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Five Fast & Fab Gift Wrap Ideas

Did you use this past weekend with all the amazing sales to get started on your Christmas shopping? I wish I could say that I had but, honestly, I  haven’t even thought about it yet. I’ve been focusing on getting the house decorated before I start really thinking about gifts, though I know I am probably in the minority.

Do you like to wrap your gifts way ahead of time? Or leave it until a few days before the big day? I would love to have all my shopping done and gifts wrapped within the next week or so, but then there is reality. Which means that even though I love ‘pretty’ gift wrapping, it needs to be quick as well.

So today I am sharing some fast and fab last minute gift wrap ideas for you to use this holiday season! If you are anything like me you have a mountain of gift wrapping to do in the few days ahead before Christmas…. and a few special gifts that deserve a little extra attention and creativity in their wrapping.

 Five Fabulous and Fast Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie


 1) Layer types of gift wrap and add twine

This is quick and easy. I bought some different types of twine at the dollar store. I started with a basic paper, then layered some brown craft paper over top. You may notice that I left the edges a bit rough looking. Then I just wrapped twine around and around and cinched it together in the middle with a few additional pieces of twine tied together in a knot. I let the ends flay out the sides.

Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie brown paper and twine

2) Use Yarn and Pom Poms to embellish plain gift wrap

For this gift I just wrapped it in solid red paper, and then wrapped it around with several wraps of yarn. In cinched the yarn together by tying with a smaller piece of yarn in the center, and then tied a large pom pom flanked by two smaller pom poms on each side. Pom poms are easy to make, but if you aren’t sure how then I recommend this tutorial for how to make a finger wrapped pom pom.

Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie with pom pom bows

3) Layer gift wrap and add a giant felt flower as a ‘bow’

I started by wrapping the gift in plain white paper and then layering the strips of blue wrapping paper in the same way that you might layer ribbon. I added a felt flower (instructions below) right in the center of the layered paper.

Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie with large felt flower

I made the felt flower like this:

Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie how to make felt flowers

 4) Layer gift wrap, feathers, and baker’s twine

This one might be my favourite. The feathers and bakers twine are so pretty against the rustic brown paper.

Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie feathers and twine


5) Use lots of twine and add a cute embellishment

And a quick and easy alternative to the traditional plastic ribbons bows that you can buy in 5lb bags at your local big box store is just to use some beautiful twine, wrap it around several times, and then tying them off in a big knot, lettings the ends fly free. I got the little wooden house at the dollar store and they make the perfect embellishment for a child’s gift – they can take them off, paint them, and use them as ornaments on their Christmas tree.

 Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie with twine and little house I wrapped these last year and shared them a few days before Christmas over on Uncommon Designs, but I never had the chance to share them with my own readers before. They worked really well with our turquoise and red scheme last Christmas.

This year`s scheme is completely different. I can`t wait to share it with you during our upcoming house tour next Monday, December 8th.

 The Happy Housie for Uncommon Designs Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas

Faux Chalkboard Gift Tags:

Because I added a lot of detail to the paper wrapping I created super simple faux chalkboard tags using black cardstock, round and square punches, and a white paint pen.

Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie with DIY chalkboard tags

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Five Fast and Fab Gift Wrap Ideas at The Happy Housie how to

Looking for a little more inspiration?

These amazing ladies are sharing their own fabulous Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas today…

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From left to right, they are:

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5 Fabulous & Fast Gift Wrap Ideas from The Happy Housie

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 I can`t wait to visit these to find my own inspiration for this year`s gifts!!

Something new to suit the new Christmas scheme:) 


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