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Refreshing Worn Outdoor Furniture with One Coat Coverage

I am sharing my tips for refreshing outdoor furniture.

There is something so symbolic about a picnic table.

They just seem to scream summer.




Ice Cream.




The lake.

Refreshing Worn Outdoor Furniture With One Coat Coverage poster.

We’ve had this old picnic table for many years now.

I think it has traveled with us to three different homes. It was originally a hand-me-down from my previous school; they were getting rid of these old picnic tables and I thought it would be the perfect thing for extra guests when we had summer get togethers.

The last few years it’s been in pretty rough shape and in desperate need of a makeover, so we rarely used it. You can probably tell by the shape it was in that it wouldn’t have been the most appealing place for anyone to sit to enjoy a summertime snack or meal….

A wooden picnic table.

Up close picture of the wood on the picnic table.

So when Canadian Tire recently invited me to try their new Premier Paint line I knew exactly where I wanted to use it!

On reviving this old relic…

I started by cleaning it up…

Cleaning the picnic table with a cloth.

I chose a dark marine blue to complement the zillion other blues that we have going on outside… it’s never a secret what my favourite colour is. This one is called Captain’s Quarters. 

The best part? This new outdoor paint by Premier Paints has a built in primer! I can’t tell you how exciting that is. No one wants to spend an extra moment of their precious summer priming anything!

I chose a semi-gloss finish for extra durability and washability…

On the table a can of paint, paint brush and a paint tray.

A blue/gray paint being stirred.

I honestly could not believe how great the paint coverage was. With a good, even coat of paint it looked like new! I was shocked at how well it covered over the white in one coat. I gave it a second touch up in a few spots, but the surfaces looked super solid in the first application.

Which is perfect because summer is about enjoying, not working, right?

Rolling the paint onto the picnic table.


The painted picnic table with food on top of it.

The picnic table with a jar of sunflowers on top of it.

There is watermelon in a tray and cherries on the picnic table.

I love the solid glossy feel of the finish and the amazing coverage.

The picnic table truly looks totally refreshed.

Up close picture of the blue / gray colour of the picnic table.

Close up of the watermelon on a tray on the table.

Aerial view of the table with the goodies on top.

The yellow sunflowers.

The wooden bowl of cherries on the picnic table.

A blue and white tablecloth.

Now I just have to decide where to put it!

There are so many little nooks in our beautiful yard. The dock? Under the deck? The front yard? Out in the back yard?

Hmm… too bad we only have one!

The backyard of a house overlooking the lake.

If you have any DIY paint projects coming up, I definitely recommend giving the new Premier Paint line from Canadian Tire a try. I was truly impressed with the quality of the paint; the smooth application, the coverage, and the finished look. I’ll definitely be using it again.

In fact… I think I have a couple of adirondack chairs that could use a little refresh in this colour…

signature and quote

Thanks to Canadian Tire for the opportunity to partner on this project. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are 100% my own!



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  1. Love the paint color! Thank you for posting the pictures. Do you have a paint color equivalent for Benjamin Moore paints?

  2. Cool we have a solid old pub table that’s worse for wear needs a lot tlc on the woodwork anyhow the metal frame is fab this would work really well

  3. Ooh. Very nice. I have two picnic tables that came with our -new- late 60’s house. They’re in rough shape and this finish would give them a new life. Beautiful!

  4. This speaks to me on so many levels!!! I have a old table that’s a hand me down from my Grandmother. Its it pretty sad shape but I think I might try this!!!

  5. I agree — picnic tables like this evoke so many memories of family occasions and summer fun. I love the shade of blue that you chose. The picnic table now has new life!
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

    1. Thank you so much Carol! I’m really thrilled with how it came out – I wasn’t sure it could be rescued!

  6. The color is gorgeous ! I don’t think you could have picked a better color to compliment the surroundings and I think the table looks perfect where it is. Looks like it gets some shade from a tree, and has a nice view of the water. Guess I will be checking this paint out for our doors and trim. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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