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Modern Boho Farmhouse Dining Room Before & After Makeover Reveal & Source Guide

Today I’m sharing our modern boho farmhouse style dining room before and after makeover reveal including a source guide for creating a similar look in your home.  

It is absolutely amazing the difference that walls make; or rather perhaps I should say the difference that a lack of a wall can make.  I knew, when we first looked at our house, that we would want to remove the wall between the kitchen and what was then a TV room, when we renovated the kitchen, and turn the previous owner’s TV watching space into an adjoining dining room.   What I didn’t realize is just HOW big of a difference it would make.

The light! So. much. more. light.

I mean, of course we lightened things up overall with soft white paint, light floors, stunning white countertops and glossy beveled subway tile, but the light in this room now compared to before is shocking.  If you haven’t seen the full before and after reveal of the main part of the kitchen, head over here to see what I’m talking about.  Since walls were being removed in this project, the dining room has become part of one long open space right next to the kitchen.  Some people might prefer a more formal layout, with walls all around their dining room, but I love the open feel of this inviting space.

After sharing glimpses of this space in my Thanksgiving tablescape post last week, as well as in our main kitchen reveal, I’ve had tons of readers asking me for the sources for nearly everything in our dining room.  So today I’m sharing the before & after pics of our dining room as well as a “get the look” kind of source guide for you with similar finds to the ones I used.

Modern Boho Farmhouse Dining Room Before & After Reveal With Source Guide graphic.

When we first moved in, the previous owners used what is now our dining room as a TV room.  We kept the double french doors but switched the way that they open so that the door you see on the right in this picture is now the door that opens.  The wall to the right side (where the TV sits) is the wall that was removed.

Yellow walls and outdated furniture in dining room.

The layout changes we made are below…

A diagram of the layout of the room.

And during construction, we ended up having the re-drywall the whole kitchen area but were able to keep the drywall and the wood flooring running through the dining room area.

Taking down a wall to open up the dining room space.

A shop vac cleaning up the dust in the room.

Here is how that same space looks now, after our months of renovations…

The after shot of the dining room with a wooden table and soft padded chairs.

There is a large floral painting behind the table.

One of my personal favourites is the oversized light fixture.  I love the drama of it, but yet it’s light and bright because of the white shade.  And the inside is such a pretty gold colour that it creates a beautiful glow over the table when it’s on.  With only three bulbs, it’s not super bright but it’s perfect for a statement dining room light.

The light which is large and white and gold.

Park Harbor Aged Brass 3 Light 24″ Wide Pendant from build.com

The pendant light hanging above the table.

I can’t count how many people have asked about our wooden dining room table! I actually found it at HomeSense before we had even moved into this house.  Since HomeSense is a one-off kind of store where you never know exactly what you are going to find, I’ve gathered some similar style tables for you to “get the look”.

A wooden bench is underneath the painting in the room.

I’ve also had several emails and messages asking about the rugs in our dining room.  I layered a colourful, vintage style rug over top of a sisal rug to get this look.

And, another of my favourite things, our new wishbone dining chairs! I love the styling of them, and they are offset nicely by the upholstered modern boho end chairs that I also found at HomeSense.  I’ve gathered similar sources to get this look…

Two wooden chairs are at the white kitchen island.

I’ve also had readers asking about the art work in this space… once again, it is from HomeSense! It is a large piece, about 40×60.  I gathered some similar oversized floral artwork for you below, so you can get a similar look.  You don’t have to go all blue and green, like I’ve done.  I think it would look equally smashing with splashes of pink or orange.  I would just select a piece that has similar colours in it to the vintage styled rug you chose.

And, the fig tree! I found this one at, you guessed it, HomeSense.  But they are also readily available online.  I plunked mine in a big round woven basket to give the base better presence and add texture.

A small rug is underneath the dining room table.

There you have it! Our dining room sources, or at least close to them, so you can achieve a similar boho farmhouse style feel in your dining space.  I hope you found something that will work for you!

Head over here to see the main kitchen reveal…

There are plates and cutlery on the table.

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Modern Boho Farmhouse Dining Room Sources poster.

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  1. So sorry for this but I can’t seem to find the pages where the sources are listed. When I click on one of the mini pictures (ie: the rug) under the big picture of the room… it only goes to Pinterest. Not sure what I’m doing wrong? (I’m interested in your rug source)

    1. Hi Emie – it was my “pin it” button that was causing this – I think I have fixed it now! Sorry about that:)

      1. It’s taking me to Pintrest too. 4:45pm on 10/25/19. Will keep trying incase it’s my device.

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