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The Dining Room Project Begins…

I have been working on a new dining room project, and cannot wait to share it with you!

Hello everyone! On my recent summer house tour I made some comments about changes to our dining room that are on the horizon… I am hoping that over the summer I can start to pull some things together and give it a slightly new look. I saw a photo recently on House of Turqouise that caused me to gasp aloud…A turquoise wooden table and a an area rug multi coloured.

 House of Turqouise Via

I love the fresh crisp colourful look of it all. The bright distressed table, the multicoloured mismatched chairs, the plate display wall…it sort of reminds me of the Boho Chic take on our Entry Hall…Not sure that I can pull off this look exactly since there is already a lot going on in the dining room with the gallery wall and several pieces of furniture… remember what it looks like right now?

A long wooden bench and a wooden table in the dining room.

I want to change up a few things and have been working at gathering together some inspiration…

Dining room inspiration collage poster.

See the pictures below for all sources and links to these inspiring images.

The black table and chairs are feeling pretty heavy and dark, especially with all the wood tones in the room.

I am definitely going to switch out some of the chairs. I have some Windsor style chairs in the basement that I want to freshen up with some DIY chalk paint. I love the look of bright chairs, like in my inspiration picture and like these…

A long dining room table with blue chairs and a dog beside them.


But I think that I will probably go with white chairs. If we had white walls (imagine all white plank wood walls in there… ahhhhh)…

A white table with a chandelier over top of it. There are mint green chairs.


Then I could go with coloured chairs, but with our darker walls I think that white painted chairs will give the most crisp fresh look to the room.

A white dining room table and chairs.


I would also love to add some wicker chairs to the ends of the table, but my husband is not totally on board with wicker. I love either of these options (picture is the link):

A rattan chair.A wicker chair.










I think that the wicker would give a warm rustic feel, like this room:

A wooden table with wicker chairs.


I would also like to paint the little china cabinet in the corner (white) but think I will leave the pew in the natural wood. What do you think? Would you paint the pew? I love this look…

A wooden bench painted blue in the dining room.

I need a mini-office spot somewhere in the house and the dining room seems like a good spot for it… right in the center of all the action:) I have a little desk that my parents gave me for free… I am going to freshen it up with some (surprise!) DIY chalk paint… and then I think I might add a shutter to the wall behind it for some display space.

A small white desk with blue accents.


We also have a large blank wall that needs something. I have a few new ideas, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to build a faux mantel so that I have the perfect little spot for seasonal décor. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

A white fireplace with frames overtop of it.


Hmmm…I really want to incorporate a fun plate display wall somewhere as well, but I think I am running out of room!

There is a gallery wall made up of ceramic plates.


I did find some plates at a recent trip to Coombs Country Market that, mixed with my green Mexican Pottery, might become the colour inspiration for the room. What do you think?


A close up of the ceramic plates on the wall.


So… all in all, several more projects to work through!! What do you think of my ideas and inspiration so far??

OH! And today, I am over at twelveOeight  as a contributor sharing a little DIY sign tutorial. You probably noticed this hanging on our wall if you have taken recent summer house tour

Reclaimed wood sign finished hanging at thehappyhousie

If you want to know how I made it, hop over and visit twelveOeight today for the full tutorial!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer – we finally have some fabulous weather come our way and the boys and I can’t wait to get outside to enjoy it!!

Thanks for reading! And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!


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    1. Hi Maureen, I bought it from a local “country market” that sells all kinds of imported goods. You may be able to source something similar at World Imports (having never been there) or Pier One?? Best of luck!!

  1. I loved the inspiration pics you have shared with us. Specially the one in which the dining room had different chairs. I loved the concept of having different type of chairs at one table.

  2. Love all of your inspiration. I will be featuring this tonight at my Sizzle into Summer party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Roeshel! It may take us a while to get there. The chairs will be the easiest part… but the mantel is what I am most excited about. Can’t wait to have a mantel (even if it is faux) to decorate!

    1. Hi Nancy! I was thinking of waiting til fall for a faux mantel but the more I think about it the less I want to wait!! Might have to start with a faux mantel “shelf”…

    1. Thanks Marty! I look forward to some fresh changes in the dining room… now that I have posted about it maybe it will motivate me to get moving a little more quickly:)

    1. I am such a colour girl too Carol!! That picture spoke to me… don’t think I will have a blue table but I just love to overall freshness of it!

  3. The first photo came up on my bloglovin feed and I thought that was your dining room! That is totally you, and actually, yours will probably be better! 😉 I can’t wait to see what you decide with everything. I am in the process (for the last 2.5 years) of making an eclectic plate wall for our dining room. You may finish before me! lol.

    1. Hi Kelly!
      I have been collecting plates for a while too.. haven’t gotten anything hung yet so I don’t know about finishing before you:) But I would love to incorporate it somewhere in the dining room… Lots of little jobs ahead to pull this space together!

