Tween Boy Bedroom Makeover Ideas: the Before & Plans

Today I’m sharing the “before” and some plans as part of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge.  In the next four weeks we will refresh our son’s bedroom and I’m drawing inspiration for these tween boy makeover ideas and plans.

Hello friends!  I’m here today to share our first big home styling project of 2020.  I’m really excited that we are finally going to be tackling what is basically the last room on our main floor to be updated since moving in to our new house just over one year ago.  (You can read all about all of the major renovations we did in the past year in this post).  

When I told my youngest son that I was finally going to be giving his bedroom a makeover in January as part of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge, he was literally ecstatic.  He LOVED his old bedroom and I can’t wait to create a room that he loves just as much in our new house.  I’m just sorry that it has taken me this long to get to it!  

Fab Tween Boy's Bedroom Inspiration poster.

As a starting off point, when we first looked at the house, the previous owner’s were using Finn’s bedroom as a small home office… The room before with a small desk and window painted grey.

And we haven’t done a lot to it since, aside from replacing the trim (which still needs to be sanded and painted!) and then adding new white blackout shades to the window as well as a new light fixture to the ceiling.  

Here is how it is looking now (we haven’t even painted!!)…

A bed in the room with a small area rug.

There is a small stuffed panda on the bed.

His one request when we moved (and sold his old bed with the previous house), was that he be allowed to get a double bed for his new room.  We bought this bed frame second hand from my sister and brother-in-law as a temporary measure, and purchased Finn a super comfy new mattress.  He loves his bed, but it takes up a ton of space in his room and is really high so it cuts off a lot of the room.  I hope that we can find (or build) a different bed frame that will make it seem less “huge” in this tiny bedroom space.  

A white dresser and a white side table is beside the bed.

Finn currently has two dressers, one of which we are using as a nightstand, and his whole closet/dressers and storage shelves all need some serious purging and re-organization.  

There are pictures on the walls.

The old gallery wall frames from his previous bedroom are displayed on his wall and we will keep some of the pictures but may re-use some of them elsewhere in the house.  

A chess board is on a side table in the bedroom.

We also need to relocate/replace the fan (he loves the noise of it while he sleeps), and also find a bookcase or bookcases that can better accommodate his books and toys (once we work our way through with a good purge!). 

A bookshelf has all the books and stuffed animals.


Head over here to see how this tween boy adventure bedroom makeover turned out!

Tween boy adventure theme bedroom with hale navy accent wall and live edge headboard.

Tween Boy Adventure Bedroom Makeover Reveal


Finn’s bedroom was one of the last rooms that we tackled in our previous home, as well.  We created a surf style bedroom for him last time around because one of his favourite things in the world is the vacations that we try to take each year to beach locations in places like Mexico or Hawaii.   

The room with a surf poster behind the bed.

Side tables by the bed that say beach stuff.

Via The Happy Housie

But in the last year, since moving, my boys have become super interested in mountain biking and spend a good deal of time biking in the forest trails near our house (as well as constructing various jumps and obstacles to do with their friends when they are out biking).  In addition to biking, Finn loves soccer and golf and of course, like almost any 9 year old boy, he also loves video games when I’ll let him have access.  He also loves Harry Potter and we are working our way through reading the series right now.  With all of these various interests, I’m torn about whether to do something with a bit of a theme, like a mountain bike or sport’s themed bedroom, or whether to keep simple and classic so that it can easily change with him over time as his interests change.

Tween Bedroom Ideas

The following are some examples of tween boy’s bedroom designs that really appealed to me for various reasons, and that I’m drawing some inspiration from when planning Finn’s new bedroom design. 

I love the dark blue walls and the warm wood tones as well as the adventure feel to the gallery wall in this gorgeous boy’s room via Sunny Circle Studio.  I’m just concerned that such a dark colour will make Finn’s tiny room feel even smaller, but perhaps if it’s just a feature wall it would work well.  

A grey and white comforter is on the bed.

I love the hand painted mountain mural in this beautiful boy’s room design via The Decorologist.  I think this would work really well if I go with a bit of a mountain bike and/or adventure feel to his bedroom. 

A mural wall behind a bed in a mountain theme.

I like the dark feature wall in this crisp and classic boy’s bedroom via The DIY Mommy, and the bed and bookcase headboard provide a ton of storage for a small bedroom space.  

A wooden bed with an orange armoire.

And once again, I’m loving the dark feature wall in this cute, slightly boho feeling bedroom via 4 Men 1 Lady.  The vintage touches are super cute; I love the pull down maps and the way the bed looks like it’s been dipped in paint.  

There is a map on the wall and a chalkboard wall beside the bed.

By next week I should have pulled together some clearer plans and will be sharing my final inspiration board soon.  

And as I mentioned, I’ve joined up with a group of super talented decor and design bloggers who are also giving a room in their home a refresh over the next month.  Be sure to pop over to their blogs to see what room they are tackling – direct links to their posts are listed below!

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And thanks to our sponsors for this New Year New Room Refresh Challenge, as well…


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  1. Sounds like a great room is coming. Because of limited space maybe a twin bed with trundle for sleepovers or a small chair that folds out to a bed?

  2. Decorating a child’s room, no matter what age, is so much fun. Your son sounds like mine with the surfing and mountain biking. Have fun implementing all of your great ideas. You asked if anyone was starting a project. I am building a house, for the first time. It is a Southen Living Plan, Sugarberry Cottage. I am excited!


  3. I’m sure he’ll love what you do, but since he likes the noise of the fan when he sleeps, I would try switching from that huge fan to his own personal bedside white noise machine that he can switch out the white noise with various sounds. He could even find one with his love of ocean/surf sounds. Those machines are amazing and take up much less space – and they are usually decor friendly.

  4. I think the way your boy’s room is already looks a ton better than any kid’s room I have ever seen! That is a nice looking bed!
    Most of my friends would kill to have a son whose room looks so tidy!
    I am still working on the declutter challenge from 2 years ago!
    I only got through my closet! This year to tackle the paper work, that seems to be the biggest job! Your tips help!

  5. I love every one of those inspiration spaces you shared. Such cool elements in each one of them. The surf themed version of his room was such a cool design. I can’t wait to see how you make this new space amazing.

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