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Today I’m sharing my experience in partnering with build.com on our Delta Trinsic kitchen faucets, Amerock Cabinet Hardware, and Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting, all in gold and brass finishes.  . 

A lot of decisions go into designing a kitchen renovation.

Cabinetry, countertops, appliances, flooring,  lighting, backsplash, hardware, and of course, faucets.  In addition to designing how the space will actually function; choosing everything so that it will flow together beautifully can be a big challenge.  And truthfully, all these bits and pieces add up to be a larger part of your kitchen renovation budget than you would think!  Finding an affordable source for the finishing touches like the faucets, hardware, and lighting can really help you to keep your kitchen budget on-track.

Despite the fact that gold is such an “on-trend” colour right now, I found that there were very limited choices in gold lighting, hardware, and faucets available through my local big box hardware retailers.  I was thankful to find a ton of gold and natural brass options available through build.com.  They had a large selection of plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and lighting that was all available in brass or gold, and it was easy to search for by filtering by metal finish, so I didn’t have to scroll through hundreds of not-applicable options.

Another issue with choosing warm metal tones is that they come in so many different names these days! Gold, Champagne Gold, Brass, Natural Brass, Bronze etc. etc.  Which finishes go together and which ones don’t?!  The customer service through build.com was awesome, as they were able to clarify for  me the way that the different colours (names) of gold/brass/bronze finishes compare to each other.  They have customer service available by phone, email, or (my favourite) chat 7 days a week to help with little questions like this.

Despite all these issues with choosing gold/brass, I’m really glad I stuck with my gut and went with gold. I think the soft gold/bronze finishing touches create a modern and high-end feeling and allowed us to achieve the look and feel we wanted in our recent kitchen renovation.  We ordered our both of our kitchen faucets, all of the cabinet hardware, and all of our kitchen lighting from build.com and I couldn’t be happier with both the products themselves as well as with how they work in our finished kitchen space.

Beautiful Kitchen Finishes graphic.

Our Delta Trinsic Faucets…

I LOVE our Delta Trinsic kitchen faucets.  The main sink features the Delta Trinsic Pull Down Faucet with a magnetic docking spray head in the “champagne bronze” finish.  I absolutely adore the style and the finish, but the function of it is even more amazing than I anticipated! It pulls out really easily and smoothly and slides right back in.  I have not liked the “pull out” feature on previous faucets that I’ve owned as they felt really clunky and rarely docked back into place smoothly, but it’s a completely different story with this faucet.

Brass details in the kitchen.

Up close shot of the brass kitchen faucet.

Not only does it pull out and dock smoothly and easily, but my favourite feature is that it’s TOUCH!

“Touch” means that you can turn it on and off by a quick touch on the actual rounded part of the faucet itself (not just the side handle piece).  It is connected to a little battery pack down inside your sink cabinet (or hardwired if you plan ahead for that in your electrical plan) and that is what operates the touch mechanism on it.

My sister-in-law had a touch faucet installed when they redid their kitchen and I was always a bit skeptical about them, but I tell you that after living with it, I am a convert!  I had no idea how much I would LOVE the touch feature and, now, I’d never go back!  It makes it so easy to clean up messy hands while you are doing food prep and cooking without getting your faucet handle all yucky, and it works much more smoothly than I imagine it would.  Like, it’s instant!

The faucet with the water running.

A boy in his soccer outfit washing his hands at the sink.

Now that I’m such a “touch” convert, I keep trying to use touch on the other (bar faucet) in our kitchen, and also keep trying to use “touch” at work and at my friend’s house.  It’s already becoming an ingrained habit!

Stainers with strawberries and blueberries in them beside the sink.

We love the miniature version of our main faucet over at the bar sink: the Delta Trinsic single handle bar faucet with a swivel spout. The lines are so simple and pretty (in fact, we even chose Delta Trinsic bathroom faucets in this bathroom renovation).

A small sink with a brass faucet and a bottle of wine beside it.

Gold/Bronze Lighting:

The champagne gold that we chose for both of the Delta Trinisic faucets works beautifully with all of the lighting that we ordered from build.com which is actually in a Natural Brass Finish.  It can be tricky to select gold/brass finishes when they come in so many different names, but I “champagne gold” and “natural brass” both have a softer, rubbed feel rather than being a glossy gold so I felt that the subtlety of the metal finish would coordinate well together.

We chose three Bellevue 8″ Wide Mini Pendant Single Lights in a natural brass finish, along with two Bellevue 18″ tall wall sconces in the same finish and style. The size and overall light and airy feel is perfect in this kitchen because of the large cooktop vent fan in the centre of the island; anything much heavier would make the space feel closed in and cluttered when coupled with the fan.

There are brass pulls on the kitchen cupboards.

Wooden chairs are at the kitchen island with gold fixtures.

These fixtures coordinates perfectly with the Bellevue Natural Brass Single Light 11″ Wide Pendant that we installed overtop of the tulip table in the banquette eating area…. I love this design and would have loved to  have used it over the island but knew it would be too solid and heavy there when combined with the hood vent fan.

Brass light fixture hanging above a small table in the kitchen.

We also chose a light for the dining room with a touch of gold.  Since it’s directly adjacent to the kitchen with the wall now opened up, it was important that the dining fixture worked well in style and tone to what we chose in the kitchen.  The oversized 24″ wide Park Harbour 3 light pendant that we chose even has gold inside the shade which casts a really pretty, soft glow over the table when it is turned on.  This pendant also provides more direct down lighting due to it’s solid metal design, so it is better over a table than situated on an island where you would want more diffused and overall lighting.

A wooden dining room table with a white and brass light above it.

Gold Hardware:

The gold hardware that we selected was the perfect finishing touch to this space.  I love how the simple square lines of both the pulls and knobs provide have a heavy, quality feel to them.  The Amerock Blackrock Golden Champagne Pulls and Blackrock Knobs are both chunky and substantial in look and feel, giving more presence and adding a little touch of soft bling to the simple grey kitchen cabinetry.   They coordinate beautifully with the tones in both the faucets and the lighting.

A small bar area just off the kitchen.

Brass pulls on the cabinets.

We are so happy to be living in and using our kitchen again, and couldn’t be happier with how it all came out. This is the second kitchen renovation that we have done where we ordered finishes through build.com and I’ll definitely plan to use them again the next time we tackle a major renovation (or perhaps, build from scratch?!).  We simply don’t have access to the kind of modern selection through our local retailers, and build.com is the best all-in-one source for beautiful kitchen finishes that I have found to date.

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  1. Beautiful job! what size are your Amerock champagne long pulls?
    Got White 36” tall cabinets and trying to decide on 5 or 6” in small kitchen.
    Want Square knobs too, from same collection? Thank you!!! D

  2. Beautiful job! what size are your Amerock champagne long pulls?
    Got White 36” tall cabinets and trying to decide on 5 or 6” in small kitchen.
    Want Square knobs too, from same collection? Thank you!!! D

  3. what color white are your dining room walls and the kitchen island? I’m remodeling a bathroom with off white tile and white painted walls. Thanks!

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