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Fresh & Fab Family Room: How to Paint a Bold Feature Wall

Create a bold feature wall with these paint tips!

We all have things that we love to do that we find fun and relaxing. Therapeutic, even.

Some people love to chill with a cup of tea and a good book. Others hit the road and find their happy space pounding the pavement.

And a few people, including myself, love the relaxing satisfaction of painting.

Crank up the tunes, fill your tray, and just paint a wall.

And today’s update on our basement family room makeover for the FrogTape Paintover Challenge involves just that: time to paint a bold feature wall!

How to paint a graphic feature wall using FrogTape for Delicate Surfaces

If you’ve been following along for the last couple of weeks then you know that I, along with five other amazing bloggers, am participating in the FrogTape Paintover Challenge. We are each making over a room in our homes according to a design style that we have been assigned and using FrogTape as a key DIY tool.

Two weeks ago I shared my horrendous “before” pictures and my inspiration plan

Fresh & Fab Family Room Makeover Inspiration Board for the FrogTape Paintover Challenge

And last week I shared the whole process involved in designing, measuring, and taping a design onto your wall prior to painting it.

How to measure & tape a painted greek key accent wall graphic.

I chose to do a bold and graphic greek key design behind our TV/Media console, as well as an irregular striped wall in our alcove area.

Here is how it looked after measuring and taping out the two different designs…

FrogTape Room Makeover Post 3 How to Paint a giant greek key design and how to paint an irregular stripe design on walls -5

The bold yellow stripes of the feature wall.

Now for the fun part; it’s time paint a bold feature wall {or two!}…

Start by making sure that you FrogTape is perfectly sealed by running either your fingers or a tool like a ruler or credit card. The awesome thing about FrogTape is that it has a special system to ensure a perfect seal and no bleeding or drip through.

Up close look at the bold yellow stripes of the wall.

Measuring the stripes on the wall.

Now fill your roller tray up and get painting. Of course it would make sense to use a smaller roller as well, but I only had larger ones on hand and it worked perfectly well! Just be careful to keep your roller between the FrogTape.

Using a roller to apply black paint.

The roller with black paint on it.

And… after two coats, it was completely done!

The black and yellow bold design in the family room.

The corner of the room with a piano in the corner of the room.

Isn’t this the most exciting part?!?!

I can’t wait to get in there and peel that tape off….

And you do want to peel it off while your last coat of paint is still wet.


I’m going to make you wait until next week for the full paint makeover reveal!

Frogtape Paintover logo.

In the meantime, head over to see what kind of incredible designs the rest of the amazing bloggers in this challenge are painting for their room makeovers this week!


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