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Project BLUE: A DIY Cloche from a Dollar Store Hurricane Lantern

I can’t wait to share this BLUE project with you today – can you believe that you can turn a dollar store hurricane lantern into a CLOCHE?!? You can! I did! And I can’t wait to show you how to do it yourself… because really, who doesn’t need a cloche?!?DIY Cloche from Dollar Store Hurrican Lantern at thehappyhousie


I am seriously crushing on this project. I almost can’t get over my adoration. Three bucks people. Three. Bucks. Seriously. Three. That is what this baby cost me at the Dollarama. I have been mooooooning over cloches for ages. But was also stressing about the typical $30 PLUS price tags I kept seeing on them.

Then I found these hurricane lanterns at the local Dollarama.


My superbly creative friend and neighbour had bought one too. She had taken it apart to paint the base. When we looked at her pieces all separated it was like a sudden vision appeared. CLOCHE!

In addition to the dollar store hurricane lantern, I picked up a dollar store plate, and had on hand a spare cabinet knob,  some Weldbond glue and my now-majorly-overused-favourite-colour Bahama Sea spray paint.

First, I took the hurricane lantern apart by taking the tags off the bottom to reveal the nut holding it together (no, I am not referring to myself).


Here is the part where I show you the original tag: Check out that MSRP!


I tore that tag off to reveal that this was a Better Homes and Gardens product… seemingly leftover from Walmart and then sold to dollar stores. Originally $30! Woot woot!!


Okay, so I might have a thing about getting a deal. Anyhoo… back to the project.

Take ‘er apart….


Glue the cabinet knob onto the glass dome and glue the plate onto the base. Weight the plate down while all that gluey-glue sets and dries. I somehow missed a photo of this key step. Sorry. But I think you probably get it.

Now tape up the glass (I taped a cloth around it) so as to avoid painting it… then move your objects to a safe spray-paint environment, and spray away. I did about three coats with an extra bit on the bottom.




Fill it with whatever you like and enjoy…

make a cloche from a dollar store hurricane lantern blue project for get your fall diy on at thehappyhousie

I used it as part of a little entry hall Fall vignette…

DIY blue cloche made from dollar store hurricane lantern fall vignette on entry table at thehappyhousie


make a DIY cloche from a dollar store hurricane lantern at thehappyhousie


DIY blue cloche fall entry hall display at thehappyhousie


I also tried her out in our currently-under-construction family craft room…

DIY blue cloche as craft yarn storage in craft room at thehappyhousie

This gorgeous BLUE gal is my Blue Project for the first week of our Fall DIY Challenge…

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And remember to come back on Sunday at 4pm PST and share your favourite BLUE project – new or old, we want to see what you have created!!

Thanks for reading! And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.


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    1. Thank you Lori- I was glad the thought came to me because now I have a cloche for a fraction of an MSRP!! Thanks for your visit and comments and for hosting!

    1. They do sometimes have great little items at the dollorama. For a while they even had adorable mini crates but they seem to have gone out of those, darn it. Thanks so much for cohosting your super fun party!!

  1. Super duper cute, Krista! I would say that I would run out and grab one at the dollar store, but my dollar store never has anything this good! I will, however, check the local thrift stores…I may score there! I’m on the hunt now! 😉 PS- I totally get your Bahama Sea obsession~ I’m red girl myself, and can never get enough of it!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I need to get right to the store and get going on this project. Imagine if you had them in different sizes! You can use them for so many cute seasonal displays! I too have been looking longingly at cloches and wishing they weren’t so expensive.
    You my friend…are a genius. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  3. Wow, looks fantastic! and to think of all of these ‘lone’ hurricanes that I’ve passed up because they didn’t have a matching one. Plus I didn’t know they could even be taken apart like that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can you imagine the horror the people who bought one of these for MSRP before they were liquidated feel now? Haha. I do wish we had dollaramas here. I wonder if dollar tree big deals is similar. I’ll have to report on that.

    Fantastic cloche tutorial! It’s the best one I’ve seen by far!

  5. I have to ask you before I forget, where did you get the burlap ribbon with birds/branches printed on it or did you print the bird/branches? I love that, would be so perfect since I have a” few bird things”, lol.
    Love your cloche and so great you also got a stand for it or whatever else you want to use it on. I have a cloche just like that slightly tinted blue, got it at goodwill for $1. I found a little round glass thingy , (like a tiny ash tray) glued that on top of cloche, then a pretty glass knob I got from Hobby Lobby. It’s not too big and not too small. I have a big one I got for 1/2 off at HL but sometimes it’s just too big. It was $37.50 that I got for $17.25, gotta love that price. I have another cloche I made with a lamp part and put a HL knob on that one. Think the glass lamp part cost me 50cents, yeahoo. I can hardly wait to use all 3 cloches for holidays.
    I saw above you bought 2 more of those, they’d look really pretty lined up with fall foliage, etc. or holiday foliage, pine cones, I love things I can use for several purposes. Your foyer table looks so pretty. I’ll look forward to seeing how your use your cloche in the future. Happy weekend

  6. Awesome Dollarama Score!! And I love how you turned it into something even more awesome! (you could do this in red or green too – any colour to fit your own decor) I am happy your blog is finally loading properly again! Woo hoo – I’ve missed so many posts!

  7. I love your cloche, it is so pretty. You did a wonderful job. Very creative! Love that blue. I guess there isn’t a dollarama by me. I’ve never heard of them. Love the pretty foot stool and wall art. All very nice projects. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Well done Krista! You have such great originality when it comes to transforming everyday objects into objets d’art. I love the cloche ….especially in your autumnal vignette.

  9. I am so in love with this post, it’s not even funny. I have been looking for something to make into a cloche for this particular object I want to display because as you said – cloches are so darn pricey! I have a Dollarama in my neighborhood. I hope I can find this same item there! ~M.


  10. Another reason I MUST figure out where the dollar store is! I also talked myself out of going to an estate sale yesterday. I must stop doing that as well.

  11. I LOVE IT!! i will be stopping in at the local thrift today while grocery shopping and i will definitely be looking for something like this. what kind of glue???

    1. Hi Melissa! I used Weldbond (you can see the tiny bottle in one of the pictures) but any construction strength adhesive like gorilla glue or E600 (is that what it is called??) would likely work. Just read the instructions to see if it glues wood, glass, ceramic, metal… and give it a good amount of time to dry. I left mine overnight. Thanks for your visit and comments!!

  12. WOW! I love the transformation and can’t believe it’s from Dollarama! it’s very pretty Krista, I love it & you know I am loving that blue too! 🙂
    your Fall vignette looks wonderful as well! 😉

    1. Thank you Ingrid!! I think I need to do one in white… in case I ever don’t want blue in my display… oh, but wait -when would that ever be?? I love blue! lol. Getting into fall mode around here – went back to school this week! Hope you are doing well Ingrid!!

    1. I hope they have them for you Cheryl! I know they sometimes go out of things – ours used to have these adorable little crates and they don’t seem to carry them anymore… I wish I could still find them! Best of luck – and have a great week!!

  13. Ooooh, I think I’m the first to comment today!!! Well done – it looks very pretty – and think of all the different things you could put in it! 😀

    1. I know Petra – I will let you in on a secret. I bought two more of these guys – and am making at least one into another cloche (maybe in white this time so I have a neutral one)…. is three excessive?? lol

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