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DIY Tiered Jewelry Tray from Dollar Store Finds

Create your own tiered jewelry tray with this tutorial, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to do!

Onward and Upward with the closet organizing kick. The 411 on my progress so far…

Clothes purged – check.

Baskets organized and labeled – check.

Scarf and Hat solution – check.

Jewelry Organized – in progress.

I whipped up this super pretty little DIY Jewelry Tray using only items from the Dollar Store (oh, and some glue and paint from Walmart) to help me out with the jewelry organization. I can’t wait to show you how easy it was!

DIY Jewelry Tray from Dollar Store Finds grahic.

Today I am going to show you how I went from this…to this…

Cake pans and candle stick holders laid out for tutorial.affiliate-links-message

 To make this you will need:

– 2  (dollar store) candle sticks
– a pizza pan, a 9″ pie pan, and an 8″ cake pan (also from the dollar store)
-I had a leftover lamp finial from a thrift store lamp that I added to the top but this isn’t a necessary step
E6000 Craft Glue (I bought mine from Walmart)
Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Craft Paint in colour(s) of your choice – I used Summer Haze and Wedding Cake

I started out with these…


I cleaned them off first using rubbing alcohol (following the instructions on the paint) and let them dry. Then I gave them all a couple of coats of the Summer Haze colour….

Painting the cake pans with Martha Stewart paint.

After the two coats of Summer Haze I ‘dry brushed’ on some of the Wedding Cake color to give it a washed/distressed appearance. To ‘dry brush’ I just wiped off most of the paint on my brush on a piece of scrap paper before lightly brushing it onto the pieces, using strokes in random directions.

See the before (on the left) and after (on the right) below…

Painting the candle stick holders.

Once all the pieces were painted I let it thoroughly dry and then glued them together using my E6000 glue…following the instructions on the package (and measuring to make sure I was centering the candle sticks on the trays). I glued the first candlestick to the pizza tray and the other candle stick to both the pie tray and the cake tray. I let these dry and set up overnight before gluing the whole thing together.

A package of industrial strength glue.


The tray put together with jewelery in the bottom tray.

I plan to follow the instructions on the Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint and let my piece CURE for 21 days- so I am being very careful with it until then. You could probably also give it all a top coat of a sealer spray but I didn’t do this. I trust that after a few weeks the paint will have fully cured and I am willing to be extra gentle with it until then (meaning I am not letting my three year old anywhere near it for a while…).

DIY Jewelry Tray from Dollar Store Finds at The Happy Housie poster.

I am thrilled with how this jewelery organizer turned out – even better then I expected. And it is the perfect way to keep my regularly worn jewelry neatly corralled in my closet… I can’t wait to show you how the whole thing is coming together. Then it is onto my bathroom drawers. They look like a cyclone hit them.

I like this tray so that I can see my jewelry rather then hiding it in a box – and also because I am more likely to put it ‘away’ when it is coralled on a tray like this. But would this system work for you??

How do you store your jewelry? What about your scarves?

 Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey



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I’m also sharing this project at The Great Dollar Store Challenge at The Everyday Home



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  1. Love love this! Just one question, what is used on the top with the ring in it? Somehow I can’t seem to figure out what that is.

  2. Hello! I featured your tutorial in my blog series, Living in a White Box. My series features tips, inspiration, and ideas for how to decorate rental homes. Your tired tray is perfect for my latest post as it’s a great way to decorate on a budget.

    If you like, you can grab a featured button and check out my post at Living in a White Box: Dollar Store Decor. Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity!

      1. I love your jewelry tray. I recently made one in white for my kitchen. What is the ring thing that you have on top? It sets it for. Thanks.

  3. I’m not a jewelry person but do like your jewelry tray.
    I was thinking maybe using as a tiered candy display(using wrapped candy of course) or maybe use as a fruit display.
    Something like this will also be great sitting on your entrance table to put your keys, sunglasses, wallet, loose change,etc. on when coming home from work or wherever. You will know right where everything is before heading out the door and no more looking for your lost keys.
    Now here is a suggestion for homemade milk paint that you could use.

    Make your own:

    Milk Paint
    1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
    food coloring
    Add a few drops of food coloring to sweetened condensed milk until desired color is achieved. When this paint dries, it will be very shiny.

    1. You are so right Colleen – it has so many potential uses! Thanks for the milk paint recipe – sounds interesting. I will have to try it:)

  4. Wow, this is amazing, best one I’ve seen! And I love your new blog design! You’re being featured on Sunday Features {from Give Me The Goods} and on my FB page today 😉

    1. Thank you Jamie! I added your button and link to my post -so thrilled to be featured and thank you for the share!!

  5. You would never know this was made from dollar store candlesticks and baking pans – genius! I have been wanting unique cake stands and either can’t find any I like or won’t pay the price retailers are asking for them. Hellllllllo…thanks for the inspiration Krista!

    1. Hi Marie! I thought they might work as cupcake stands as well but the paint I used isn’t food safe so I didn’t want to ‘advertise’ it as such- so I don’t know what you would put on it to make it food safe, of if you even need to if the cupcakes are in their wrappers??

