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Bright & Airy Lake House Fall Home Tour {Part 1}

I don’t always embrace the onset of Fall with open arms.

In fact… I generally put off decorating for Fall until the last possible minute; desperately clinging onto every last moment of summer.

Maybe it’s because I know that the fall-winter-early spring often feels long and grey and long and grey and long and grey where we live. We don’t really get three seasons so much as two: summer and Fog, with a few temperature changes thrown in.

But this year I felt ready for Fall. Maybe because we had an extra long summer vacation from school? Maybe because I was excited to get back into the Fall routine? Maybe because we had some of those sunny, crisp, clear fall days that I love so much.

Whatever it was, I fully embraced decorating for Fall this year. And I’ve made some changes in our main living areas that I think make our space feel even lighter and brighter then before.

With a few pops of dark coral and plaid to add warmth…

I hope you enjoy today’s Fall living room and entry hall tour as much as I enjoyed decorating for it this year!


If you are new to my blog and hopping over from one of the other lovely blogs on this Fall Home Tour series, then welcome! My name is Krista and I called my blog The Happy Housie because I think of myself as a “housie” – sort of like a foodie, but for houses. I love all kinds of house-related decorating projects, DIY, crafts, and organizing and share this and more on my blog. You can read more about me here.

Now, come on in!

The other day I shared our Fall Front Porch if you want some more details about this space. Since then I’ve added a new wreath and I will share the details about how I made it really soon.




When I originally put up the faux map wallpaper, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to it, so I just taped it in place. But months later I still love it and I think I’m ready to commit! The warm browns and yellows in the maps tie in perfectly with the warm and rustic fall accents I’ve added to this area.

Details on the cute little wooden garland are coming soon; and the “Gather” pillow is a super easy DIY you can whip up in no time at all!




From the entry hall we can move into the living room.

Notice anything different about this space?



You got it!

I switched out the curtains in our living and dining room for the fall and winter; I decided to go with plain white panels so that the pillows, throws, and art would really pop against the white. I love how bright and airy it feels; but still really warm and cozy with the warm colours and natural textures in the rug, baskets, and blinds.




The bookcases are decorated for fall with a variety of white pumpkins and some seasonal flowers – the baskets, lamp shades, and round trays add warmth and texture.




Some of the pumpkins were purchased, but some were DIYs as well – the sweater pumpkins and the gold crackle pumpkins were made during a previous fall crafting binge.


I made these plaid pillows last fall! I’m so happy I got to use them again – and I love how the colour pops against our tufted upholstered chairs.



I’m so glad that we added these bamboo blinds to our living room – they add so much warmth to the space, and now that it is getting dark out earlier, I love to pull them down in the evening. They make our living room feel so cozy! The knitted pouf is another great way to add warmth and texture.


I think our gallery wall above the couch can work through so many seasons… especially with the accents of coral throughout the living room this fall. The pieces are from Minted and you can see the links to many of them below.



I found this giant basket at Michaels the other day and my husband rolled his eyes at me when he saw me march in with it. But seriously?!?! How great is it??! Yes, perhaps I could sleep a small child in it, but it’s still a fabulous accent and storage piece for all our cozy winter blankets (and more pillows: insert additional eye rolls).


The best thing about these hydrangeas?

They aren’t real! They look amazing but they will last me for months…

Or at least until I decorate for Christmas in six weeks. Wink wink.

Find similar ones here and here.



These plaid blankets draped on my chairs are probably my favourite new find this fall. The deep coral is perfect. I heart them so much… I also found that knitted navy pouff on clearance at the same time as I found the throws! Score…




I have a whole bunch more to show you!

The dining room…

The kitchen…

And I’ll be back next week with all of that!

Until then, here is a sneak peak…






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  1. Your home is really something to die for! Love the way you mix all the color perfectly. I always prefer simple things and basic color like black and navy, but your house is an exception.

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! I love black and navy with white as well- but can’t seem to help adding colour!

  2. Fall is my favorite and I love the gorgeous natural colors of fall. Nothing says fall more than pumpkins and mums and a beautifully decorated entry. Your home is really beautiful. I love the pops of orange which make me think of fall. So glad you share with us at Merry Monday.

  3. As a Canadian blogger, I always look forward to these seasonal home tours, Krista. Your home is always so cheerful looking and the new living room design looks great too. The porch and entry are especially inspiring. Thanks for sharing your tour.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!! It’s extra fun to play with fall vignettes on the porch and entry because they aren’t spaces you spend a lot of time in!

    1. Thank you Kim – I always LOVE your light and white home, but I just can’t seem to stay away from colour:) I’m like a homing pigeon for it every time I go into HomeSense!

  4. There are SO MANY things I love about your space! It’s absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing it all here for the hop!

    1. Haha, Joanne! I usually tidy up every night but I definitely have to get it looking really clean before tour photographs! It can be a lot of work:) It feels good for the ten minutes afterwards too, before my boys come back in and start swinging their foam baseball bat around in the living room or wrestling on the couch. lol

    1. Thanks Laurie! I really do love me a good-quality faux flower. In the long run it saves so much money and I love having “flowers” around all the time!

    1. Thank you so much Heather! I found that ski at a garage sale right after we moved into this house. The perfect score!

    1. Thanks Jenn! It’s always nice and calming to look out at it- we mostly are surrounded by evergreens so we don’t get many fall colours on the lakeside. Lots of calm blues and greys and greens… But the hits of coral match up perfectly with all the Japanese maples in our front yard!

    1. Thanks Shauna! We need it to feel bright and cheery with all the grey days we have on the west coast! Eek! So foggy and wet and dreary all winter. I love it to feel fresh yet cozy inside!

    1. Thank you Ariel! It would be a great retreat for someone, but we are lucky enough to live here all the time. We are only about a ten minute drive from town!

    1. Thank you Cassie!! I saw those throws at the store and I couldn’t make myself put them down. I told myself they could always get returned if I couldn’t make them work… but I think they work perfectly! Right now they are a perfect match for the Japanese maple outside out living room window:)

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