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End of the Hall Decor: Mixing Big Box Retail with Vintage Upcycled Finds

I will show you how to mix and match big box retail decor with vintage finds.

If you are a regular reader you know that I love fixing up old junky things and making them fresh and beautiful again. Just check out my DIY page for many examples of this. I love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales as well as at fun little vintage stores where small business owners put their heart and soul into creating unique decor pieces. But I also love retail shopping. You can’t deny a girl a good ol’ trip to Ikea. So I was pretty excited when Target opened up about an hour away from us and went for a quick visit right after it opened. What I found there helped me finish off  the end of our newly board and battened hallway perfectly.

End of hallway vignette with a fern plant and mirror.

When I shop at retail stores I love checking out what is new on the shelves and I often end up trying to figure out ways to make or upcycle something similar for a fraction of the cost. I found lots of fun favourites on my recent trip to Target.

Such as these gorgeous blue ikat curtains… wish they came in longer than an 84″ length.

Target curtains in blue and white.

And these pretty glass vases.

Target yellow vases on the shelf.Target blue vases on the shelf.

Check out the beautiful honeycomb vases

White honeycomb vases.

And a honeycomb lamp base… I thought it was a little pricey at $49.99, considering my upcycled thrifted lamp only cost me $8 plus the cost of spray paint and doesn’t look all that much different.

A white target beehive lamp.

But wouldn’t it look amazing with this fabulous Ikat shade… and $20 seemed pretty reasonable.

Multicoloured target ikat lampshade.

They had some gorgeous baskets as well… there was this little ombre number

A blue ombre basket.

And this amazing (but expensive!) chalkboard basket

Target basket with chalkboard.

I loved this fabulous metal and wood stool

Stool from Target with a wooden top.

And would love to add this hurricane lantern to our deck… I am thinking that I can DIY something like this soon for a lot less than $29.99.

Hurricane glass.

There were also some adorable little mirrors

Little mirrors on the shelf.

And THE MIRROR that I had been ‘looking for’ and that I took home that day… I thought that $24.99 was a totally reasonable price for it!

A port hole mirror.

Once I found the mirror I knew just what to pair it with. An adorable little plant stand from my favourite local Upcycled Home Decor shop Beckonings. I picked up the simple little beach sign there at the same time. It created a lovely vignette for the end of our looooooooooooooong board and battened hallway and is the perfect example of how to mix old with new, upcycled with big box.

Plant stand with boston fern.

The plant stand and mirror at the end of the hall.

I love the soft calm look of them at the end of the hall, and adding a little greenery with a (live and hopefully hardy) Boston Fern was the perfect finishing touch.

A small beach sign beside the mirror.

Plant stand and mirror mixing retail big box with upcycled pieces at thehappyhousie

Do you ever wander around stores thinking to yourself “I would never pay that… I could make that….”?Do you mix a lot of old and new pieces in your home? How do you tie things together? Where are your favourite places to shop for things for your home?

Thanks for reading! And remember, my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



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  1. Gorgeous Krista! I just love Target…they have such great stuff! But I’m a thrifty re-do make myself kinda girl too! 😉 Love that blue walls, so gorgeous, and perfect against the white! I’m a contrast loving girl too!! Thanks so much for sharing on Project Inspire{d}…pinning! 🙂

  2. I love Target, too! I can spend ages browsing in their home decor section…and we just had one open in our area, too. (Yippee!) I love the vignette you’ve put together…and I really love the blue color you have going on in there…

    1. Hi Rita!
      I think we must live fairly close to one another:) I was worried it was too blue but I think now it is a nice contrast against the white… the choice links to the coffee table in the living room (painted one shade darker) and that colour came from an old oar that came with our boat that broke the first time my son tried to use it!! It now hangs on the gallery wall in our living room:)

    1. Hi Kelly! It looks way better in real life, so hard to get pictures of a hallway without any natural light in it!! Oh well…. the tile is great – came with the house:)

    1. Absolutely key Therese- not having kids in tow. I had my little guy while the older one was at school that day and he was pretty enamored with the ‘car’ shopping cart… let me shop for an hour without worry! Amazing:)

  3. the mirror you choose is pretty and affordable too Krista! 🙂 I love updating my home with old things and with IKEA furniture! 🙂 I can’t wait for our Target to open soon! 🙂 & love your plant and beach sign! I’m looking for huge EAT letters or sign but can’t find any for our kitchen! 🙂

    1. Hi Ingrid!
      Maybe you could make some? I also saw a post about large letters by Kelly at View Along the Way – there is a company on Etsy that sells big letters that look really cool… wish I could remember the name – but check out Etsy!! We have a smaller EAT in our kitchen too:)

  4. I agree- Target’s prices are a bit steep, but very trendy and worth a close look at, even if it is just for ideas! Love that mirror! It looks like a porthole at the end of your hallway. Perfect for your lakeside location.

    1. Hi Bronwyn,
      Some things seemed fairly reasonable and others pretty pricey… but I am fairly frugal so my perspective might be a little off. Glad to hear you say you think it is a little step too:) I had a vision for what I wanted at the end of the hallway and that porthole mirror was totally it – I was soooo excited to find it, and for what I considered a good price! I love it:) I agree, perfect for the lake!

    1. Hi Cheryl!
      That would be a great day trip… we are a little further away from the US with ferries etc… I wonder why the prices are still so different with our dollar being so strong? It seems like things should be pretty comparably priced.

    1. Hi Carla!!
      I hear ya… I have so many more ideas then I will ever have time for!! Don’t get me wrong… I don’t try to DIY everything. I did come home from Target with a cart-full -not just that mirror! But I think it is a good test for me to ask myself if I can make it…so I don’t buy too much and spend much more money then I want to:)

    1. Yes Danielle! I loved it – I have been to it in the US but was so excited about it opening that I had to go down to the nearest one (an hour away) the first week it opened. I think I totally need to go back and get that lampshade!!

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