for a good long while.

So what the heck is a gal to do if she doesn’t have a fireplace or a mantel??? Get creative of course! As such, I am forced to use my TV Armoire as a faux “mantel” of sorts, changing it out seasonally. Today I had some time so I crafted up some new springy additions to the “mantel”. And here is how the Faux “Mantel” turned out:

Spring faux mantel decor.


And in keeping with the FAUX theme of the “mantel” I used only FAUX decorative items:

  • dollar store painted birdhouses (faux – these babies will not actually house any birds)
  • antiqued newel posts from my favourite local store, Beckonings Upcycled Home Furnishings and Décor (faux, they don’t actually support anything)
  • a big ol’ jug of forsythia branches and a little greenery-ball-topiary (both faux)
  • a wee white bunny that I spray painted the tacky paint job off of (faux – no bunnies harmed in the making of this faux spring mantel)
  • a little birdy 3-D art that I crafted together with some fabric I had and some dollar store faux birds (I promise I didn’t harm any birds either)

And now for a few little close-up shots… here is the left side of the springy faux “mantel”:

A small birdcage, small white bunny and yellow flowers.

The middle of the springy faux “mantel” (I’ll post more details soon about how I crafted up this little birdie picture):

There is a framed picture of birds.

The right side of the springy faux “mantel”:

Blue and yellow bird feeders.


And here are the buntings I whipped up out of something shocking (No, not that! Napkins!). Crazy eh?? I’ll post a tutorial about how to make this really soon.

There is a spring banner strung across the sideboard.

I LOVE our springy faux mantel. I think that spring might be one of my favorite times to decorate… I love the colours so much and I think it always packs so much hope for longer brighter fun days to come.

Spring faux mantel collage.The fact that I LOVE decorating for spring in bright colors so much may explain why the springy craft fest and décor kind of started to spill over into the dining room too… I will be back really soon with some more details about the changes in there. But for now, I arranged a private sneak preview just for you (sorry, no popcorn available at this showing).

Coming soon springy dining room at the happy housie.So come back soon for a more info on the dining room springy changes and décor. Have you been doing any spring decorating you would like to share? How do you bring spring into your home?

Please feel free to say hello if you drop by – I love comments and will reply to each one:)   And remember, my housie friends, HOME wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!

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