      1. Or maybe a sealer that is food safe? I think that if you use paper under it you would be fine… but if you do find a food safe product to seal it with I would love to hear about it!

    1. Hi Sonnet! I agree it would be a great cupcake stand but I wonder if you would need to use some type of food safe finish? Maybe not if the cupcakes are always only in their wrappers….

    1. Hi Kat! I think they would be perfect as food trays but you would want to seal the paint with some kind of food safe product. I am not sure what to use for that. Thanks so much for your visit and invite!!

  6. This is an adorable and easy project! I look forward to making one of my own one day 🙂 Currently, I store all my rings, bracelets and earrings in a Ziploc sandwich baggie behind the TV in my room (I’m staying w/friends temporarily) – iy’s a pain to have to dump the bag out each time I want to wear a piece of jewelry…

    1. Hi Tara – does spreading your items out all over the counter count as organization? That is my usual method. Glad I have a spot to coral things now without having to actually put them ‘away’ each night.

  7. HI Krista, great wonderful post, you’ll have all of us making these. I was just at a $tree tonight, doggone it, I’d have been buying these supplies. I need something like this for my jewelry, it’s in boxes in my dresser so forget what I have to wear with things.
    Love your jewelry, we seem to like same colors. The green and blue must go beautifully with your gorgeous red hair. I have gray hair but just love those colors so I wear them whether I look good in them or not, lol. This looks pretty easy to make, love the E6000 glue. I’ve repaired things and made things using this glue and was very happy with how it performed.
    Happy weekend

    1. That is such a good point JaneEllen- when your jewelry is stored away where you can’t see it, you forget what you have and don’t use it! I love love love green and blue- and I seem to gravitate to it in my jewelry and clothes (and home…). I think those colors look beautiful on everyone- they have so much life and energy to them. I am glad to have finally bought my first E6000 – I see many uses for it ahead!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

    1. Thanks so much Jane! I agree about the finial- glad that I finally found a use for it (I have been holding onto it for a while). Thank you for coming by!!

  8. Ok, I am not going to say I love this I am going to say I LOVE this. 🙂 I may have to borrow this idea b/c I am looking for some cupcake displays for an upcoming event and this would be perfect. No…PERFECT. 🙂
    Thx for joining in the 1st Great Dollar Store Challenge. I pinned it! Hope you join up next month, too. 🙂
    Blessings, Barb

    1. Barb- thank you so much for your super kind words and encouragement – they totally made my day when I read them! And thanks so much for hosting the fun challenge – I love making stuff out of dollar store finds!! Can’t wait to join the next one:) Thank you for the pin- I am really honoured that you came by in person!

  9. What a sweet little project Krista! ….your jewels look pretty stored on your new jewelry tray. I might try something like this too..I’m thinking a smaller version to place near our front door for my hubby’s keys, watch and wallet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. So cute! You amaze me!!! Also slooooow down. 🙂 Some of us just started our closet purging. Which is not going well, actually the opposite of well, so opposite it equals buying more clothes but no purging in site. Sigh.

    1. Haha – somehow my closet organizing has stalled out- I just have a few more little jobs so I would love to try to get it wrapped up this weekend!

  11. I love that idea. I have attempted to make one before – but didn’t use the proper glue so it fell apart.
    Thanks for posting all of the steps!

    1. Hi! I guess using a super strong glue is pretty critical. I used to try to hot glue everything but have now learned that sometimes projects require a little more then that! Thanks for your visit:)

    1. Hi Jenna! That was my first time using it – I have a few other glues I have used in the past… but I must say I was pretty thrilled with it. It just may be my go-to glue now.

    1. Hi Sondra!! Thank you so much… I love the finial as well… I have been hoarding (I mean, hanging onto it) for a while knowing that it would find a perfect purpose someday. Glad to finally use it! Thanks so much for your kind comments!!

    1. Thanks Aniko! I am loving it already because, I must admit, I didn’t always feel like putting my jewelry back in the proper spot at the end of the day and it was spread out all over my closet counter space. Now at least it will be neatly stored! Hope you have a great day!!

    1. Aw, thanks Melissa! I am just glad the whole thing worked out as I had envisioned! I’m so thrilled you came by -thanks for your kind words!!

  12. Krista, this is so awesome! I love how you made this with dollar store buys! I’m always looking around the DS for inspiration. I think I may need to make one of these for my dresser! So beautiful. – Melissa @Two It Yourself

  13. Love it, Krista! I have one of those shallow top dresser drawers that I have organizers with different sections that hold my jewelry. But I still have earrings on my nightstand and bracelets on top of my dresser and necklaces in my bathroom! I think I need one of these! You are awesome at seeing the potential in dollar store finds! 🙂

    1. Thanks Christy! I love to make stuff out of dollar store (and thrifted) finds… I always spread my jewelry out all over the ‘counter’ in our closet- so this is the perfect way to corall it all and make the clutter a little ‘prettier’:) I would make you one but I don’t think it would survive the shipping!

    1. Haha glad you like it Tasha!! I have already put mine into use (carefully, of course, while the paint ‘cures’) but I can see it will be super handy!!

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