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DIY Fall Acrylic Abstract Landscape Painting

Today I’m sharing a quick way to add fun fall colour to your decor with a DIY fall acrylic abstract landscape painting.

Do you like to paint?! It can be so fun and relaxing, and you don’t have to be an expert to create something you’ll enjoy and can decorate your home with! This simple DIY fall abstract landscape painting adds tons of colour and texture to our fall mantel and took minutes.

This year, as I head back to teaching, I am very excited to have a new position as the fine arts/prep teacher at my elementary school.  After years of being a general classroom teacher, I’m thrilled to be facing this new challenge.  I’ve begun to practice and review what I learned in my University arts courses to help me prepare for this year, and experimenting with different kinds of painting is top of my list.  It can be super easy to create something vibrant and unique with just paint and a canvas, such as this simple DIY fall abstract landscape painting.

I envisioned an abstract representing the lake and the sky as the sun goes down on a clear, crisp fall day…

All you need to experiment with your own abstract landscapes are a canvas, flat brush, and acrylic paints in a selection of colours.  I used graduated colours from dark blue through to turquoise for the water, yellow in the center, and then magenta up to violet for the sunset.

I started with yellow in the middle at the lowest point on the “horizon” where water meets sky…

I then added dots in an ombre of blues from dark through to turquoise, graduating from the bottom of the canvas towards the upper middle/horizon point.  Next, I graduated the ombre down from violet through the magentas to pink from the top towards the upper middle horizon point.

Starting at the bottom, I used my flat brush to blend the colours into one another working my way from darkest blue up to turquoise.

I stopped in the upper middle and washed my brush so that the blues wouldn’t muddy up the yellow.

Next I worked down from the top through towards the center yellow.  I washed my brush again, and then blended the yellow across the canvas, working it up and down and dotting it slightly through the upper and lower sections.  This represents the setting sun reflecting on the water and shining through the colours of the evening sky.


It took literally minutes, and I love the fun pop of colour and texture that it brings in to our fall cabin decor.

I experimented with another design on a different shaped canvas, using a similar method.  I can’t wait to continue working on painting this fall and winter as I learn and try out new techniques with my classes.

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  1. Congratulations on your new position at school. The kids will love doing art with you. I loved seeing the process of how you created this abstract. LOVE the colors!

    1. Thanks Danielle – I’m really excited about it. I wish it weren’t COVID as it definitely puts some limits on things… and fingers crossed it all goes well with our schools going back full-time!

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