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Simple Pinwheel Garland for Party Décor {Cinco de Mayo DIY Décor Idea}

Create a simple pinwheel garland which is perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

I am doubly  excited about today’s post.

First of all, it has a Cinco de Mayo theme to it. And I LOVE Mexico.

And Mexican food. And Mexican drinks. And fun Mexican Mariachi bands.

And, truth be told, we don’t get a whole lotta Mexican spirit way up here in Canada.

Every year I suggest to our extended family that we skip the turkey and whip up a big Mexican feast for Christmas dinner, but so far the only taker is my husband. Apparently the rest of them are real staunch traditionalists when it comes to turkey.

Boooor-ing. I’d take Pico de Gallo over gravy any day.

So when I was approached on behalf of the Clinton Kelly blog to see whether I wanted to participate in Clinton Kelly’s Celebrate Cinco de Mayo challenge I was like “YES. PLEASE!”. SIGN ME UP! Any excuse to add a little bit of Mexico into my life.

And Clinton Kelly? Excuse me? There’s another love right there!

I can’t tell you how many countless hours I spent watching What Not to Wear when my boys were newborns.

My oldest son has developed amazing fashion sense and I think it is highly likely that as a newborn he was subliminally taking in tips from Clinton while I watched the show. He looked like he was asleep in his swing but those little ears were tuned right in.

So basically today is all about double-love. Mexico AND Clinton Kelly. It would be better if I were on a beach IN Mexico hanging out with Clinton, but this Simple Pinwheel Garland will have to do as a substitute for fun. With it, I am totally ready for a Fiesta.

Tequila, anyone? Simple & Festive DIY Pinwheel Garland.

To make this I started out with some vibrantly coloured cardstock in 8.5×11″ size.

You could also make this using 12×12 cardstock, the extra bit of length would only make your pinwheel pattern that much more full. Colourful paper, scissors on the table.I wanted to create fairly small pinwheels – they ended up being about 4″ in diameter. To create this finished size, I cut the cardstock into 2″ strips using my scrapbook cutting tools. You could just as easily mark a straight line using a ruler and cut it with regular scissors.

To make larger pinwheels, just cut your paper strips larger. 3″ strips of paper would make pinwheels that are approximately 6″ in diameter, etc. etc. Alternatively, you could probably make tiny ones using 1″ strips… I love mini things. I bet those would be adorable.

Bright colours for the pinwheel. Once I had all my 2″ wide strips of cardstock, I started folding them back and forth like a fan. I found that I could layer two pieces together and fold two at a time.Folding the paper tutorial. All folded… Simple Pinwheel Garland for Easy and Cute Party Decor - like Cinco de Mayo at thehappyhousie.com-4 Next I used my glue gun to glue together the two pieces, starting with one end… Using the hot glue gun on the folded paper. And then wrapping it around and gluing it together in a circle, like this… Gluing it into a circle. To turn this crimpy-circle into a pinwheel, you simple flatten it out, pushing the edge down and together, like this… Fanning the circle into a pinwheel. To hold the pinwheel in this shape, I used some pieces of simple cardstock that I had cut out in a circle shape (using my circle punch, but you could trace something round and cut them with scissors). I pressed the pinwheel in together so that the inner edges were in as tight of a circle as they could be before gluing the cardstock circle onto each side… Using a circle cutout for the pinwheel. Lastly I used some white ric rac to attach the pinwheels together into a garland shape by using my glue gun to adhere the ric rac to the back of the pinwheels. You could use any type of ribbon or twine of your choice… Attaching zig zag ribbon to the pinwheels. Done! Simple Pinwheel Garland for Easy and Cute Party Decor - like Cinco de Mayo at thehappyhousie.com-19 Stringing up the pinwheels. Don’t they make a cute and festive little decoration for any party? And especially for Cinco de Mayo… A pitcher with margherita and the pinwheels on the table.

Party decor for Cinco de Mayo.

Party decor such as the pinwheel and colourful straws.

 Party decor.

Think you might want to give these easy pinwheels a try one day? They would be perfect for any kind of party décor, not just Cinco de Mayo. You could switch up the papers and colours and make them for a baby shower, birthday party, or even wedding…


pin it to remember itGreat tutorial for these easy DIY pinwheels - they are so cute and festive and perfect for any party decor
Ready for a little more fun Cinco de Mayo Inspiration?

Visit Clinton Kelly’s Cinco de Mayo Challenge to see what the other challenge bloggers have come up with!

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