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New Ikea Farlov Line Review

Ikea has a new line out now called Farlov.   Here is my unbiased review of the new line!

It’s been musical furniture around here lately.

I guess that’s a testament to the fact that creating a home you love really is a journey.

It seems that things are always fluid and changing in our home; but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to upgrade our old Ikea Jennylund armchairs in the living room. Although I love the look of them, they are quite small in scale and not very comfortable to sit in.

So when Ikea launched the new Farlov Line I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to pick up two of the gorgeous chairs for our living room to replace our old Jennylunds.

There are several things I that I absolutely love about them, and a couple of things I think you should know before purchasing… so today I’m sharing my review of our new pieces!

New Ikea Farlove Line Review graphic.

You need to know: It’s Big!

Be prepared. This chair (and the coordinating sofas) are no small fry. I would not say it is apartment sized furniture.

The chair along is just over 3 feet wide by 40″ deep. Because of it’s ample size, it is super comfortable! I have mine pictured with a decorative pillow of my own; but it comes with a lumbar pillow in the matching fabric to the chair cover.

Two large white Ikea Farlov chairs flanking the fireplace.

We used to have bookcases flanking either side of our mantel, but once I picked up (and built!) these chairs I realized they were going to take up far more space then I originally anticipated. I knew the chairs were much bigger then our old Ikea Jennylund side chairs; but perhaps I didn’t realize just quite HOW big they are until I got them into the living room.  They make a statement!

I played around with the furniture placement in our space until I realized that something had to go. So… the bookcases moved to the dining room wall, and the long white sofa table has moved our to the entry hall. We’ll see how long that all lasts!

But for now, the chairs are in their new position flanking the fireplace. And, actually, I love the clean crisp look. I don’t miss the extra clutter of the bookcases at all!

A fireplace with a TV on the mantel and a small stool in front of it with a blue pillow on the stool.

It Has a High End  Feel

I feel like it is VERY similar in look and feel to the more pricey Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Slipcovered Armchair which retails for $1049 USD per chair. (The Farlov chairs retail for $399 US, or $499 CAD).

Pottery Barn white armchair.


So similar!! Just slightly more rounded arms rather than the very square edges of the PB version.Ikea armchair with a light blue and white pillow and a blue blue throw on the side.

It also looks very similar to the even more expensive Belgian Classic Slope Arm Slipcovered Chair from Restoration Hardware, which retails for $1849 USD!! Eek!

A Restoration Hardware white armchair.

It’s a Series!

The Ikea Farlov line also consists of a whole series which includes an armchair, loveseat, sofa, sectional, and matching ottoman. Although we definitely don’t need a new sofa and still love ours, I know that this beautiful neutral sofa would be a great option if we were ever looking. I find this series really comfortable, and love the  more streamlined PB style look of the sloped arms. It has a bit of a Hamptons beachy coastal vibe, too.

Ikea Farlov white love seat.

It Comes in Two Colour Choices!

In addition to the white slipcover it is available with beige instead (or as well, if you like to change things up seasonally!). And, anything with slipcovers is great for busy family lives, right?!?

A neutral slipcover folded.

It has beautiful detailing!

I personally love the pleated skirt detail on the slipcover…

The pleated skirt on the armchair.

Via Ikea

Close up of the bottom of the armchair and rug.

As well as the perfect fit around the arms and top…

The textured weave of the armchair fabric.

Via Ikea

The white armchair with a pillow and throw blanket.


Seriously. This has got to be my number one favourite thing. I love the Pottery Barn look but not the PB price tag… partly because I change my mind often enough that I don’t want to invest every ounce of my savings into my furniture. And partly because I have two busy little boys who don’t always follow the “no food and drink in the living room rule”. And sometimes, even I want to break that rule on pizza and movie nights!

I know that if down the road something happens and I need a new slipcover, it’s easy and affordable to replace the ones from Ikea. As for pricing, the armchair retails for $499 in Canada or $399 US (compared to the PB version at $1049 US, the Loveseat  is $799 CND or $679 US,  and the Sofa is $899 Cnd or $699 US. There is even a sectional available that is a little more on the pricey side for $1949 Canadian or $1499 US, but that and a chair would probably be all the furniture you need for an entire room. Three cheers for affordable!

The corner of a living room with the armchair in the corner and a light above it.

A small basket with a blanket and a pillow and a wooden stump beside the chair.

Well, I hope this helps you make up your mind if you are looking for a new furniture piece; I think the new Ikea Farlov line is a great value, well made, beautifully designed, affordable, and good for families… but it is big so make sure you measure your space before you commit!

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  1. Hi Krista! Just wondering how these have held up after 3 years? We’re couch shopping now and CANNOT agree on anything as a couple. He wants cheap and comfy, I want cute and durable, as we have three pets and two kids. It *looks* like what we want but will it hold up??

  2. How exciting to be moved in a new house before the holidays. Christmas decorating has begun and looks so nice in the living room. So delighted for you and your family. Thanks for the IKEA review on the chairs. Way too
    Big for my small home. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  3. I’m looking at purchasing this chair as well for my home, and when I looked closer at your photo, I’m actually looking at purchasing a similar area rug (I have a blue sofa). May I ask where you purchased it? (Wayfair?) and and if you remember the name?
    Thanks so much, love your style!

    1. Hi Ashley – yes I ordered this one – Brandt Light Blue/Ivory Area Rug (aff link: http://bit.ly/2OsMpDm) – from Wayfair. It’s fairly thin (you get what you pay for – it’s not super thick), but soft and nice to walk on, and I love the colours! Hope that helps:)

  4. I just bought the Farlov as well after seeing it in the store. I had to have it delivered and it’s waaay bigger than it looked in the store. I also bought the matching ottoman and it’s HUGE! It’s about 50% bigger than I remembered in my head. The seat cushion is supposed to fluff up and mine hasn’t yet. It’s very hard compared to the cushions on my couch (a Pier One sofa). I wanted something bigger than a regular chair, but not as big as a chair and a half. The dogs want to sit with me…Maltipoos…lap dogs.

    I’m probably going to look for a replacement seat cushion that has more give.

    Where did you get your lamps? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  5. I got one armchair a week ago and the seat cushion didn’t expand as much as I thought they should. Yours look pretty fluffy. Is there a trick? Mine just looks sad and sagging :-/

    1. Agreed! They are so comfy, Chels! Ours face away from our TV, and I love sitting in mine so much that I don’t even want to move when it’s time for Netflix 😉

  6. I wished I had room for one. I had one like it years ago and loved it , but it broke down after about ten years. I did not buy it at IKEA. It was so comfy.

      1. Absolutely! It’s my new favourite – I rarely sit on any other furniture even though it doesn’t face the TV!

    1. Hi Betty! It is definitely super comfortable! I guess chairs do eventually break down… I’m hoping to get many relaxing hours in these new ones (if my boys ever let me sit down!)

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