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Cute & Practical DIY Shoe Storage and Organization

Today I’m sharing some cute and practical DIY shoe storage and boot storage and shoe organization ideas to help you keep your entry or foyer organized.

You know how there is an area in your home, that no matter how many times you tidy it up and organize it, it seems to fall apart before you can blink?

For us, it’s our shoe storage.

Part of the problem, of course, is a lack of consistency in using our current shoe storage solution; we have a couple of deep bookcase style shelves that are housed in the garage. They don’t get used as well as I would like because they are overstuffed and a bit too deep for shoes so things tend to get lost in their depths. All in all it’s a basic organizing solution but not a very practical one and I’m definitely looking to change it up.

Since the mudroom/laundry room and garage entry are such a HOT spot and a SORE spot in our home, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into different types of unique solutions for this area. I’d really love to have something more functional in place before fall and then winter arrive, and the boots and big shoes and coats are all out in full force.

Unique Storage Ideas

So I’ve been researching some different ideas for storing shoes, and today I’ve gathered some cute and practical shoe and boot storage and organizing ideas to share with you…

Cute and practical shoe and boot storage and organization graphic.

Many of these ideas are fabulous small-space solutions and are designed to work well in a busy entry or foyer (not just hidden in a mudroom or garage). I hope you find some fresh inspiration amongst these awesome DIY ideas for shoe storage and organization. For the DIY tutorials, click on the link after the image to be taken to the original post…

A wooden storage container with 3 drawers that open up to be a bin.

Via Ana White

A white with a wooden top bench with shoe storage underneath.

Via Fix This Build That

A multilevel shelf shoe storage in the hallway.

Via Shanty 2 Chic

A wooden faux ladder shoe storage leaning against the wall.

Via Design Sponge

A large cubby hole shoe storage with a chalk board above it.

Via Sincerely Sara d

An opened closet revealing wooden slots for shoes.

Via Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body

A distressed gray cabinet with doors that open revealing storage.

Via Handmade Haven

A multi tiered ladder forming an A with shoes on each tier.

Via A Pair & A Spare

A small rustic rolling tray with boots on it.

Via Magnolia

A tall white shelving unit filled with shoes.

Via Style Me Pretty

A hanging shoe rack with high heels on it.

Via Jenna McArthur

Round plastic bins on the wall with shoes in them.

Via Cookie Loves Milk

Crates on the ground with boots and shoes and bags and scarves hanging on the wall.

Via The Merry Thought

White wall storage container.

Via Lemon Thistle

skateboards attached to the wall with shoes on them.

Via Rachel at Hometalk

A wire rack with high heels on it.

Via Burkatron

Metal shelves by the front door with boots on the shelves.

Via Fresh Crush

Metal piping shelves with shoes on the racks.

Via Instructables

Rolling bins on the floor containing shoes.

I Can Teach My Child

A boot rack by the front door with a graphic print carpet.

Via Cindy at Hometalk

A wooden peg with boots hanging from it upside down.

Via Ana White

Aren’t these such creative ideas? A lot of them are cute enough to look great in a foyer or entry hall, if you don’t have a back door or mudroom to store your shoes in.

I’ve also gathered some affordable ideas, if you don’t want to DIY a solution!


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Super creative DIY shoe storage ideas poster.


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  1. Wow, what a great list of ideas put together. I especially love the steam punkish tray. Kids shoes are taking over our lives. We now use an Ikea dresser for fancy shoes and a stand for the regular shoes. Kids still sometimes throw their shoes on the floor. I must say, all those ideas you put together are really creative.

  2. We are forever corralling runaway shoes in our house. Before, we used an IKEA cubby with “shoe baskets”- 1 per child. Now, we have a built in storage unit but it’s location does not encourage my kids to use it for their shoes. I think any storage solution we use needs to be in a location where the kids spend the bulk of their time.

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