  4. OK Krista, I am in love with your first inspiration picture; I love everything about it and now I want it too 🙂 I’m sure that you will prepare your dining room very nice 🙂 & I can’t wait to see what and how !!! 🙂 your house for sure will be even more happy now! 🙂
    just visited your new post over at twelveoeight and I love it very much, you did a beautiful job Krista! & Congrats on being a contributor to twelveoeight too! 🙂 I know you will bring great ideas and posts for us to read

    1. Hi Courtney!
      I will have to check out your mantel.. is it posted? I think that might be a fall project… but I think it would look fab!

    1. Hi Ella! It is not a valuable antique, a bit rough… but I think I will probably still keep the wood. I agree, some more cushions always help!

  5. love all the inspiration pics! I’ve got a new kitchen table coming as soon as DH finishes making it, and I’m leaning toward mismatched painted chairs–probably in a similar color to those aqua ones you have posted….but I think white will look great in your room! excited to see it come together 🙂

    1. Hi Gretchen!
      That sounds incredible… a handmade table and mismatched aqua chairs!! Ooooh, I am so envious – it will look so adorable!! I am sooo over the matchy-match black set but need to work with it somewhat because it was a big piece. Hmm… you’ve got me thinking!!

  6. I’d leave the pew natural–especially as you like the warm rustic feel. I wonder if the legs of that table you have aren’t contributing to he “heavy” feel of the piece? Love your plates. Beautiful. Whatever you do, Krista, it will be great. You have such a good eye and a wonderful talent for bringing it all together. Looking forward to seeing the process unfold.

    1. Hi Alana! The legs of the table are absolutely the problem. The tall black chairs definitely contribute but the table legs are the main culprit. I would love to paint the whole thing (or at least all the black) but am nervous because it is actually one of the few “nice” pieces of furniture that we own. It is a made-in-Canada piece that was fairly expensive even though we got it on complete, bottom of the line, clearance. So…. white is very neutral and would look good on the base too, I bet. Hmmm… since I read your comment I am really thinking that the base needs to be white too!! Thanks so much for your super sweet comments by the way!!

  7. I hope you can convince hubby re wicker chairs but white painted chairs are cute too! I would leave the pew alone and just have bright cushions. Love the plates – I love plates on walls too. I guess with paint, it’s so easy to repaint if something doesn’t suit, or if you do feel like being bold to give it a go! I too need to set up a little study nook for myself in the dining room – love the picture you featured – can’t wait to see what you do. Looking forward to your reveals!!! 😀

    1. Hi Petra! I think the four main chairs will be white and then I hope to get end chairs in wicker… I think that would give a nice balance of fresh white and warmth. You make a good point about paint – I could always try one in a colour and one chair in white and see what looks better, since it is “only” paint!! The study nook is a necessity I think!!

  8. I think the name of your blog describes you to a “T.” I do enjoy seeing what you do with your home because it inspires the rest of us to become creative and pursue our own look 🙂 Blessings, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny!! Yay! That is my whole purpose in this blog. I have always loved projects, decorating etc. and have had many friends ask for some help or ideas. I feel blessed that this is my passion and my whole goal has been to share about what I love. I hoped that other people would find some inspiration and ideas for simple things they could do to love their own homes a little more (without spending a ton of money!). I am so thankful that you made that comment because it makes me feel like I am realizing that purpose in some way:)

    1. Thanks Anne! I want to make it flow a little better since they are directly adjoined… really just one long room. Right now the dining room definitely feels much darker and heavier then the living room does:) Thanks for your visit!

  9. I love, love that first “inspiration” photo. I pinned that one too. So fun!

    I agree on keeping the pew wood tone…for what it’s worth. I’m not a decorator. I think that little cabinet would be super-cute in a color. Can’t wait to see what you do. I already know it will be amazing.


    1. Hi! It seems the consensus on the internet and at home has generally been to keep it wood… maybe a few more cushions are needed:) Thanks for you awesome comments!!

  10. Krista, I cannot wait to see what you do with your dining room. I absolutely LOVE the first inspiration photo – the colors are beautiful. I need to do some major changes around my house and am definitely keep on eye on you for some direction! 🙂 Have a happy 4th!

    1. Hi Cindy!
      I love that first photo too… but I think I would need to paint my walls, paint my table, and my chairs! Hmmmm… was thinking that might be a bit too much but you never know I guess:) A plan is just that… a direction to go in, but things will certainly change along the way! Hope you have a fabulous July 4th holiday today!

  11. Krista I cannot wait to see what you come up with for your dining room, all of the inspiration you have put together is lovely 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  12. Love the ideas you have on here! I just started my dining room project and this gives me a great visual for the results I had in mind. I had originally thought to paint my table a bright aqua (like the one by your front door) and leave the mismatched chairs white, but now I am reconsidering a white table with pale aqua chairs 🙂

    1. Hi Emily!
      Ooooh, a white table with pale aqua chairs sounds lovely! While I love the bright entry table I know that I would get tired of it after a while if my dining table were that bright… I think I prefer it in an accent colour. You could always do pale aqua chairs on the sides with two bright chairs on the ends… that way it is less of a commitment to paint two chairs if you get tired of it. Hey… maybe I will try that if the wicker doesn’t work out!

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