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Setting Organizational Goals to Finish off the Challenge

Hello, fellow organizers!

If you have been following along with my ten week organizing challenge then you know that as I’m writing this, I’ve finally reached the WILDCARD week.

Week ten. The finish line is in sight…

Week Ten means that we are almost finished the initial stage of getting our entire home purged and re-organized.

Depending on the size of your home, it might mean that you are more then finished. Or, it might mean there are many areas still left untouched.

At this point in the challenge, you want to take some time to reflect and brainstorm.

Writing down your final goals for getting your home organized is a key part of actually getting where you want to go…

You want to take some time to create a really clear vision in your head, and on paper, of the last stages of this challenge so that you don’t give up short and end up back where you started from..

So! Reflect! Write! Set your final goals!

Start with what you’ve already accomplished

Sit down in a quite place, away from distractions, and make a list of all the places you have organized so far in your home. Make notes beside any of those spaces that you think need a little bit more tweaking.

This is an important part because it’s great to reflect on how far you’ve come already; it gives you the energy to finish out the journey. Look back at the photo evidence if you took any pictures during the challenge.

For example, we have organized almost all the rooms in our home, but I noted that I’m not 100% thrilled with the mudroom situation and would still like to make some renovations to that space down the road (maybe this fall?!).

Focus on what lies ahead

Next, make a list of all the spaces or items that you think you still need to purge and reorganize. Include items that haven’t been included in “rooms” or spaces in your home.

For example, I still want to tackle some additional spaces in our home:  the basement guest rooms, the garage, the shed, and our outdoor stuff. I also want to purge our Christmas stuff and my seasonal decor.

But I also want to organize some “things” that don’t fit into any room category. The bins full of kid’s artwork and schoolwork that I’ve been collecting. The zillion files full of family pictures that I want to turn into yearly albums. Etc. Etc.

Make your own list of those areas that are still lurking in the shadows, disorganized and full of things you don’t need…

Set realistic plans for tackling these areas

Okay, this is when time comes into play. Maybe you give yourself one week for each of these areas. Maybe you set aside a week when you have some extra time, and you plan to tackle several areas in that time span. Whatever you think will work best for you at this point. The key is to create realistic and specific goals, write them down, and then keep plugging away.

For example, we have a crazy spring this year with family happenings and an exciting new project that I’ll be sharing with y’all soon. So even though I really want to do a complete garage re-organizaiton and makeover, we have set aside some time in the summer to tackle that job as well as the shed. BUUUUUT… we are still planning to do some organizational tweaks over the next couple of weeks to get us through to summer.

I’ll be sharing these organizational tweaks and posts ongoing over the next weeks and months, and I’ll be back soon with all kinds of ideas for making sure that you STAY organized now that you’ve gotten there!


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Remember, now matter where you are in the challenge, you can pop over to  my original challenge post to find ideas, inspiration, and how-to tips for each space in your home!

Get Organized once and for all!! with this ten week plan for how to organize everything in your entire house!

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