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Our New Customized Ikea Ektorp Sofa Replacement Slipcover

I can’t believe what a difference my customized Ikea Ektorp customized slipcovers made to the overall

Hello, friends! The other day I shared how I completely re-organized the playroom “zone” in our basement family room as part of my ten week organizing challenge. Well, as with every other space in this challenge has seemed to expand; this area of our home was no different!

As I was working on re-organizing the playroom I started to look around and think about different options for our family room zone. The time was ripe to tweak this space as well; and today I’m thrilled to be working with Comfort Works to share the first part of the changes to this area: a new beautiful and completely custom replacement slipcover for our Ikea Ektorp sectional sofa!

Customized Ikea Sofa Replacement Covers graphic.

When I originally gave our basement a makeover as part of the FrogTape paint over challenge, we moved our Ektorp sectional sofa down into the family room and ordered a new beautiful couch for the upstairs living room.

We love our relaxed and comfy Ektorp sofa, and although I was hesitant about all-white couch in an area that is primarily used by our two busy boys and their friends; I figured we might as well give it a go. There’s always bleach, right?

White covers on the sofa.

Well, over time it definitely did get dirty with use; as a white slipcover is bound to do. I thought about getting a replacement cover from Ikea but wasn’t loving any of their other colour choices or designs; so when I discovered that Comfort Works makes beautiful  Ikea Ektorp replacement slipcovers for Ikea sofas and sectionals, I knew I’d found the answer!

I ordered several fabric samples to choose from and pretty quickly settled on a lovely navy blue as the perfect base colour. Plus, the Kino Navy fabric sounded perfect for our busy household! I matched it with a crisp white cotton duck for the piping.

A navy swatch for the cover.

When the slipcovers arrived, packed in a lovely protective bag; I was thrilled to pull them out and see how perfectly they worked with the rest of the decor in our family room space.

I was prepared to get my sweat on tugging a new slipcover into place; but the base frame cover went on super easily and fit like a glove! The bottom of the cover is made of a durable grey ultra-suede, and all the velcro for keeping the cover in place lined up perfectly with the velcro on the sofa. Brilliant!

Showing the couch being recovered.

When it came time to put the seat and cushion covers on, I was prepared for an hour of frustration as I tried to match each cushion with it’s corresponding cover … but quickly discovered the little labels inside the covers made it easy! Seriously…

Holding the tag on the slipcover.

 The best part is that you can chose a totally custom sofa slipcover; there are tons of fabric choices and colours along with different options for piping and skirt style

I LOVE the look of a crisp contrasting piping on the fabric. And since I wanted to go with a darker background colour for the new sofa slipcover, I thought that white canvas piping would be the perfect pop. What do you think??

The sofa with the navy slipcover on it.

The new fabric is so soft and comfortable; and I think the new cover makes the sectional look like a much more expensive piece (like more of a Pottery Barn sofa then an Ikea Ektorp).

I also re-oriented the sofa in the room to act as a divider between the family room/TV room zone and the playroom zone in this big open space.

The navy couch and white coffee table.

Colorful pillows on the couch.

There is white trim on the slipcover.

The couch in the playroom.

There is a shelving unit behind the couch.

A brown leather armchair is beside the couch.

Want to remember this?

Totally Customized Ikea Sofa Replacement Slipcovers graphic.

 So if you are looking to give your sofa a whole new look without replacing it completely, check out the options that Comfort Works has available! They make covers for all the different Ikea sofas, but also do custom slipcovers for other sofa types as well!

 I’ll be back soon to share a full tour of our tweaked family room space!

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Disclosure: Thanks to Comfort Works for the chance to collaborate on this post. This is a product review and not a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions, and words are 100% my own!



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  1. I am looking to have a new cover made for my Ikea 2 x 2 Ektorp, the same couch as yours. Please contact me

    1. Hello Beth,
      I don’t actually make the covers, I received a cover from ComfortWorks for this post – you can look up their site (I link to it in the post) and contact them about a replacement cover.

  2. Just love it! It is exactly what I have been searching for!
    Did you select the Kino Navy in the heavy duty material
    and the white piping in the heavy duty also?

  3. I have the same couch but with the chaise on one side. I could definitely use a new cover, mine gets so much wear from the dog! Do you have any ideas to refresh the cushions too? Mine are all a little smushed, but maybe that’s from washing the cover too many times!

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