How to Get PowerSmart and Reduce Your Energy Use & Costs

This winter, we’ve had more snow and colder temperatures then we’ve experienced in years. And as beautiful as cold, snowy winters can be when it comes to enjoying the view; they can be quite a pain in the wallet.

We’ve had to use our heating system more then I ever remember using it and that fact has definitely been reflected in our winter electricity bills. With our increased power costs in mind; I was really interested to read the tips shared by BC at at Tips that, if followed in your home, could save you $500 or more a year on your electricity costs.

BC Hydro is running a special program to encourage people to think about how to reduce their energy use and consumption; because not only does reducing your energy use save you money, but it makes a positive impact on our environment as well.

One great way to help you reduce your electricity consumption is by first getting a clear picture of where, how and when you are using power and comparing your home to other homes in your area. And you can track both of these things online with BC Hydro’s Smart Energy Management tools!

You can check into your home’s energy consumption through  online MyHydro account.  In fact, the Energy Visualization Portlet (EVP) tool let’s you see your electricity use hour by hour; and even allows you to set alerts and reminders to help you keep on top of your energy reduction goals! To use the EVP tool you just need to create an online account; then you can login and select view detailed consumption to access the electricity tracking tools. You can see your detailed consumption and check back monthly to see how your reduction goals are progressing and if you are on track to big savings.

Plus, if you join Team Power Smart and enter their Reduction Challenge, you can earn a $50 reward by reducing your electricity by using 10% less power over the course of the year. So saving yourself $500 on your power bills AND earning a $50 reward from Hydro? Well, that sounds like a win-win to me!

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