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Easy Weekend DIY Shiplap Wall Paneling Installation

Today I’m sharing all the details on how we quickly and easily transformed our son’s bedroom over the course of a weekend using Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap.

Hello, friends!

It was only a couple of months ago that I shared our youngest son, Finn’s, bedroom transformation with you and I have to say that we are still absolutely LOVING his room. He is still over-the-moon about all of the finishes and accessories we chose for it, but possibly our very favourite change to this space is the addition of the shiplap wall treatment!

I was super thrilled to partner with Metrie to try out this new product; it is a complete all-in-one shiplap that comes pre-painted and ready to go. We tackled the installation in ONE full day, and then spent some time on a second day filling and caulking to create the beautiful finished look that you may remember from his bedroom reveal…

Metrie has an awesome DIY Video to help you with the process (watch it here). But I’ve also got some tips to share with you to show you how quick and easy Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap is to install.

We started out with a plain white bedroom…

We began by finding and marking the wall where the studs are located so that we had a guide when nailing in the pieces of shiplap…

Then we simply started at the bottom, cutting the shiplap to length and nailing it in with our nail gun where the studs are located…

Notching out as needed around things like plugs, light switches, and door or window trim…

The first rows went in very quickly, and we weren’t concerned if the boards were exactly the same length because we knew we would be caulking the whole thing after using Metrie Complete Caulking. We also finished it off by filling all the nail holes with the Metrie Complete Wax Stick.

It went so quickly and was so satisfying to see it go up!

I just love the interest and character it added to his tiny box of a bedroom. It completely elevates the space and gives it a custom, modern, and fresh feel that works perfectly with the coastal / beachy theme of his bedroom.


If you want to tackle this simple weekend DIY yourself, then check out Metrie’s awesome DIY video here!

The process really is so quick and easy and the finished product is so beautiful! I truly can’t wait to install this product somewhere else in our home. I’m thinking perhaps our main guest bedroom may be our next room makeover!

Head over here to read more about Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap and see where you can find it.





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  1. This shiplap looks awesome! I’m going to look into this. It adds so much character to a room. We have plans to add some to our kitchen and living room. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

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