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Our Front Yard Garden Tour {& Outdoor Extravaganza}

Here is a look at our lovely front yard garden, filled with wild rose, lilac and peonies.

Our Front Garden Tour graphic.

When Shauna from Satori Design for Living invited me to be a part of the Outdoor Extravaganza this year, I was thrilled. I LOVE spring. The outdoors. My garden.

Satori Design for Living Outdoor Extravaganza 2015 poster.

I love gardening. Or at least I love learning and reading about plants. I love visiting nurseries and buying new plants. And I even love putting in new garden beds and planting the plants.

But weeding? Watering? Edging? Not quite so much.

I consider myself a better designer then maintainer. I wish I had a crew of fairies to swoop in a clean up the yard.

But the truth is, once it is weeded and mown and top soiled, we really do enjoy spending time in our lovely front yard and use it a lot all spring, summer, and early fall. The boys play sports out here, and we pass many a sunny moment in the blue painted Adirondack chairs that live on our front lawn.

I can hardly believe that I have never actually shared our front yard garden (or really even the whole front of our house) before! It’s high time for a splashy front yard garden tour….

Our front garden in the spring  with two blue chairs on the lawn.

A medium sized tree with red leaves and small green bushes below it.

Some of the plants were here when we bought the house, but we put in a big portion of the lush gardens the first year after moving in, which means that they are about three years old now.

They say it takes about three years for a garden to start to fill in, and I can definitely see the difference in the fullness of the plants this year now that spring has arrived.

I love the big scented lilac and the pink wild rose that I planted along the walkway to the front door. In front of them are some beautiful pink peonies that should bloom in a week or two.

Beautiful lilacs on the walkway to the front door.

Purple lilacs and pink flowers growing in the front yard.

Up close picture of a purple lilac.

Because our house faces north, the gardens up around the house are full of standout shade loving plants like rhododendrons, ferns, and hostas. I love me a hosta.

White flowering bush and a hosta plant.

A large fern behind a hosta.

Up close picture of green leaves tipped with white.

A few large pieces of driftwood found on our beach or around the lake are the perfect organic addition to the front garden. We actually have an enormous faux river bed up in the very, very front of the yard that I will show you one day… after I finishing weeding those gardens.

Driftwood in the garden in the front yard.

White flowers on a bush.

Up close picture of large purple flowers.

The front of the house with lawn and flowering bushes beside the front door.

Some purple irises border the rock garden area… they look perfect next to the dry river bed since they are naturally suited to watery areas.

Purple irises beside the sidewalk.

And as long as I face forward towards the serene part of the garden that has been tackled already this season, then I can relax and enjoy the view.

The trick is to simply avoid looking at the weeds that you haven’t had the time to get to, right??

Two large blue chairs and one small child size chair on the lawn.

Up close picture of the blue Adirondack chairs.

This is awesome! Pin it to remember it!

Front Yard Garden Tour Poster.

Today some of my favourite blogging friends are sharing their great PLANTS & GARDENS projects as well… Head on by for some more outdoor inspiration. I know I can’t wait to see their projects- and maybe, just maybe, they will motivate me to finish tackling our outdoor space.

We will be back again for the next two Wednesdays with more fabulous Outdoor Inspiration. I think I better head out and tackle our deck next…

Satori Design for Living Outdoor Extravaganza 2015 graphic.


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Are you ready for gardening season? Have you already tackled your outdoor projects? Or are you just getting started??


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  1. Your yard is stunning, Krista! I am awful at watering too… You’re right we need fairies! 😉 What color is your front door? Our home has a darker blue trim and I love the color of the door!

    1. Hi Kendra!
      The front door is called Aegean Teal – we painted our coffee table in the living room the same colour, and also used the lower colours on the same chip for the paint on the walls in our hallway and living/dining/kitchen area. I guess I like the colour too:)

    1. Hi Mary – I think that is a Miss Kim lilac, but they may vary in colour within the species. It is beautiful, isn’t it? I love it!

  2. What a gorgeous yard! Everything looks SO green & fresh! Love your blog Krista and your projects are always stunning! Thank you so much for sharing! I shared your post on my Facebook page! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  3. Your front yard is beautiful. Wow, I’d love to sit in one of those chairs and take it all in, especially that view of the water! Not too hard to tell you’re on the coast. Just a bit further along in the gardening season than we are. My hostas came up, but their tips keep freezing overnight. Ugh!

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